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Monday, June 02, 2008

Wenger: “Nasri has a considerable margin for improvement”. But what about his wages?

By 1970’s Gooner

Samir Nasri came on as a substitute for France in their Euro 2008 preparation game against Paraguay last Saturday and almost immediately had an impact on the game.

Watching it I could clearly see why Arsene Wenger is quite ready to part with £12.5 m of Arsenal’s (tight) cash. This was a much improved performance than in his last outing against Equador a few days before.

Nasri is not yet 21 yet he showed against Paraguay that he has the football nous along with the skills that may make him a big hit in the Premiership.

He came on in an advanced midfield position between the front players and the defensive midfielders (in the Bergkamp area)and was very good at turning with the ball and dribbling past players.

He was thus able to advance menacingly at opponents, opening avenues for his forward players to make the runs behind the defence so as to receive his often incisive passes.

He is, in other words, a typical Wenger attacking midfielder and one that would perform a similar role that Hleb does (or did).

No wonder the Marseille newspaper “La Provence” is today quoting Wenger as saying that Nasri has a considerable margin for further improvement:

"At 21 years old his whole future is ahead of him and he has (quite) a margin for progressing further. He has in any case the qualities needed to assert himself at the highest level".

Ed: Nasri will be 21 in June 26

As I wrote in my previous posting (Arfa, Gomis and Diarra impress more than Nasri), Nasri does have one major positive difference to Hleb and that is his thirst and quest for shots and goals.

This boy will not dilly dally when a shooting opportunity unfolds. And he proved it against Paraguay.

He will have a pot, like say Frank Lampard does, so expect some nice deflected goals coming Arsenal’s way next season.

If he does get to join that is!

Because it seems that although the deal has been agreed between the two clubs the player’s personal terms have not.

This is apparently why, as we reported on Arsenal Analysis (Nasri transfer to Arsenal hits a snag?) the transfer has not yet materialised.

Nasri’s agent Jean-Pierre Bernès said as far back as May 20th that:

“Nothing is done. There is no hurry. We actually are studying a proposal from Arsenal for Samir Nasri, but I also received other offers."

Arsene Wenger has admitted as much when he said only yesterday:

“It is more complicated now because the wage differences (between the French and the English league) are not as big as they used to be.

“It is very difficult (to transfer players from the French league) but England is considered one of the two top leagues and the best players want to play against the best players.”

“La Provence” is further reporting today that the deal will be completed after the Euro ends so that the player can concentrate on the important matter of helping his country win the trophy rather than worry about transfer matters.

This may prove risky for Arsenal for if the player has a good tournament then who is to say that either the player or his club may come back with renewed demands?


Anonymous said...

Wenger was not referring to Nasri in particular, just French players in general. Plus with the weakening pound, it seems only natural to haggle over wages

Anonymous said...

AW and the whole Arsenal setup are just clowns. They treat their fans like shit, they ignore their fans demand for quality players, and when it looked like they were going to sign a player it takes forever. Other teams are busy signing the players they need and reaching agreements, we are here haggling about the wages of just one target who may decide to sign for another club after the Euros. And watch AW boast 5 yrs down the line, how he almost signed Nasri. Someone isn't telling the truth about the finances of the club!!!!

Anonymous said...

Thats what I thought the delay was for, Nasri wanting to concentrate on the Euros and im sure that it is.

Wenger wouldnt come out and say anything if he wasnt assured that Nasri would sign after the Euros. Wenger seems confident and so am I. It still all looks good and im pretty sure we've got a deal agreed with Marseille and Nasri and he wants to concentrate on the Euros and he will sign thereafter.

Anonymous said...

Sadly , there must be more to it as a player would sign a lucrative contract rather than risk getting injured being stuck where he is now.

I can only believe that Arsenal are not offering what he wants.

Anonymous said...

Great Article...just one problem is that nasri's price won't go up as it is a release clause but nonetheless i appreciate your hard work. this is the best site that ive read this article on today. Keep up the good work

Anonymous said...

I agree the setup at arsenal is like a circus. We lose Flamini and now it looks like Hleb as well. Why do we the paying fans have to accept that its the wenger way.

You all tell me that if we signed lescott, kompany, nasri, benzema, arteta, villa... that we would not be in with a major shout of winning the champions league and premiership.

So we would be in debt but i would be able to take my son to another parade (he is now 8 and hardly remembers the last one!!!)

We are a joke and a feeder club for the real big teams!


Anonymous said...

you need a hug, you poor suffering gutted season ticket holder?

Unknown said...

This has more to do with Nasri and his agent wanting the maximum transfer fee (probably already agreed) and the maximum wages (not agreed).

Nasri and co, knows that if he has a fantastic Euros then he is entitled to an improved contract offer from Arsenal and who knows who else.

It makes more sense for him to wait, I know I would. It seems wenger will sign him even if he didn't get a minute of football for France this summer, so he has nothing to lose (other than getting badly injured) in holding out.

Anonymous said...

you really dont need to worry guys....the wages statement was in regards to a completely different question wenger was asked....nasri will be an arsenal player once france get nocked out (which may not be until the final), dont worry about that

Anonymous said...

Bad business by Arsenal. They should of been more aggressive and signed him before the tournament. It doesn't make sense otherwise, for the player and Arsenal.

Bad business by Arsenal. And it does seem, their wage budget will again, be their undoing.

Anonymous said...

how much of a break in concentration is it to sign our name i,m dirty cause i want him if he,s that mentally handicapped forget him

Anonymous said...

so if nasri is not yet to emirates like i had decided to dump arsenal may it be i know i will cost you nothing but it costs me alot since you hurt me so much last season i lost and depressed alot by your performance aa

Anonymous said...

Chill out, the only other big signing in the premiership is botswinga to chelski so unless everyones getting players and were not, we don't need to rush into any signings

Anonymous said...

'You all tell me that if we signed lescott, kompany, nasri, benzema, arteta, villa... that we would not be in with a major shout of winning the champions league and premiership.'

Hahaha. If only we had you in charge. Stupid little FM managers thinking they have all the answers.

If only Wenger had thought of signing players! Then we'd be good!

Anonymous said...

Some of you fans are so quick to jump at Wengers throat, where has all this hatred come from... ur like a bunch of spoilt kids demanding a new toy!!!

We all know that buying players alone wont win you the league, moulding players into a system that works will. Wenger knows he needs a couple of quality players that will give us that added push next year, but theres no point of just going on a mad spending spree like some are suggesting. So shut up and let him do his job.

drharry said...

I'm a little confused about transfer fees. We're constantly told that Arsene has X amount to spend (amounts vary according to source). Then we hear how Real Madrid can afford to pay £75 million (or more) for Ronaldo because they will make £0.5 billion from sale of shirts and other marketing items. Does this mean that Arsenal don't make any money from selling shirts? I don't think so. The point I'm making is that if other clubs (MU included) can finance their biggest transfers on the basis of shirts sold, why can't Arsenal? It has been said that Real made more than 1000% profit on the purchase of David Beckham from the sale of shirts.
Why is this never brought up to support the case for spending more to bring top players to Arsenal? If we can sell the shirts we shouldn't need Usmanov or anyone else. Large transfer fees should be self-supporting, if not big earners for Arsenal.
As a died-in-the-wool gooner I want to see the best players coming to the Emirates. We already play the best football in the world, imo, so it should be easy to influence the best players to join us.