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Tuesday, September 24, 2013

The Three Options for Replacing Walcott

By 1970’s Gooner
When things were beginning to look up on the field and we started getting some players back from injury Walcott’s abdominals give in. This comes at a time when the other close alternative, The Ox, is also on the treatment table needing another 5 to 6 weeks before he comes back.

So ignoring the League Cup encounter with West Brom what alternatives has Wenger got?

In my opinion there are three.

He had a decent game against Stoke. He looked assured for his age and relative inexperience and impressed me more with his tracking back and defensive capabilities rather than his forward runs. I think he will improve the more games he plays. But should Wenger risk playing him in very important games against Swansea, Napoli and West Brom?

Ryo Miyaichi
I watched him play enough times when he was on loan to Bolton and he impressed me enough. He was good at going forward with pace but he was mature and experienced enough to track back and defend. Above all he was able to keep the ball and bring other players in the game.

But I also watched him during Arsenal’s pre season games this summer and he didn’t play so well. Again he needs games but I am not sure he will get them. He is a more hardened and experienced player than Gnabry however.

Wenger seems to have preferred Gnabry to start against Stoke so if it was a straight choice then we more or less know the outcome.

But there is a third way.

Yes why not play Wilshere on the left wing and Ozil on the other (or vice versa if you like). Arteta would come into midfield alongside Flamini with Ramsey the Rambo completing the trio. Ramsey could play a little further up behind Giroud.

This arrangement has its weakness that you will have a left footed player playing on the right wing and also you will miss the pace that a genuine winger would provide for the team.
On the other hand Gnabry’s (or Miyaichy’s) pace cannot really be compared to Walcott’s can it?

You will also need to keep at least one wide player wide so as to stretch the opponents and open the pitch up.

But what you really gain is more experience and nous which will come from fielding two players who are not rookies.

I would go for the Wilshere option.


Anonymous said...

Ozil can play on either wing. He should play in Walcott's position and Wilshere can play on the other wing

Anonymous said...

Agree Wenger should go for experience and play Ozil on the right wing.

Blindoldpete said...

One thing you got wrong. Miaichi is the only Arsenal player who is actually faster than Walcott.

Anonymous said...

Since when has Wenger gone for experience?

Gnabry will start and will fluff his lines but Wenger will insist he made the right choice giving youth its chance

Anonymous said...

Anon 10.01 what a stupid little comment. Twat, bet you've been slagging Theo, Ramsey, Gibbs etc off for months anyway.

Anonymous said...

Park is back n can play on de wings too he been away on military duty for 3months n is extremely fit he can track back n has bags of experience being captain of his country

Anonymous said...

Gnabry has a lot 2 offer, at his age he seems 2 b mature on d ball, I wil go 4 him, he has additional stamina, strength n pace 2 beat defenders...wilsher n ozil shud b rested and miyachi shud play on d left...or akpom

Anonymous said...

As 4 me i prefer bendtner,if wenger wil give him chance 2 prove himself...guy hw do u c it? Bendtner is gud in wing 2..take a watch ARSENAL VS ROMA in champion league...wenger pls use him(bendtner)

Anonymous said...

Playing ryo miyaichi will be the best for arsene. Giving ryo a lot of inspirational and confidence words will help him play even far better than theo. I'm not demolishing the ability of theo but we can all see the quality ryo get and what he can put into action.

Anonymous said...

when will cazorla return? If there is cazorla then wilshere should move to the right wing where he will be more devastating, ozil shld remain in the middle cos he won't track back, but i think wenger will play gnabry.

Anonymous said...

I don't know what you meant by theo can not be compared to gnabry & ryo but in my opinion they may even do better-Gnabry's stats against stoke has already suppassed theo eventhough he didn't play too well(again in my opinion). Theo seems to be taking 3 steps foward & 2.8 steps backward every season leaving him with 0.2 step improvement per season and this keep repeating season in season the later part of last season he looked like the next great thing to come out Of arsenal but this season I can't rate him among our 7 key players.I think if he continues This way & another player say gnabry,ryo,or a signing let's say di maria, grabs the opportunity he could loss his place & be forced to leave the Emirates