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Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Ghanaian wonderkid invited for trial rejects Arsenal for Spanish club

By Aries

It seems that Arsenal’s reluctance to part with £700,000 in order to secure the signature of Tawrick Jibril has come back to haunt them.

Arsenal had decided that they wanted to have a close look at Jibril by giving him a trial at London Colney during this summer period rather than pay the asking price outright.

Well, the young man along with his agent, Prince Umar, have today traveled to Spain for a medical at Atletico Madrid and if successful sign on the dotted line!

“Because the laws of the game recognise the player as a minor, I would be embarking on the journey with him. We hope to go through the medical examination successfully in order to seal the deal.

If everything goes through as expected, we would return to Accra after two weeks before the player goes back to Spain to commence his professional career.” Umar said.

It is believed Hearts (Jibril’s club) have released a letter of consent to Atletico Madrid officials suggesting they are in full support of the player's trip to Spain.

Umar went on to say that Arsenal were not “forthcoming” so they were left with no option but to accept Atletico’s offer.

“We accepted the 1m euro offer from Atletico because Arsenal were not forthcoming and I did not want this opportunity to slip through our fingers. I am happy for Jibril because as part of the agreement he would stay with the first team and not the junior side as is being speculated”.

Hearts of Oak prodigy, Tawrick Jibril, had been handed a two-week trial period by Arsenal which was announced at the beginning of last month.

Jibril is reported to have been recommended to Arsenal by the scouting agent Steve Rowley who watched the youngster play in one of the inaugural African Nations Championship qualifier against Niger. He was due to begin his trials in July.

The 16-year-old midfielder has been a target of some European clubs after breaking into the Hearts of Oak senior team this season. His impressive performances have resulted in his call-up into the national team.

Jibril will sign a three year deal if he passes the medical in Spain.


Anonymous said...

Oh well, it's not like we don't have our fair share of up and coming CMs, DMs and AMs.

Any club would kill to have the likes of Lansbury, Randall, Merida, Barazite knocking on the door to the first team.

Anonymous said...

Is Wenger's budget this tight? I am beginning to doubt the size of the transfer budget given to Wenger now.

Anonymous said...

I don't think this should be necessarily looked at as an indictment of AW's transfer budget or policy. I think the use of the word 'haunt' is maybe a bit presumptive. There is still a lot of unknown information, such as how highly we rated him, what his agent's complete terms and conditions were, what the timing constrains were, who else we were looking at, etc. It's easy to paint this situation as slipping through the fingers, but I am not sold. Also, I for one believe very strongly in AW when it comes to his tranfer dealings. He is a prudent buyer and knows that for players with good heads (eg, Cesc, Ade), money is not the only thing that talks.

Anonymous said...

Is it everyone that we are linked to that we must sign? If he was good enough, we would have signed him, simple as. Its not as if Arsene is incapable of finding quality youth. It's experience we need, not more kids right now, and if he is so good why only Atletico Madrid? As usual his agent just took the money, wouldn't be the first time.

Anonymous said...

I really do not think the guy will be a big loss to Arsenal as we already have lots of kids like him in our arsenal , and it seems he is another Jack Wilshere which knocks him out

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Anonymous said...

there's also the question of immigration and work permits, which - fortunately for them - the Spanish don't really have to worry about. This explains why we have lost many players to Spanish clubs, and also why we have several on loan at Spanish clubs until they gain the right to play in the UK.

We don't need this guy, and it's not Arsenal to pay £1m sight unseen for a player from Africa, who for all we know could be in his mid-60s.

Anonymous said...

wenger doing shit... after one and helf month we have sign no-one and we didnt win no-thing..yes 3 years with no trophy. very nice.

Anonymous said...

We are not a collector of wonder kids. I strongly feel we have too many of them in the club already. We should focus on how to nurture them instead.

Anonymous said...

Arsenal are a huge club now, but some supporters still think like it's 1985. We don't need to bend over backwards to attract top talent from around the world. Sure we have to compete, especially as Wenger has choosen the path of development over outright purchase, but a few comments on here and the tone of the article is that Arsenal should be whoring itself around to attract all and sundry (or at least the top 15 year olds). FFS! If the kid (or his agent) wants to go to Atletico Madrid and not a try-out with Arsenal that's fine. I'm partial to Atletico b/c I love Madrid the city but hate Real, but have Atletico been much near the Champions' League for the last 10 years? Trophies? Top class stadium, wages, facilities, part of the G-14, best league in the world, possibly the least racist big club in Europe? He will feel honored we even considered him. Arsene and the club have an enourmous amount of self-respect, and deservedly so. It's sad that a number of folks writing comments don't seem to share that self-respect.

Anonymous said...

It gets tiresome explaining of some new wonderkid 'how they reckon he's a great prospect'. How many youngsters have been signed with great fanfare? and then a few years later disappear un-noticed with a whimper. Why do we put so much time into developing youngsters when the success rate isn't brilliant yet we move on mature players i.e Pires, Wiltord, Henry, Vieira and now possibly Gilberto just because they are near the dreaded age 30.I feel this policy has it's flaws and shows in the lack of experience at Arsenal.

Anonymous said...

Players left, some wanting to or rumoured to be leaving. So far, despite all the crap transfer talk by wenger, none has come. Will the new season be another disappointment?

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