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Monday, April 21, 2008

The Jack Wilshere show. Reserves outplay West Ham as a new star is born

By 1970’s Gooner

West Ham apparently are lying second in the Reserves League but on this showing they are a team of plonkers.

Arsenal who outplayed them and outclassed them were a team full of quality throughout all positions (with about half of the players being foreign) whereas West Ham were full of hard working but mostly average (English) footballers.

But it was one English player playing for Arsenal who caught the eye. Stuart Storey commenting on the game likened him to Alexander Hleb and one can see why. He is left footed, full of trickery, the ball stuck to his feet like glue and he had that knack of gliding past his marker in an effortless way.

Yet he reminded me more of an Arsenal legend from the 1970’s, Irishman Liam Brady, the present Youth Development director. Liam was a favourite player of mine and of a lot of other Gooners of that generation.

He too was able to make the ball stick to his left boot and glided past players with ease. He was a quality player among a lot of average plonkers that were in abundance in the First Division at that time. No wonder he felt he had to ply his trade abroad (he moved to Italy’s Juventus and won two Scudettos with them).

Jack Wilshere is only 16 and most probably the youngest player on the pitch against West Ham but he certainly outshone the rest of the players. He started on the right hand side of midfield and it was from there he created the first goal.

He cut inside, passed his man and slid a ball on the floor right through the West ham defence for Rui Fonte to run onto and toe poke into the net via the near post.

But it was Wilshere’s goal that impressed everyone. He again picked the ball form the right hand side came infield and as the defenders backed off shot a delightful curler of a shot.

It almost bend near 180 degrees to evade the goalkeeper’s desperately outstretched hand to glide in off the post and into the net! No wonder Arsene Wenger had a very satisfying smile when he scored.

What was equally pleasing was that later on as Diaby was taken off with what may have been a hip problem Wilshere was moved into that central midfield role. He was just as good there too.

Despite his young age and small built he was able to actually dictate play shielding the ball well and spraying accurate passes around him and to the forwards.

He is really another exciting prospect in Liam Brady’s Academy conveyor belt.

Two other Arsenal youngsters keep impressing me every time I watch the reserves. Nacer Barazite, who is 17, plays with a lot of confidence and ease on the ball. He is very effective in that compatriot’s of his (Bergkamp) role just behind the front striker.

He is able to create space and time for himself spraying the passes that put other players in advantageous positions. He was very effective in that role.

The other youngster is another 17 year old Norwegian Havard Nordtveit. He is the one that Wenger went all the way to Norway to convince his club owner and his father to allow him to be transferred to Arsenal.

I can see why. He is a very confident and strong defender who plays with his brain.

His positioning is sound which is vital for a defender and his distribution is excellent with his long diagonal passes to either wing more often than not resulting with the Arsenal player being free of his marker and through into the opponents area.

There’s a lot of quality in the reserves coming through.


Anonymous said...

the pass for the first goal tonight was the same as messi's for eto 7 weeks ago a slide rule pass i think he is more like messi than anybody

Chris Monsen said...

Thanks for the report. Heard a lot about youbg Wilshere already, and he does sound like a special kid. Maybe we have a star in the making here. Hope so.

Anonymous said...

He was very impressive again tonight, I really hope to see more of him in an Arsenal shirt.

theArsenal said...

is there anywhere one can find some highlights of this young wilshire?

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the review 1970's gooner. I really wish I could see him play for the reserves at least once before the season ends but I guess I'll have to wait a couple of seasons for the carling cup. As for Barazite, I agree completely with your assessment of his positional play. He is often likened to Van Persie but I believe the Bergkamp comparison is more apt. He is more relaxed whereas Van Persie is more rapid, eager to create.
I saw Barazite in an U20 tournament and he dictated the attacks in the final third in terms of pace, direction and complexity.
If you could tell me what Jack Wilshere's style is like. Energetic, skillful, intelligent. Somehow I have the feeling you'll tell me all three.
By the way this kid is the best young player I have ever seen at his age. He is called Eden Hazard, a Belgian player who is currently situated in France.
The clips don't do him justice....honestly.
Thanks for the info on the reserves and keep us posted on this kids progress.

Gooner Slayer said...

Hey there 1970’s Gooner,

lets start by saying who the f*** is Jack Wilshire? Nobody, thas who.

West Ham have several players who are GARENTEED MONEY that you would love to have at Arsenal, but Arsenal specialise in quality foreigners and average English boys with the occasional bit of class like Cashley Cole.

Jordan Spence and Junior Stanislas both would take a GIANT s*** on any of your youth team players. Those kids are guaranteed boy! Rio Ferdinand style. West Ham produce WAY better youth players than Arsenal do. You steal your top class ones from Barcelona. And before you write back and tell me, yeah – I know Mark Noble was with Arsenal before he signed pro with West Ham. We also have a bunch of other quality *English* boys coming through too, like Freddie Sears and James Tomkins. You got Lansbury, if he really is any good?

Your typical arrogant Arsenal fan. What the f*** you won the past 3 or 4 seasons? NOTHING! You’re a spoof glamour team, who’s always gonna finish second best now Chelsea got cash and Man U decided to stop signing Alan Smith or Djemba Djemba and instead start signing Anderson and Nani style players.

Jack Wilshire will be an average plonker from an average youth team.

Arsenal are a team who has some quality no doubt, but you have some absoloutly embarrassing players. I cringe each time I see Eboue or Senderos play. They have to be two of the most s*** players in the entire league. What’s Wenger doing, recommending Palacios to Steve Bruce but keeping Eboue? Eboue is like a 12th man for the opposing team. And Senderos is even worse.

You total prick!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

The future's bright...

Barazite reminds me more of that quite good bulgarian at the scum down the road. Very classy player. Hope he makes it.

Anonymous said...

Gooner slayer let's start by saying who the f**** are you?

Mark Noble? Keep him! Just like Aston Villa can keep Luke Young, Tottenham can keep O'Harra, Chelsea can keep Sidwell and Cole and Blackburn can keep Bentley.

What have we won in the past 3 years? Extend that to 10 and then count them up and if you don't want to do that you can just look at a champions league final and a quarter final this year.

I'm not gonna even chat about West Ham coz I'm not that into mid-table teams. I'm used to the big leagues boi, competing and all that. So until the day you get rid of our throw aways (Ljungberg)and actually keep up with us at the top keep your retarded opinions to your small time self. Peace!

What you doing on an Arsenal board anyway?

Anonymous said...

Gooner Slayer - If all you write is true, why are west Ham so sh!t and why do they play in a shoe box of a ground?

Oh and when was the last piece of Silverware you've won?

West Ham have produced some good players over the years (English as well), but all of these players have left due to wanting to play for a Big club that is capable of winning things - none have stayed. What does that tell you about West Ham?

Anonymous said...

Didn't Wenger recently say he had 2players coming through from the Academy who had, "nothing more to learn technically", or something along those lines? I know Afobe is one & am fairly sure Wilshire is the other. Can anyone confirm this?

Anonymous said...

I think he is talking about Merida who had nothing to learn technically...

Anonymous said...

As a west ham fan, just like to apologise for the foul mouthed twit heaping abuse on you and yours elsewhere in this post. It's good to see Arsenal producing promising English youngsters - equally one would have to agree that West Ham's academy has consistently produced top quality in the last decade and look like producing two or three decent prospects in the near future- Sears, Collinson, Tomkins and, I believe, Jordan Spence. I wasn't at the game, so can't comment on whether our reserves were plonkers or merely played like some. I do know that some of the guys on the team sheet are decent players , so while in no way denigrating your own performance, perhaps you would concede it was possible they just had an off night.

Anonymous said...

"West Ham apparently are lying second in the Reserves League but on this showing they are a team of plonkers"

So Being second in the reserve league says were a team of plonkers!!???.
1970’s Gooner you are a total CUNT! that no doubted bends over and takes one for the team!

If this boy is Wilshere is as good as he sounds then great, all the better for England(if he's english) but Mr Wenger doesnt seem to have much faith in british talent and I can see another Bentley situation here...lets hope things change eh....

Anonymous said...

west ham fans need to relax. this is an Arsenal post and is not an official match report. it is a piece trying to let other Gooners know they have some quality players in reserves. it is not a detrimental reference to west ham's youth system or reserve team. im sure they did have an off night. calm down.
1. why are u looking at an Arsenal site?
2. why are u so protective of the reserve team/youth players?
i think the answer to both could be that you boo ur own first team after they win a game and when they have cemented a fairly decent season in mid table, and u have unrealistic dellusions of grandeur . relax and enjoy having a legend of the game like Freddie on ur pitch every week!

Anonymous said...

I heard that WH had several of their best reserves injured last night so was not a fair reflection of what they have done all season. lets just enjoy the game for what we showed and dont denigrate WHU.

(However, Gooner slayer needs to chill out a bit)

Anonymous said...

The key question that everyone seems to have missed is how did he bend the ball 180 degress, surely that would've just come back and hit him on the head?

Anonymous said...

180 degrees would just be a straight line, 360 would come back and hit tim on the head

Anonymous said...

360 is a full circle so that would end up back with the player but not hit him in the face (back of head)

Anonymous said...

I did consider that but surely 180degrees would hit him on the front of the head, whilst 360 degrees would hit him on the back of the head.

Anonymous said...

180 degree bending will hit the face if the bending in an instant..which is physically impossible but it seems he had targeted our post for his goal if it did bent 180 degree
actuAlly hw much did the ball bent..
(360 will hit him in the front if the bending is in an instant it will hit him in the back if the bendin is uniform an not in an instant)

imp :::pls post the link to download or watch the highlights free

and do reply to make dis complicated

Anonymous said...

In letting Gooners know about the emergence of a talented young English player in the Arsenal reserves, the writer of this piece said nothing denigrating to WH Reserves so Gooner slayer needs to take a chill pill.

Also WH are riding high in the reserve league because of the first team players who often play for them. Arsenal mostly play the youngsters in these fixtures, although we had a couple of players with limited first team experience - Traore and Diaby (for 40 mins) on the pitch last night. But the star of the show was undoubtedly the youngest player on the pitch who was making his first start for Arsenal reserves.

Anonymous said...

damn! now i see it! he was magnificent against barnet yesterday.
superb talent. still 16?!

Anonymous said...

well is it a surprise that wenger has searched another "gem".....???

Every gooner sings the same tune - 'IN ARSENE WE TRUST'

Anonymous said...

"Also WH are riding high in the reserve league because of the first team players who often play for them."

Spence, Tomkins, Collison, Sears, Stanislas, Reid, Payne. Really first teamers! LOL! R-tard!

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