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Thursday, January 26, 2012

Five Arsenal players return next week!

By 1970’s Gooner

Savic is a young 21 year old Manchester City centre back. He has been a starter for his team in recent games because the first team choice centre backs Kolo Toure (Afica Cup of Nations) and Kompany (red card) are unavailable.

The young lad has looked out of sorts. His mistakes are costing Manchester City. Spurs were allowed to get back in the game from 2-0 down through his mistake and he gave away the penalty in the 1st leg of their Carling Cup defeat to Liverpool. He was that bad he was substituted at half time in the return leg. Kind of reminds you of Djourou doesn't it?

Why do I go on about Savic and Man City you would ask. Because he is the only weak link in an otherwise strong side. Yet they suffered badly in the games he has played.

Compare this with Arsenal missing FIVE first team players against United: Arteta, Gervinho, Sagna, Gibbs and Wilshere. Can you imagine what would have happened if they were available? I think we would have taken sweet revenge for the 8-2.

There are promising news emerging from the injury front.

Sagna has returned to full training today with the first team and apparently came through unscathed. He may be available for selection for the next league game at Bolton next Wednesday!  If not for the Blackburn game at home on the 4th of February.

Gibbs is due to return to training in a few days time. I would think the Arsenal physios will be a bit more cautious in this case due to the player’s history with injury. But he could come back within the next two league games.

Both full backs, if all goes well, will be available for the CL game against AC Milan on the 18th February.

Arteta will return to first team action probably against Aston Villa and so will Henry.

And there are good news about Coquelin. He is also returning to training next week.

 Wilshere is now only three weeks away. So is Gervinho (from the Africa Cup of Nations).

Arsenal will bounce back that’s for sure and our performances when these players return to action will be out of this world.

I predict that we will go on a run similar to that in the early part of the season after the disastrous start and challenge for 4th spot and beyond, strongly.

We have added a new feature on the site detailing the injuries to Arsenal players, the nature of the injury and the expected date of return. 


Anonymous said...

City had Yaya toure, Kolo Toure, balotelli and Kompany out of the Liverpool game.

Anonymous said...

Nice summary, and it is good to see all these players finally coming back.

One part of the equation you may be missing is that it is currently between us and Chelsea for fourth place. This IMO places our odds of making the top four at 50:50.

We are now ten points behind third place, so a slump from at least one of the top three would be good to bring them closer to us. Spuds are the obvious I think, but probably would be dependent on whether or not they suffer injuries.

Bluefen said...

I heard a Twitter rumour today that Wilshere broke down again - have you heard the same ?

Bluefen said...

I heard a Twitter rumour today that Wilshere broke down again - have you heard the same ?

Anonymous said...

@Bluefen; sadly yes. Don't know source, not confirmed.

Anonymous said...

Pls iit better not be true,the news about wilshere

Anonymous said...

Hoping the Wilshere thing isn't true or that if it's true it's not serious :-( Provided Arteta stays fit and le Coq comes back I think we can cope....but not thrive.

I think our first team is very capable of beating Chelsea at the Emirates and matching their form plus 2 points from somewhere else....but it has to start now!

Sp*rs to fall away now they effectively have less to play for-come on lazy Adebayor and wantaway Modric!

SB14 said...

You are then considering that no one else gets injured or any of the returnees don't have any set back.

I can't the last time we played our first 11. Hence, I would even suggest that most of us don't even know our first 11.

Injuries to the Arsenal players is a known uncertainty. Known because we know there is just around the corner, uncertain as to who it's going to be.

So, I would dream about a full strength 11 & deal with that nice problem if it occurs!

Anonymous said...

By the law of averages, Spurs are due a blip.I have no confidence the gunners will take advantage of such a slump. The reason is obvious. The defence has been conceding goals with alarming regularity and can't keep a clean sheet.
This is happening not only this season but in seasons gone by. Something is fundamentally wrong with the defence set up.As long as it is not fixed,the gunners will continue to lose the big games.Incremental steps won't do. What must be done is a decisive step to plug the gap.Only then then can we see improvement otherwise get ready for life as a mid table team. Forget about the Europa league.

Anonymous said...

Good to see someone looking optimistically at the rest of the season. What good are we doing slating the manager and players?

Paulo Di Gunnio said...

Thnkyou. In a time when the general mood among supporters is spiralling back toward the despondency that followed the 8-2 defeat, some good news (and a little faithful optimism) was badly needed. I can't wait to have Sagna (arguably our most consistent and reliable performer in recent years) back, and as for Wilshere, he will bring his trademark unbridled enthusiasm back to the team and provide a real boost to those around him. Light at the end of the long dark tunnel!

Anonymous said...

Keep Dreaming. An average Man. U. is better than us this year which tells me we deserve our current position. First team players like Gibbs and Walcott are rubbish. Walcott is a one trick pony and cannot hack it with the big teams. If we keep this going we will not see fourth place let alone a trophy in many years to come and Spurs will.

Anonymous said...

Man U were missing Vidic, Ferdinand, Anderson, Tom Cleverley and Ashley Young. Plus they lost Jones during the match. And they still managed to beat us.

Our problems go much deeper than a few injuries. There is no defensive solidity, only RVP scores with any regularity and the attitude is not right for the 'small' games like Fulham and Swansea.

Bluefen said...

Bad news about Wilshere - as a City fan and England fan I just hope they don;t try and rush him back for the Euro's clearly won't be fit and runs the risk of more injury - hope he writes off the season and comes back fitter and stronger next year

Anonymous said...

"...I predict that we will go on a run similar to that in the early part of the season after the disastrous start and challenge for 4th spot and beyond, strongly..."

Whilst I applaud your optimism, we will finish no higher than 5th, if we're lucky. It's more likely to be somewhere between 7th & 10th. The players coming back from longer term injuries (such as Sagna & Gibbs) will need time to get their fitness, and if RVP gets injured it will get a whole lot worse. This is the season that will decide Wenger's future, one way or the other.

Anonymous said...

You're living in cuckoo land. Wenger's not invested in his squad during the two transfer windows while AVB has. We'll be battling for 5th or 6th and destined for Thursday night Europa league games next season.

Adrian Hall said...

Wenger needs to go...!