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Friday, April 20, 2012

The Ox or Rambo against Chelsea?

By 1970’s Gooner

We all know that Arsenal’s midfield will be significantly poorer for Arteta’s absence.

His role both as a calm and experienced midfielder who among other roles is sitting back and shoring up our line of protection in that vital area is immense. This is especially true when Song ventures forward, as he often does.

One wonders therefore how his absence will be filled in so that the imbalance is mitigated to a satisfactorily effective level. For imbalances in team selection are often a very significant reason for tasting defeats and heavy ones at that.

Add to the mix the forced absence of Benayoun who has been in form lately and you have real selection problems.

The two candidates are The Ox and Ramsey (Diaby and Coquelin are not yet match fit). Ramsey would be an obvious choice as central midfield has been his position in so many starts this season.

But I am sorry, he has not impressed. If anything he has failed to make an impact worthy of Wenger’s faith in him.

I have written not so long ago on this subject with regard to Wenger’s insistence in starting him for successive games, day in day out, and hoping that with more games he will improve (just as he did with Fabregas who took the chance by the horns and Denilson who miserably failed).

Ramsey at the moment cannot be an effective midfielder as he neither creates chances for the forwards nor does he defend anywhere as efficiently as Arteta, Rosicky or Song can. He also fluffs his chances in front of goal as we have seen time and time again.

Picking Ramsey in a trio of midfielders with Song and Rosicky would in my opinion result in Chelsea overrunning us in that vital area with dire consequences.

The Ox on the other hand is a different proposition. He has shown that he is very tenacious in his marking and tackling of opponents.

He has played in that position against Milan and was quite effective. He was actually brilliant in that game. And he has shown that he is not phazed at all by the big occasions.

At the moment he is a far more effective player than Ramsey and if you are good enough then you are old enough.


Anonymous said...

On present form I would rather have Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain, he even shows Walcott up for his speed and shots on goal ratio. I would say AOC to start, but then I'm not the manager.

richhudsonsmith said...

On current form it is a no brainer.

No question that The Ox gets the nod over Aaron.

Aaron needs time to get his confidence, and, form back.

I have a feeling he will still be a big player for us in the future, but, he has been a shadow of the player he was before that thug broke him.

Anonymous said...

Yes OC for me.Rambo?,forget it.

A said...

Ox offers more going forwards in terms of dribbling and goalscoring but he is still very naive in a central position. He goes missing for lengthy periods and his pass completion is pool.

I'd have him in the team but out on the left in Benayoun's role. He absolutely can't play centrally against Chelsea or they'll walk all over us.

Nathan Adewole said...

On current form? What current form? Ox has played one game through in midfield and he's better than Ramsey there who was terrific in the first half of the season? Give Rambo a chance.

Anonymous said...

Ramsey is becoming Denilson. Always pass sideways.

Anonymous said...

Ramsey all day long. Yes he's been poor recently, but he's much closer to Arteta than the Ox. Chambo came on against Wigan and just tried to force the play the whole time. He's too naiive in that central position. I'd play him on the wing instead of Yossi though

Anonymous said...

AOC is best in that position. I don't know why wenger did not play him against Wigan, he is far better than Ramsey, I am sorry for this guy but let him play in preseason matches so he can get his confidence back. We haven't got time for him to get his form. We have spuds, chelshit and newcrapstle behind us still. Next season we will win the EPL . Manure and manshitty here we come.

Anonymous said...

sorry but OX will not solve our problem. Wenger needs to have Song sit deeper for this game and have Ramsey play a more cautious game with Rosicky playing in front of the other two. If it doesn't work, I can bet diaby will come off the bench.

Anonymous said...

Anyone suggesting Ramsey should start is,

a) A Welsh schoolgirl, or
b) A Chelsea fan.

Without Ramsey we are top in form in England. If he hadn't been dropped for Rosicky we would have finished outside the top 4. Thats how bad he is.

Denilson was better.

rapudo said...

I am with Ramsey.We like to say form is temporary and class is eternal.Ramsey has class. He will come good.