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Friday, April 04, 2008

Very encouraging news coming out of Eduardo's camp

By Aries

There are encouraging news coming out of Eduardo’s camp only six weeks after that horrible injury at St Andrews in Birmingham.

Eduardo`s cousin and representative, Narley Lopes, told the Brazilian media that there are now no concerns for his career.

Eduardo’s leg is no longer in plaster and the doctors are satisfied with the recovery so far. Apparently the operation at the Birmingham hospital was performed well and Dudu’s doctors are pleased with it, Lopes said.

The return to action is now more optimistic, by about two months less than originally assessed. His return is now expected in six months time, as early as September of this year.

Lopes announced that Dudu will undergo another check-up in a few days, which will determine the direction and location of his therapy period in Brazil.

As reported on this site, Eduardo has received permission by the Arsenal medical team to continue his recuperation from his horrific injury in the more familiar surroundings of Rio De Janeiro in Brazil.

He has already visited the Brazil national team’s doctor, Jose Luiz Runco and physiotherapist, Odir de Souza at the Park Lane Hilton in London where the Brazil national team assembled ahead of their friendly game against Sweden at the Emirates.

Runco, after examining Eduardo, stated that “he wants to do the recovery in Rio de Janeiro and we have a new meeting within two weeks”.

The doctor along with physiotherapist have already drawn up a schedule of what Eduardo needs to do for his recovery in Brazil.

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Anonymous said...

Absoloutly fantastic to hear!

Anonymous said...

for a moment there, i forgot that he's croatian...

Anonymous said...

quality site, keep up the good work. Who knows what impact a fit eduardo would have had in the final stretch, a real shame! when as a club is our luck going to change, it's almost like a conspricy, refs,injuries,hard cup draws, eboue.

Anonymous said...

i laughed at loud when i read eboue in that list.

he does not deserve to play for a club of such quality and history as the gunners.

ship him out soon, arsene. please.

Anonymous said...

That's great news! Hopefully he really is able to put back on that jersey in September,gonna be rough for him for a while though.
I also started laughing out loud when I read Eboue LOL!

1979gooner said...

great news re eduardo,

bloody scousers are beginning to annoy me