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Thursday, June 05, 2008

Vela’s mate Dos Santos signs for Spurs

By Aries

It’s now official. Giovanni Dos Santos the Mexican starlet has admitted that he is leaving Barcelona for Ramos’s Spurs.

Interviewed on Wednesday night in San Diego, California where he witnessed the encounter in which Mexico lost 4-1 to Argentina, he said: "I will play next season at Tottenham,"

Tottenham waited until his operation on his left ankle had been carried out making sure that the player was moving well before putting pen to paper.

Barcelona will receive £4.7m pounds for the transfer.

It is believed that Dos Santos was positive about Spurs above other Premiership teams that were interested in his signature due to his relationship with Ramos.

It is ironic that Dos Santos’s close friend in the Mexican national team and also in Spain, Carlos vela, is also coming to London but he will of course ply his trade with Arsenal!

Vela and Santos like Fabregas and Messi: World stars in the making


Anonymous said...

o no...ive seen this guy play he is amazing and definetley an up coming star, but why the spuds agghhhhh....why did barca let him go!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Poor soul. Welcome to the realms of mid table, mediocre wannabees..

Anonymous said...

He's a good player but not as good as everyone thinks. He is very predictable and the only use he has for his right foot is for standing. Vela made much more of an impact last season, and he was in a worse team with worse players. And Vela is only 19. 5m for Dos Santos is not too bad though.

Anonymous said...

Amazing???? WTF??? I've seen him play many times, only times he looks "amazing" is on youtube! He's talented but Vela is still more gifted than him and that's an honest opinion!

Anonymous said...

Ooo-er, missus!

Adebayor off to Milan, Hleb doing a runner, too... it's all looking very crap down at the Effeminates this week. Poor old A5ena1.

And we signed Dos Santos, with Diego Garcia likely to follow.

Say goodbye to your Champs League place next season!


Anonymous said...

Typical deluded spud. If you signed the whole United team you'd still manage to finish mid table or shit yourselves (literally)

Anonymous said...

If Barca let him go, he is probably good, but not exceptional and I would think they know a thing or two about exceptional talent!

It doesn't really matter who spurs buy, they still have to gel as a unit and adjust to the premiership if they come from another league. I do not see a bottom of the table team suddenly morphing into a top 4 team in one season.

Anonymous said...

Spurs fans are on crack lmao.

You said all this last season and you was going to pip us to forth.

YAWN you gonna start banging on again... lets face it you try and get us going because you need our rivalry it makes you feel like you are competing with us.... but the sad (for you) reality is that we are a much better and stronger team with vast resources.

And we are rivals with liverpool, chelski, man utd and have been for a long time... you are rivals with newcastle, man city (and they are much better than you).

So stop kidding yourself the chances of us imploding are the same as you winning the premiership we will finish in the top 4 you might dislodge liverpool before us!

When wenger starts brining in the new players that no one knows and they become worth 32 million like adebayer. And we have van persy, theo, vela, eduardo, bendtner all ready to be strikers i would not be crying if adebayer left :)

fucking spuds lol

Anonymous said...

Barcelona got rid of him because he wasn't up to much, he's pretty average, hence why only the Spuds made a bid,if he was any good do you think Barcelona would have let him go, I doubt it very much

Anonymous said...

He left Barce for two reasons, idiot Barca fans whistled him like they did Etoo and Deco, plus he has one year left on his contract, his contract was set to be renewed but he declined a new contract due to the Barca fans attitude.
Ronaldinho once said"Its like watching myself in the mirror when I see Gio"
Chelsea offered €30m last summer, but were turned down. This is a great signing that will become €10m eventually.

Anonymous said...

assuming the news was true, then dos santos would stop be a good player once he joins a sub-par team -- you are as good as the environment (or team) allows you to be

stupid guy

Anonymous said...

i cant believe tottenham signed him for only 4.7 million. barca got ripped off. he left a club like barca for tottenham? i suppose they can hav him, because he seems to be mentally retarded! he'l fit in perfectly!

Anonymous said...

Good, we are better of without him, no doubt that he is big talent, but he is an overrated idiot. He had 1 year left on his contract and he refused to resign because he wants play every week. That is a reasonable request if you are 22 years old. Why would you leave 1 of the best academy in the world for 1 of the worst. The ones that say that they have seen him play live many times and still say that he will be 1 of the best players in the world are liers. He is only good when barca are ahed with 5 goals or something like that. He is not like Walcott can come on with 30 minutes to go and win the game on his own. Trust me if Wenger saw something interesting in him he would ware the Arsenal shirt next season....

Anonymous said...

He is nothing compared to Theo, Bojan, Vela, Pato and all the other good young players. I dont want to name them all but there is a few....

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

i adnit this kid HAD a bright future but now hes going to be more interested in bahmitvah's and watchin arsenal play champions league football next year then his football career. Poor poor lad i look forwards to seeing vela emarrising him at le grove next season.

Austin Sports Performance Trainer said...

Well he must not be very smart if he's signing for Spurs.

Pires....GOAL!! said...

Saw this guy play a few times last season and he had the worst reaction from the Barcelona fans. I was at the games with 3 other friends and the player we all thought he resembled was Jermaine Pennant. He's quick and confident but I don't think the flags will be flying at half mast in Catalonia today. If Arsenal had signed this guy I would have set myself on fire outside the Emirates in protest.

Anonymous said...

I can hear the phone calls between them now. Santos: "Fucking hell Carlos, why did i sign for this bag of wank, you told me i should come to Arsenal, i wish id listen to you."
Vela: "Well im having a brilliant time, we play great football, we are 28 points clear in the league, 2 cups in the cabinet already and another final to come in May, yes you should have come here."

Anonymous said...

If he is really a star in the making, why didn't other big clubs move for him if the prices are really that low? Surely playing in the CL is much better than the UEFA cup.

But this does not explain why other mid clubs did not go for him. Surely some of them will be able to offer a better price than the Spurs.

I am confused.

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