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Saturday, June 28, 2008

Adebayor wants £120,000 a week or he goes. Take the money and run Mr Wenger

By 1970’s Gooner

Adebayor has got some cheek really. He has hardly established himself at Arsenal after one full season as a main striker and now he is demanding a staggering £120,000 per week to stay!

“I have asked Arsenal to look at it and see what they want. “I have a promise from the manager Arsene Wenger that they will call me next week. I am waiting for their answer and next week I will decide” he said yesterday.

He obviously thinks should Arsenal decide not to pay that much money (and who can blame them) that he can repeat the 24 goals he scored in the League last season for AC Milan or Barcelona.

He is also showing no loyalty whatsoever to the club and the man that plugged him out of relative obscurity in France and gave him the chance to shine.

Wenger could have gone out and bought a direct replacement for Henry when he left but instead chose to promote Adebayor.

What Adebayor has to realise is that there is no way that he will be able to repeat his goal scoring feats for another club as well as he has done for Arsenal.

For a start the age old saying that it’s the team as a whole that creates the scoring opportunities will come into force.

And it is so true at Arsenal where most goals scored are a result of slick interplay and movement from the rest of the players especially from the little maestro, Fabregas.

If Adebayor thinks that he will be given so many chances to score with his new club, whichever that is, he is living in cloud cuckoo land.

Go and ask Thierry Henry Mr Adebayor and you will find out.

At least Henry had reached an age where he felt he needed to move so as to play and try and win honours with another big club.

Adebayor is only 24 and has a lot of time to do that, if indeed he has not won anything in the next few years with Arsenal.

Hell, Fabregas and the other Arsenal stars like Robin Van Persie will indeed begin to get restless if that happens too. And in my opinion they will be, in a way, justified.

Take the money and run Mr Wenger. We have after all paid only £7m for him and now we are offered around £23m!

This team that you have built will create chances for anyone that plays as a main striker; and he will I am sure score those 24 goals and even more.

I have declared myself a supporter of the idea of not buying a direct replacement for Adebayor and promoting Van Persie in the main striker’s role.

He will not, I am sure, need so many chances to score.

During the 2006/2007 season, when he was a little bit more fit than last season, he had a similar ratio of goals to shots on target as Adebayor had this last season.

This was a ratio of 44%. He also had a similar goals to shots ratio of 21% vs Ade’s of 23%.

He was however not playing as a main striker then as Adebayor has this last season.

Van Persie can do the business alright as long as stays fit that is. But even if he doesn’t we have Eduardo.

Eduardo IS going to make it for pre season (as we have first reported on this site) and WILL feature in the first team without too much of a fear of going into a tackle.

His psychological built up and character, I am told by my Croatian friends, is such that he will not be fazed that much by tackle threatening opponents.

But I would also like to see another wide player with experience brought in that can also play in the middle so as to offer more maturity up front and especially cover when needed.

And additionally there is Theo Walcott and Nicklas Bendtner who have shown that they have the credentials to contribute substantially this coming season. And don’t forget Carlos Vela who will feature in the first team; he is that good.

As Wenger has recently said:

'It doesn't look like we have no team and we have to build a team. 'We were unbeaten at home and that is only the second time in the history of the club.

'We have done that with young players who will be better next season'.

I think that, in football as in life, we should not underestimate the process of learning and the beneficial effects it has especially on young and talented footballers.

Arsene’s revised transfer plans?


Anonymous said...

Agree with the 1st half of your post. Cannot disagree more with the last bit!

Are you seriously saying we dont need to replace Ade IF he goes??? Coz we have RvP??? Are you on PCP fella?

Haven't you noticed RVP has missed most of the last 3 seasons? We CANNOT rely on him. He is a fantastic player, but it will be a BONUS if he plays for us next season. As for Eduardo, gawd knows if he will ever get back to how he was. Not talking purely physical, but psychological too.

WQE NEED a new striker, that is obvious. A striker who is PROVEN, I am sure vela WILL be a reasl talent, eventually, but we need experience, someone with a good 1st touch and clinical infront of goal.

2 things ADE isnt.

Anonymous said...

I'd say about 60% of fans were happy to be rid of this twat before yesterday.

After yesterdays performance; his popularity in the polls is dropping even more and it's probably closer to 80% now.

The guy's a twat. I don't care how many goals he scored; he's still a chump and always will be.

Anonymous said...

i am tired of this loyalty thing us fans use as an excuse.
was cesc loyal to Bacelona when he left?
was Adebayor loyal to his Togo club or Monaco?
was every other foriegn player in Arsenal loyal to the previous club or do you thing those fans didnt feel the same way you feel now?
And tell me Since Wenger came Who has he been loyal too in terms of the players he has bought and which of them has finished his career in Arsenal?
is that not a worry to you.
why dont we also ask how come players that have left have left for the money or the number of years offered to them for extention.
how long has there been a stable squad and why is it that we must continue to rebuild every year?
how come we has fans cant treat this players as employees who also look at their peers just as we also do within our working environment.
please no one is loyal in football. that had gone out the window long time ago and we should wake up.

Anonymous said...

ade,just go,you are just making me sick.and for rvp,i share the opinion of you that he can play as a central striker,all this time ive doubt about him whether he can or cannot play as central striker but in euro 2008 where he replace van nilsterooy in the 1st game,he show that he can be a target man.but also the question is whether he will fit all the time and i have doubt about that,so wenger sold ade and buy a new replacement.

Gibbs Ong said...

i agree with spike.

i just hope wenger can resolve this problem asap. if the money is good, i'll wish wenger would just take it and make another new star.

as for adebayor, i am sure he will miss fabregas, clinchy and sagna a lot, no matter where he goes, ac or barca.

Anonymous said...

Dear Gunners..

i most certainly agree,i would let Ade go in a heartbeat,there is NO player greater than the club and hopefully there never will be..
We have great young talent and if we just could look a couple of years ahead ,we will beyond any doubt be the Best club in the world,so lets stand by our young lads and the Team....always..
players like Hleb,Ade and i dont even care to mention flamster..have NO place in any TEAM...when the money plays a bigger part then th Team,there is only a question of time before theyre on a downwards spiral...
and my dearest Ade please just leave...loyalty and beeing a real Man is two things You will never learn,so take a hike ...

Gunners forever :)

Anonymous said...

after that I really hope Ade is sold!!! and may he fail even worse than anelka.

he was a nobody before we bought him.

think his ago has gone way bigger than the club

please lets not replace him with martins or crouch...

Anonymous said...

Bless him, he thinks he's worth £40M (if the quotes I read earlier are correct). Of course he wants £120K...

RvP will never, ever be 100% fit for a whole season. As good as he is, his health will always stop him being a no.1 striker.

Anonymous said...

Sell him, get the money and tell him to piss off.

Spike for someone to say we don't need to replace Ade they are serious. Why does someone have to be on PCP to say that?
To get a proven striker would probably cost the same as having Adebayor at the club.
Why cant we use what we have, it frightened the crap out of most clubs last season to see us playing with what resources we had.

Eduardo will be ok you have too little faith in the club to think otherwise that bloke is determined to play the same as before he was injured.

Franny your right I was speaking to a few of our fans yesterday and their opinion of Ade has really changed after his two speeches.
He must have known what he said and the reaction it would have caused.....the blokes a twat.

Anonymous said...

Erm, we didnt win anything last season WITH Ade. Anr you want us to not bother replacing him? RvP? Injury prone. Eduardo? Coming back from an horrific injury. No one knows if he ever be the same player. Bendtner? Potential, potential, who knows if he can step up? Theo? Fanyastic player. The future of Arsenal, but will hopefully be playing wide right next season. Vela? has spent the last 2 seasons in Spain as a WINGER, no experience of the Premier league.

IMO it would be catastrophic (well, in the football sense!) if we didnt sign an experienced striker.

Sorry about the PCP comment.

Crack is obviously your drug of choice fella!

Anonymous said...

Is the £120,000 a week actually documented ANYWHERE.
I seems to have been completely made up, cos I can't find any reference to it apart from a tabloid making up silly season nonsense.
The only thing Ade has said (on record) is that money is NOT an important thing to him.

Anonymous said...

Ade can go if thast extactly whats he wants to do , it is ridiculous to read he is demanding for 120k per week when he shouldn't have even thought of 80k per week to hell with him...I just hope Eduardo will be his old self again and less hope Jay Simpson is not sold out.

Anonymous said...

Get Huntelaar to replace him, he is young, experienced and clinical. Lets go double Dutch up front

Anonymous said...

Where did you get the idea Adebayor is demanding for 120k per week? I hope your information is from a trustworthy paper, but not from tabloids.

Contrary to popular belief, we need to find a replacement for Adebayor. I am not sure who but we must at least get a stop gap forward to buy time for our young strikers time to develop.

Anonymous said...

Some people are too quick to condemn Ade on the flimsiest of evidence. What happens if Arsene doesn't sell him? He's still an Arsenal player at the moment, so why not hold back until the situation is resolved one way or another?

Anonymous said...

he still is an arsenal player but he's not worth 120k a week,not for a striker who missed sitters..besides he's only scored 30 goals last season doesn't proves dat he can do it for the next 2 or 3 season..THEO is his able replacement, juz take the money n get ourselves a CB or DM

Anonymous said...

120,000k??? Is he a bankrupt or deep in debt? Real star he thinks he is now. Well, goodbye to Anelka part-II.

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