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Thursday, September 26, 2013

Which of the youngsters impressed and who can replace Walcott on Saturday?

By 1970's Gooner

I saw the whole match last night and was very impressed with the overall performance of the youngsters.

Wenger seems to have learned his lesson from past years when he would start with 8 or 9 youngsters thus losing cohesiveness and experience. The whole of our defence were all seasoned players who were able to provide a solid basis for the youngsters to perform.

The youngster who didn't impress was Gnabry!

He kept giving the ball away and looked selfish in taking shots rather than playing a simple pass to a team mate as he correctly did for his debut against Stoke. I feared he would miss the penalty for to take a successful penalty you need humility an attribute he lacked last night.

On the other hand Ryo was much more effective and mature in his play and if there was a straight choice between them to start on Saturday then he would get the nod.

Hayden has the built and technical ability and he looked a good prospect. He needs games of course but he did well in the middle of the park.

I expected more from Eisfeld as his performances last season in the same competition impressed me. Last night he did not shine and had a lot of misplaced passes. He did however get into the correct position for the goal which he took clinically.

The youngster that really impressed however was the substitute Bellerin. He came on in the 95th minute for Arteta and for the remaining 25 minutes he run Arsenal's midfield! What a game he had. He was able to receive the ball, turn and pass further up the field rather than sideways.

He was the main reason that Arsenal was just as threatening as the opponents during this important period of extra time. He also had two shots one of which the keeper had to scramble to save to his right.

Just like Fabregas he is a Barcelona academy kid....

Now who will start against Swansey?

Neither of Gnabry or Ryo and not only because they will be exhausted from last night!

Ozil, Giroud and Wilshere will be the front three.

The midfield will be Arteta, Flamini and Ramsey the Rambo.


Unknown said...

you entitled to your opinion but Ryo was useless. he panicked to easily in the final 3rd and never came back enough to collect the ball from his left back. as for Gnabry, he was inventive and tried to make things happen. he also tracked back well. yes he gave it away and also made a few incorrect decisions, but overall he is very promising. I think Eisfield was also better than you gave him credit for. but i do agree with of Bellerin. he was excellenct and another very good Wenger prospect. GOYG

Anonymous said...

Bellerin the best. why is he playing right back in the jnrs? Is this a Wenger thing?
You did not mention the best prospect... Chuba is a DEFINITE STAR!
GNABRY did not do well but you can see he has it.
If humility was a requirement Thierry would never score one of those things.. Whats required for a penalty is CONFIDENCE.
Eisfeld is a solid player. I don't remember us having this number of solid looking youngsters. and Aneke, Afobe, Campbell and Gideon where not involved..
Future looks astounding!!!!

Anonymous said...

i dont know what game you were watchin. Ryos performance was one of the worst Ive seen in an arsenal shirt in years! I have not seen less composure and been so nervous watchin a ball in arsenals possession in the other teams half! Gnabry may have been less effective than Whats been expected of him but i wasnt biting my fingers off Everytime he was on the ball. Seriously, Ryo is so far one of the worst Ive seen in an arsenal shirt, along with santos, cygan and jeffers!

TP said...

wondering what humility has to do with taking a penalty kick?