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Monday, September 16, 2013

Latest injury news with returning players. Squad close to matching rivals

By 1970’s Gooner       

Arsene Wenger’s transfer activity added two players who have improved the quality of the team no end. Ozil’s performance at Sunderland told everything and Flamini’s comeback came at a time when Arsenal needed someone to cover for Arteta’a absence in that vital position of defensive midfield.

Not bad business really.

But when you look at the latest injury news you will realise that Arsenal’s squad will soon be full of high quality players at every position bar one.

Mertesacker is only a few days away from his return. He may even make the CL game at Marseille with Sagna returning to right back.

Sanogo is only a week away which means he may be available as early as for the home game against Stoke.

Furthermore in about 2 to 3 weeks but most probably after the international break which is 4 weeks away the squad will be bolstered by the return of Arteta, Alex Oxlade Chamberlain and Cazorla and most probably Rosicky.

No official news on Rosicky have come out but at worst he will only be away for 2 to 3 weeks for a thigh injury.

Note: Podolski is out till late November and Diaby early next year.

So Arsenal need to negotiate the intervening games successfully and then the bench could include high quality players like Flamini, Arteta, Rosicky, the Ox, Jenkinson, Monreal and Vermaelen.

The first 11 may look like this:


Sagna Mertesacker Koscienly Gibbs

       Ramsey Wilshere


Walcott Giroud Cazorla

What is distinctly lacking however is the absence of a high quality centre forward who could challenge or cover for possible injuries to Giroud. If this was in place then Arsenal will be favourites to land the title.

It may be corrected of course in January and then the sky is the limit in my opinion.

In the meantime until the international break comes we have to keep ourselves in the running both in the League and the CL.

Up to that point the upcoming games are: Marseille away, Stoke home, Swansea away, Napoli home and WBA away.

Very manageable in my view.

But keep hoping for no more injuries especially to Giroud….

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