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Thursday, October 24, 2013

Wenger to make changes for Palace

By 1970’s Gooner

Arsenal looked nervous almost throughout the game against Dortmund. It was obvious that the players felt that this was their first real test and that everyone’s eyes were on them. They did not play with the usual rhythm and flow and their passing was out of sorts in all areas of the field.

Granted Dortmund pressed well high up the field which forced our centre backs to try and distribute the ball forward which usually resulted in losing possession (Southampton employ this tactic in the Premier League with a lot of success).

But even on the occasions when we got clear of the opponents we still could not get our passing going. Sagna was particularly the culprit with all bar one of his crosses into the penalty area going astray.

The one he got right we scored.

Dortmund’s pressing of both our defence and the midfield high up the field called out for the high ball onto the space behind them for a fast running attacker (like Walcott for example)….

The best way to counteract a high pressing team is to bypass them widening the field with pacy wingers. Sadly this is missing from Arsenal at the moment and Wenger needs to correct this now and stop waiting for Walcott to return.

The other weakness that was obvious was the absence of Flamini.

In my previous post Flamini’s significance to the defensive side of Arsenal was highlighted by contrasting Arsenal’s play with and without him when he had to go out with concussion.

Many disagreed with me but I feel that it is now quite obvious that Flamini and Arteta have to start games for Arsenal.

It is also quite obvious that Wenger needs a Flamini back up because this kind of player is a must in the way that Wenger’s teams are so attackingly set up with even both full backs bombing forward.

We have a difficult schedule of games coming up in a short space of time (Palace, Chelsea, Liverpool, Dortmund, Man Utd). Wenger will need to rest players and introduce width into the team otherwise the momentum that has been built up is in danger of dissipating away.

From the defence Sagna needs to be rested for Saturday and Tuesday against Chelsea. He looked tired against Dortmund and there are important games to follow. Jenkinson should come in.

Gnarby should come in on the right wing to give much needed width.

Flamini obviously should start and get a yellow card so that he could rest against Chelsea. Frimpong could start against Chelsea. He could develop into a Flamini back up if given the chance (otherwise we could buy Song back at a lower price).

Ozil should also be rested with Rosicky taking his place behind Giroud.

Cazorla should start on the left side to get match fit.


Jenkinson  Mertesacker Koscienly Gibbs

           Flamini    Arteta

Gnarby  Rosicky  Cazorla


The bench would be full of quality: Wilshere, Sagna, Ramsey, Ozil, Vermaelen and Monreal to name but a few.



Anonymous said...

unlikely he'll rest Ozil when he's going to get a rest midweek and when he'll be desperate to bounce back from a first defeat for a while

Anonymous said...

Ozil needs to be rested we have important games coming up

Anonymous said...

Agreed flamini is essential to arsenal. We would have drawn the game with him

Anonymous said...

Agreed flamini is essential to arsenal. We would have drawn the game with him

Anonymous said...

Yes I agreed wit u friend bt we need a striker,right back n defensive midfilder.jan.

Anonymous said...

Nico for Giroud - we must trust our bench. Monreal for Gibbs too.

Anonymous said...

Everyone is obviously in agreement that Flamini is essential to protecting our defence. I was at the Norwich game and the difference in our dominance when Flamini had to go off was frightening. Great as the 4 super-goals were, the margin flattered us somewhat.
However the call for a back-up is valid, but I cannot understand why Vermaelen is not given a chance to play that role. I am nervous now when he is in the back four, but his tackling in front of them and his shooting when going forward seems to be tailor-made for this situation

Anonymous said...

I think also that vermaelen woud be a very goodidea as a defensive midfielder. He is tailor made for this and wouldkeep him involvedvwith the team

Anonymous said...

We would have actually won the game with Flamini because Dortmund would have gotten less time on the ball

Anonymous said...

I agree we have to start using Vermaelen or we risk losing him, use Koscielny on sat and rest and in mid week. Use Vermaelen against Chelski and possibly one of our big fixtures depending how he plays.

Jenks should start at right back and possibly Monreal at left back, to give Gibbs a weeks rest would be a good idea we know his injury record.

The midfield should be Flamini, Rambo and Ozil with switching to Arteta, Wilshere and Zelalem for mid week. Cazorla and Gnabry should play out wide in both fixtures cause Cazorla needs that match sharpness and Gnabry needs the game time.

giving Wilshere a rest and a break from being kicked which against palace. Better play him against Chelsea back in the middle of the park where he belongs.

The Giroud sat and Bendtner against Chelsea mid week