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Monday, April 14, 2008

Mputu’s club deny transfer deal done

By Aries

As you may recall we first reported on this site Arsene’s interest for Congo’s goal sensation Tresor Mputu.

He was at Arsenal last November for a trial period and also played in a friendly there in December after his club TP Mazembe were invited to London Colney by Wenger.

We also reported that Wenger had one of his most trusted scouts watching Mputu as recently as last month during his club’s Champions League game against FC 105 of Gabon which ended in a draw 1-1.

But he was not alone in watching Mputu. There were also representatives from three other European clubs there:

Seville from Spain, Standard Liege of Belgium, who have a long standing interest in the player a lot before Arsene Wenger got involved and also Olympiakos Piraeus of Greece.

It seems that Wenger’s indecision is allowing other clubs to sniff around and try and get their foot in the door.

So much so that one club has already, according to TP Mazembe’s President Moïse Katumbi Chapwe, let it be known that the deal was already as good as done.

This drew his wrath as he denied such a deal existed: “such information is completely unfounded” he said on the club’s official site.

“It is true that this European club has sent its delegates in Lubumbashi but in no case has the issue of Mputu’s transfer been discussed.

"Instead of announcing that talks were about forming a partnership with TP Mazembe, they have seen fit to lie to their public that they have negotiated and secured the transfer of Treasury Mputu.

This a good lie” he said.

Well, we can reveal that this European "little club" appears to be Belgium’s Standard Liege.

They have indeed announced on their official club site that they are in negotiations with TP Mazembe and that the Congo Club’s President was not averse to striking a deal for taking Mputu on loan for a year.

Standard Liege's sports director, Dominique D'Onofrio, has had a long time interest in the player and was in Lubumbashi towards the end of March of this year to watch Mputu. This is what he said on Standard Liege's site:

"The case is progressing very well," I will have a meeting with the club’s president soon who is not hostile to hire their international player for a year”.

You can see therefore why this statement drew such strong words from TP Mazembe’s president.

It seems that Mputu and his club have set their hearts on Arsenal as a first choice, especially as relations between the two clubs have grown stronger since TP Mazembe’s stay in London at the invitation of Arsenal.

Wenger's interest waned when the player had to limp off during the friendly at London Colney.

But the report prepared by his close friend, Ronald Scheubel, after watching TP Mazemebe’s game last month was favourable, so don’t be surprised if Wenger’s interest is renewed during the up coming transfer window.

We will get it right next year. Player analysis and ratings Vs Man Utd

Wenger still interested in Tresor Mputu


Anonymous said...


1979gooner said...

useful signing one feels,

would he happy to sit on bench and could be a useful sub

Anonymous said...

Yaaaawn. What's the point?

Anonymous said...

We need experienced players not unproven talent

Anonymous said...

@ all
u wAnt prowen players then y dont u support chelsea or ac milan they r all proven players..please dont be gooners

Anonymous said...

anon at 3.49
apart from sagna, all the other players u mentioned took at least 1 or 2 whole season to establish themselve in the team. we dont need another one like them. we need someone who can be in the first team and deliver IMMEDIATELY. so i say, yes, wenger is a FOOOL

Anonymous said...

I personally won't want Mputu to join us. We have a overly congested supply line of young promising strikers, but starting chances for most of them are very rare.

Anonymous said...

wenger needs to be sure of his quality before he buys this player. There are a lot of very good African strikers around nad its better to find them while still in Africa and not after they have been to a medium sized european club who will take all the profit later on. I dont even think wenger really wants a striker so this may be a useful halfway house. He will bring Vela back and then look for a top quality centre back.

Anonymous said...

At everyone - If you think Wenger is a fool then your clearly an idiot and your comments are null and viod completely and I hope you enjoy the trillions of pounds of players in the chavs v hoofs games. And then unless you have been bored to death you will see why all that money is not needed. But I think you are all far too stupid to notice if you think sir Wenger is a fool. Also if you cannot spell a 3 letter word such as 'why' and 'you' then please dont be a gooner.

I am not sure we need any more africans. I think Ade and Eboue are more than frustrating enough to watch as it is.

Anonymous said...

So what are you saying?
Is that a veiled racist comment? "I'm not sure we need more africans'. I suggest you learn to speak English before you critque other contributors spelling.

I agree he (Mputu) is one for the future, i.e maybe 2 or 3 years time. We have the fully quota of strikers at present, but if he develops nicely then it could be a great coup. Remember we bought Anelka for next to nothing and made a £20 million profit on him, with any luck this could work out the same.

For the present we need a stong CB who can dominate in aerial battles, some one in the Vidic mold and a combative midfielder in the flamini mold if flamini leaves.

Anonymous said...

but if a team has too many African players it becomes decimated every 2 years when the ANC comes around and it can cost you the league and the cups as well as leave you with very tired players when they return. too many Africans is dangerous. if they move the ANC to the summer then there would not be a problem with buying as many Africans as you wanted. top clubs dont want more than 2 African players for this reason (unless you are chelsea and have a massive squad to cope either way).

Anonymous said...

The transfer window is not even open yet. Wenger usually waits til the last week before doing business. And already I'm getting rumour rage! It's going to be a long old summer!

but anyway, since i've started; if Mputu is a pacey central striker, muscular, with a powerful shot and a good header of the ball, if he can run all day and has a great first touch, and can read the game better than most, then I say, sign him! a cut price obafemi martins perhaps.

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