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Saturday, June 21, 2008

Arsenal agree large fee for Adebayor. But kept quiet until replacement signing comes in

By 1970's Gooner

It started sounding like one of those rumours that at first you disregard but later when you read that Barcelona’s hierarchy had flown to London to speak to Arsenal you begin to take it seriously.

Why would Arsenal after all accept to see them if Arsene would have none of it?

“I would give them the answer they deserve” he said a few days ago.

The news coming out of the Spanish press (Marca) is that a fee has already been agreed between the two clubs.

Arsenal requested 30 m euros and Barcelona offered only 25. The final figure is reported to be 27 m euros or around 22m pounds.

The two clubs have agreed to keep the deal under raps. This has been requested by Arsene Wenger so that he has enough time to find a replacement for Adebayor.

This may explain the reported interest in Russian Andrei Arshavin who has yesterday announced to his club Zenit that he wishes to leave.

Arsenal have been linked with the player last December and also recently when Wenger had met with Zenit’s coach Dick Advocaat on the fringes of Euro 2008.

If Adebayor’s departure does actually happen then Wenger has indeed to act pretty fast to find a replacement.

This is so as to placate not only the fans but also other important players in the squad like Cesc Fabregas and Robin Van Persie.

They would be concerned at the possible break up of the team and the prospect of another trophy less season.

Arshavin would indeed be a significant signing for Wenger. Not only is he an exceptional player he would also provide more selection alternatives.

Robin Van Persie would be moved in the central striker’s role and Arshavin as well as new boy Nasri along with Eduardo and Rosicky would be the players Wenger could choose from to place around him in either a 4 3 3 or a 4 4 2 formation.

No wonder Wenger is interested in Arshavin


Anonymous said...

for that kind of money they can take him

the replacement must be world class then.

villa would keep everyone very happy

any update on nasri?

Anonymous said...

i doubt this news, becuz we deny ACM before.

I trust Adebayor stay here, if wenger let him go it means last 2 seasons all constuction of the team all give up, Arsene is smart not stupid.

Anonymous said...

i agree, if we get 22m + we gta sign villa
arshavin cnt do wht ade did fr us

Anonymous said...

if we make a big profit out of him..why not?

any good striker would have scored 20+ goals for us last season.

with rvp and eduardo out ade was the main stiker

dont think bendtner is nearly ready to step up

Anonymous said...

If Ade goes, depending on RVP and Eduardo will be a very risky strategy which I believe will fail. Yes, we have NB, and maybe he can step up this season, but we need to but in an experienced class striker to replace Ade should he leave.

Anonymous said...

still not sure when eduardo will be fit to play..and if he made a full recovery

with rvp you never know when his gonna be out again..

there are aolot more better option for 22m than ade

Anonymous said...

whi is this diogo that we have failed in a bid?

Anonymous said...

don't let him go untill we get 30 mill as we want then we go for someone like villa or eto'o hu will keep everyone happy, plus this sortr of makes sense as eto'o was seen around arsenal training ground!

Anonymous said...

don't forget carloz vela
he is a typical striker
his finishing sense is better than adebayor.

if arsenal can get 22m from adebayor, why don't sell him?
22m can buy one to two good players

Anonymous said...

the problem with getting eto for ade is our wages....

Anonymous said...

This post is based on too many assumptions. Its all media crap.

Unknown said...

Why do all our players get subject to such rumours every bloody summer. When was the last summer that a gooner was confident that the starting team in May would continue on in August.
Also, why do we always have to be linked to unproven players. Fair enough Arshavin looks okay but he's hardly in Adebayor's quality.
Now is the time for Wenger to really pull his finger out with an enormous signing.
Benzema, Eto'o, Berbatov.

Never mind Santa Cruz or Diogo.

Otherwise, farewell cesc and robin sorry we lacked ambition.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the goals Ade but:

We we will survive!!

We've done it all before

We can do it without Bayor

Bring on next season of being written off.

Come on the Underdogs... COME ON THE ARSENAL!


fairweather fan said...

A good striker but not world-class. Anyone watching the Arsenal as much as me last season will agree that his conversion rate was poor (he had excellent service) and 22 million for him is a good price.
Villa would be a worth replacement - and we do need a replacement if Ade goes. Vela & Bentdner too young/raw, Eduardo will take till Xmas to get match fit/mentally fit. RvP our only experienced striker - and injury prone.

Anonymous said...

i know ade isn't perfect, but good enough, and getting better and better. who can promise if Santa Cruz or Arshavin here 100& better than ade?

I don't like someone always dream like "if someone here he will be get more goals "..any blah..blah...

no if.

Anonymous said...

considering the dirth of decent strikers out there and Adebayors age this is an absolute steal if true

Anonymous said...

Dont be stupid and ungrateful. Adebayor is a fine player. He keeps the ball well and open up plays/opportunities for others, he heads the ball well, strong in the air and ground, passionate for Arsenal, unselfish, rallies people up,

Eventhough some glaring misses, he made it up with VERY GOOD HEADING. SO WHAT MORE SOME OF US WANT???? Dont be GREEDY, he's one hell of an important player. Dont live to regret the moment when "we dont show enough appreciation for Adebayor until he lost heart and moves on to another club" Italian and Spanish Media has rotting agenda to destabilise our club so let's get back behind our players and manager by giving them the much needed support.

Anonymous said...

Don't forget Arsene words in official site

"keep the squad stability, buy 2-3 experienced player "

Spend all money on CB and DM,we can win next season.

Anonymous said...

If we get Villa i'm cool with it!

Anonymous said...

only if somebody show me the photographic evidence, I will believe the story. Adebayor can improve and he will be staying for at least another season.

With a fit Van Persie playing beside Ade. we will be even more lethal up front. Hopefully, Cesc can regain his fearsome form he possessed at the beginning of the start of last season.

Anonymous said...

I just dont think we as Arsenal supporters should add to the speculation! whats the point? counter productive.

Anonymous said...

I think this is quite enough to squash the rumours.


Marc Ingla, the Barcelona vice-president, has returned to Spain after holding talks in London in a bid to sign Emmanuel Adebayor and Alexander Hleb. Barcelona are keen to sign the Arsenal players, but there are suspicions that they are unwilling to meet the valuation of Adebayor and are also using their pursuit to gain support before Juan Laporta, the president, faces a confidence vote from club members on July 6.

One unsubstantiated report in Spain claimed that the clubs had reached a £21million deal to buy Adebayor, the Togo forward, but Ingla is thought to have left London empty-handed.

Anonymous said...

sorry wrong website

Anonymous said...

Adebayor is not going anywhere, and even if he would have gone, we could fine something better for that amount of money, like DAVID VILLA for instance.

After all, at the moment our best and natural goalscorer is EDUARDO, and we should all pray he'll recover as soon as possible, since he's our FOX IN THE BOX.

Anonymous said...

we are becoming a feeder club for other clubs!!! what a laughing stock!!
If adebayor goes we will end up with a 18y r old kid with POTENTIAL!!

Anonymous said...

you never know with round 20 mil pounds wenger may think villa is the right replacement, but i hope ade doesn;t lave and i'm sure he won't