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Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Another Premiership team asks for Arsenal youngster on loan

By Aries

It is reported in the Midlands press that newly promoted West Bromwich Albion are looking to Arsenal in the hope of signing French youngster Armand Traore on loan.

They join a long list of clubs who have been knocking on Arsene Wenger’s door asking to take up the youngster for the coming season.

Portsmouth are also keen to have Traore as Harry Redknap looks to improve the blend of mature players, which he has many, with younger legs.

Interest in Traore follows a string of impressive displays initially for the Carling Cup sides that Wenger fielded during last season.

The youngster was given invaluable experience against strong Premiership opposition which culminated with his premiership debut in the home game of the Liverpool trilogy.

In the latter part of the season Armando was tried out on the left wing and again he proved his versatility by showing that he has the potential to help Arsenal in that position too.

However Arsene Wenger will want to keep the youngster at the Emirates as back up for the excellent Clichy.

Traore has after all shown a lot of promise and Wenger will want to oversee his development closer at home.

In addition the alternatives, Gallas, Hoyte or even Djourou are all right footed.


Anonymous said...

Don't understand the last comment. Do you mean they are left footed and can fill his position if he goes on loan ?

Anonymous said...

We'll need him next season again as back-up for Clichy and on the left wing. Hes great and will certainly go alot further at Arsenal than he will at West Brom, theres no wat he'll play week in week out there. Traore will certainly play a more significant role at Arsenal next season than last season. I would also like to see more of him on the wing next season.

Anonymous said...

To Phil

The opposite

Anonymous said...

Traore is a tremendous player and he will given the chance play an important part next season. he will also be able to play as a left winger as anon 8.23 says

Anonymous said...

traore is not ready for the premiership as he shown in the fa cup game against manchester utd. he would definitely benefit from gaining some first team football at west brom. if we get the good centre back we need, using gallas would be a much better solution than using traore.

Anonymous said...

It would be great to send him out on loan. We have that brazilian youngster, Pedro coming back for next season who can also play left back, so we will have cover even if Traore goes out on loan.

Anonymous said...

Pedro is not coming back next season. He will spend another season on loan with Salamanca.