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Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Vela injured and will be living in London, like Santos, alone

By Aries

Carlos Vela had a good game against Peru scoring the third of four goals for Mexico and having a hand, directly or indirectly, in the other three.

He was substituted though in the 68th minute amid the applause of a thankful Mexican crowd that had gathered at the Soldier Field stadium in Chicago.

His substitution however was not, as reported by other sites, in order to rest him for the important double qualifier against Belize coming up in five and 11 days time.

It was because Carlos had suffered a slight strain during the 4-1 defeat against Argentina and he again felt the strain during the warm up for the Peru game.

"I had discomfort from the start, since warming up for the game and I played as much as I could endure" he said to the Mexican press.

Speaking to he sounded excited about his early integration into the Arsenal squad and he was not that concerned about the process of adaptation to the English game or the lifestyle, because he had already experienced this process in Spain.

"I had to face another country and another type of game and everything had gone normally. Sometimes its strange but over time you'll adapt and I did not have much problem".

However things might be a little bit more difficult this time round as he revealed that his parents and siblings who spent the last year with him in Spain will not be accompanying him to London.

"This past year my parents and a brother lived with me, but now I will be alone again and I’ll see how I go," he explained.

By a strange coincidence his arrival in England will coincide with that of his Mexican friend, Giovanni Dos Santos, now of Tottenham.

"It seems that we are following each other and hopefully we can make quick transition to life in England and that we both do well" he said.

However it looks like they will both find the surroundings different and lonely.

Dos Santos had also been living with his parents in Barcelona but as he revealed in a recent interview he too will not be accompanied by his parents.

They will stay behind with his younger 16 year old brother who is on Barcelona’s books.

It looks like both sets of parents, Vela’s and Dos Santos’s will be taking trips to London together in the not so distant future.

May be the two friends could decide to share digs together….God forbid!

Carlos intends to spend whatever little time there will be left of his holiday with his friends (he has no girlfriend at the moment he said) at the well known Mexican resort “Cancun”.

He will then join his new team mates for pre season training at London Colney.

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Anonymous said...

I think it's great that he's moving to London alone. The only player Arsenal had problems getting settled was Jose Reyes and that was because the wuss needed his entire family around him. All the other young players grew a pair on their own and were better for it.

Anonymous said...

Why the quotation marks aruond Cancun? is he not really going to Cancun? if so, where is he going?

Anonymous said...

He is going to Cancun the Mexican resort. The >> were my mistake!

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