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Friday, October 31, 2008

Nasri is struggling and Fabregas is playing deeper than Denilson

By Eros, offering a view from the "terraces"

What can you say…, what the f*ck where they thinking about? How can you give so many silly goals away in the same game?

Why was the best passing team in Europe unable to hold the ball for a couple more minutes?

Why does Arsene insist on making defensive substitutions in the 87th minute?

Especially when so many times in the past have cost us dearly through the confusion they create?

I bet if Nasri was there Clichy never trips on that ball!

All this stuff has been bugging me since Wednesday night and for the life of me I can’t figure it out.

We were bad on Wednesday, bad at the back, dire in the middle and bad going forward.

I know we scored 4 goals but to be honest we should have put 44 against that defence, they were clueless. Corluca has no understanding with Woodgate yet, Hutton had a mare of game and don’t even get me started on Assou Ekoto or Gomes…

I’m not doing a match report as I can’t bear to go through everything again but a few things that I picked up, watching from my seat at the Emirates, are of great concern to me.

The biggest concern in my opinion is the midfield; they are not dominating games as we are used to and they are not providing any protection for their defence either.

Nasri struggles to get in to games lately. He was a nonentity in the first half,

forcing us to play through the other side almost exclusively making us a lot more predictable.

Cesc again was playing deeper than Denilson. I don’t know if that was by design or because he has no confidence in the rest of the midfield to get him the ball higher up but it does no good to our attacking play.

He has to be forced to play a lot higher up where he can be not just effective but devastating.

Denilson's ethos is to be commended but he needs to get stuck in more, especially near the end when we conceded ground, he should have been hounding the ball down trying to get it back.

He should be attempting to close down Jenas for the 3rd goal.

He should have been in Modric’s face rather than allowing him a free strike on goal...

Walcott was our best outlet; had the beating of Assou Ekoto all night. He has the confidence of his team mates now and is beginning to become a very important player for us.

In general our build up play is too slow, it’s almost like we are going for the win by a decision and not by KO. That’s not our style. Are we tired this early in the season?

The full backs, especially Sagna, are not bombing forward at every opportunity, the midfielders are holding their positions more rather than making runs into the box to create confusion.

It’s all very un Arsene like and guess what? It’s not working!!!

Can we go back to the gun-ho version please?

The one attacking with everyone but the centre backs and the keeper.

The one that the full backs are further forward than the strikers.

The one the creates confusion because of the off the ball movement because that‘s what works best for us.

The rigidity that we currently employ doesn’t.

Tough games are coming up, probably the toughest sequence we will face all season: Stoke, Man U, Villa, City and then Chelsea.

The players have a chance to redeem themselves. In order for this bitter taste to wash away they need to comprehensively beat the mancs. Beating Stoke and Fenerbacse won’t do it.

Just a little mention on Tottenham

Modric was the best player on the pitch especially in the first half, where he found space and was given time on the ball. I was impressed and if they give him some protection and find a decent striker they’ll do a lot better than they are doing now.

P.S. Please may I never hear anyone again talk about changing the Gallas and Toure CB pairing. If Kolo was on the pitch there’s no way he doesn’t clean up Almunia’s mess or that he lets Jenas go all that way without an attempt on a challenge.

Get Kolo back in the team ASAP.


Anonymous said...

One of the best "FOOTBALL" posts ive seen after our battering.
All our problems brought right in front of us..
Got tired of seeing and telling(everyone) about how inffective fab has become playin so deep,and how pathetic is our control in the centre of the park...and all the control and style of playing you true,hope wenger reads this post,atleast then he will realise something..BRILLIANT MAN KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK...

1god said...

I dont usually leave posts but im so hurt at the wednesday spurs game. I have to agree, i like denilson, he is a great prospect, however i dont think it is ideal to play him with Fabregas, he is more Cesc than a holding player, he is not strong or mobile enough to clear up behind Fab. That game was a symbol of the problems we have-Gallas talking to himself at the end of the game like he was seeing dead people-i rate the guy,it just dont seem to be working, he is second best too often and then will turn round and blame someone else, it doesnt help and The Weng must act-fast! I am abit worried because as everyone knows we are a young side in need of a calm, strong minded leader, we wont be the best without that. When Van Persie scored him and ade started some shabba rank dance-lets get militant-dont celebrate everytime-jog back to position-stop kissing the opposition before games,we must win the prem-I am convinced we CAN be the best side but we need that seriousness, the way Song jogged on the pitch like it was sao paulo beach summed it up to me. We cant keep learning from mistakes every other game or we will end up 7th, i reckon The Weng needs to get tough, and needs maybe Yaya Toure or a solid professional to back up Fabregas. Gallas will only learn if he is dropped, nasri is still adapting so we cant blame him. The subs he made were ok to me, what they did when on the pitch was not-they need to look desperate to block balls, not jog alongside players-push them if needs be!! ok think im beggining to heal-spurs looked like they won the champs league after-fickle lot arnet they.

Anonymous said...

good post mate

almunia is fu.cking sh!t and a fraud, wtf was wenger doing in the 1st place scouting a 2nd division spanish side when we signed him

apart the robbie keane pen , i struggle to think of any match winning saves hes made, but i can instandly recall plenty of errors: CL final, 4-2 defeat against united in 05, tonight etc the list goes on.

Not even in the top 10 keepers in prem imo, and its a embarassment when he talking about playing for england probably 7th choice for spain

the thing what pisses me of most is Jens made 2 mistakes last season at fulham and Bburn and it cost him place, but this clown has free reign to make as many as he wants, because the keepers behind him are just as poor

FFS wenger sign a real keeper in jan

Anonymous said...

yes mate its Gallas most people dont want in the team! anyway its more about having a blend of abilities so a ball winner like Djourou plus one of Toure OR gallas would be fine.

Cesc is playing where he wants and often likes to play deep - thats not the fault of Denilson or anyone, but he is NOT there to do the dirty work in front of the defence. sure he makes the odd good tackle but he really needs someone else to be doing the lions share of the hard tackling and protection of the back 4. the back 4 are exposed and no amount of switching the centre backs round is going to improve that situation.

the one game where Song plays at West Ham and suddenly we looked solid. now I dont particularly rate song but its what it says about what kind of player we need in there more than anything else.

leon said...

i feel fab is playing so deep mainly because delinson is not realy dm and fab has to helpout i feel diaby will help resolve this but wenger will need a dm all the players we have are more atacking players and we only have song is not world player yet.i must i dont understand the prblem with nasri he not playing outstanding every game but he never goiing to.

1god said...

nasri is new-he will get stronger and better in time-not everyone can slot in like sagna did-diaby is an attacking central mid more like zidane or scholes, he is not a davids type. the best thing we can do is be as positive as we can, ignore the skyports pundits because they are all in the funny handshake old boys society and wenger is not a member. c'mon gunners!

Anonymous said...

in my opinion - we have a good side was you saying this stuff when we beat falabeche or westham? sometime games don't blend when to many individual good player

I call it "to many number two's on the pitch.

DENILSON is a number two

Two good player but dont expect them to be the boss of game, and marshall the ball they can't handle it...

Vieria and Campbell
Adams and Vieria
Adam and Rocky

Ball Winners!

Todays EPL
scoles and rio
terry and lampard
gerrad and hyypa

until arsenal solve this problem ( a DM and a no nonsense defender ) we will never win a league under wenger

so get use to it and wasting you time hoping

Anonymous said...

Why do Ar5ena1 fans slate our team and fans saying it was only a draw if you look at your players and fans one would think you lost? And in truth you did lose it= 2 goals conceded at the death. Don't lose heart however you're still good team.

Anonymous said...

oh how I miss Gilberto!

Anonymous said...

Most of you forget diaby isn't really a DM. He's good in the air and tackle but he prefers getting forward and he will not solve our defensive problems. Song is a real Dm but im not sure he is up to it

Anonymous said...

Eboue is good at right back, Song is a liability anywhere .

Nasri does not have the penetration of a Diaby so he needs to learn how to pass more quickly instead of trying to hold on the ball, which usually ends up with him losing it.

Clearly: Wenger cannot use Song/Eboue in midfield, but Diaby for Nasri or RvP is okay.

Anonymous said...

now i have to say i miss senderos. strong in the air despite silly mistakes but when you compare the impotent of gallas and silvestre i better start him and djorou. dun forget a couple of years ago he partnered djorou we hv a number of clean sheets and storm us to CL final. almunia made mistakes but i still hv confident in him if you look at the perfermoce of his season.

Anonymous said...

Most people can see some of the problems with this team. But I do not understand when everyone keeps praising Walcot! He is the reason why Sagna is not as free going forward as last season. His ball skills are not good enough. He looses the ball everytime he runs with it. Yes, on wednesday he has the beating of Essue-Koto everytime, but every time he lost the ball. Attacks broke down everytime he ran with the ball. He cannot play keep ball either! This is why midfield cannot dominate. Last season, Rosicky, Fabregas, Hleb and even Flamin and the much criticised Ebue (most times unfairly IMO) could keep pinging the ball among themselves for ours! Try that with Walcot and see where you end up? Wenger should assess the opposition before starting one of Walcot or Nasri, not both, unless you have some one like Djourou or Diaby alongside Fabregas. I really think Denilson is a scape goat, on Wednesday for example, he actually held the midfield together. Where was Fabregas? Fabregas is playing where he likes, he is not like you and many people claim that he is playing too deep. He likes starting from deep not up, he does not like playing higher up, see some of 1970's Gooner's comments during Arsenal's earlier games this season. When Cesc plays higher up the field he is not effective!! People need to get that into their heads! He likes to have the ball most of the time, he cannot have that if he plays higher up the field. Remember, Aragones former Spain Coach, didn't start him often because, if you have Cesc it means attacks start much more deeper because that is his game. Instead he preferred Xavi who plays much higher on the field, and that allowed him to have two ball winners in Midfield. Watch Cesc position even in last season for Arsenal. You will discover that the claim that he is now playing much deeper is nonsense. As for Song, his long and slow turning circle is not good in midfield. See Mondric's goal, even Jenas's goal. They were all preventable. Simply because Clichy made a mistake, it is not an automatic goal!! Jenas had to run thirty yards before shooting. Where were the midfielders? If Evra had made such a mistake, Jenas would have had that Brazialian Pitbull dog and Fletcher or sumebody breathing down on him. Another thing, Arsenal's strikers are lazy; especially Adebayor who is cocky and arrogant, they do not give sufficent support to midfield and defence especially towards the end of games where the team is winning like on Wednesday see also in Turkey last week. Watch Man United, Liverpool and Chelsea to understand what I am saying. Everybody in these three teams trecks back to defend whether they are winning or not. Just by bringing in a defensive midfielder will not solve everything. What is required is a team ethic. Everyone needs to work hard to prevent sloppy goals. Not just Gallas and Denilson as many people seem to think. Watch Cesc on Wednesday and on Tuesday the week before in Turky to understand. He seems tired to me most of the time this season. I think Wenger needs to give him two weeks off to recuperate or to teach him a lesson. I do not share the idea that Arsenal cannot play without Cesc. It is bullshit. Give players the chance to get used to each other and they will solve the problem. I think Denilson is lacking some confidence, IMO, Cesc has something to do with it. Also, many people are on his back trying to compare him with Flamini. I have not seen the Denilson that arrived from Brazil and immedeately played in the CC against Liverpool and Spurs. That Denilson was strong, confident, ran all over the pitch and stuck in. He also packs a good shot. I really think Wenger should give Fabianski more games instead of keeping Almunia all the time. This is the same mistake he made with Almunia when he had Lehman, and also for most of the time last season for most of arsenal's upcoming players. He does not give them sufficient time even though he keeps praising them. When will Fabianski, Djourou, Ramsey and Vela get the feel of playing in tough matches? In other words, when will they gain experience if he is afraid they do not have experience? IMO Fabianski is better than Almunia; Almunia looses concentration too often IMO, and he always has problems with high balls. These guys are good, in fact very good. See how Ferguson uses Fabianski's mate (cannot spell his name) the understudy to van der Sar! He does the same with the others. See how Da Silver is being used and improving. You cannot tell me that Vela, Zambo (Ramsey), Djourou, Fabianski etc are not up to it. We have seen them and we know they are good. Just give them the chance to prove themselves. If Zambo and Vela were given sufficient chances, Arsenal could rid themselves of the reliance of Cesc. Zambo is just as good in Cesc position with little experience, in fact much better. Zambo is forceful, he can tackle, has speed and not afraid to shoot from a distance. Man what a good shot the boy has!! To say the truth, I like the British attitude in players. I do not like Adebayor's attitude at all, witness his celebrations when he scores. Song has a similar problem. Ade's attitude is no where to be seen in Sagna, Djourou, Toure, Diaby, Clichy and even Ebue. I have mentioned these because they are of African origin. Arsenal is a good team, but as many people have pointed out, they have a very poor attitude, especiall from midfield upwards. Sorry for the long blog.

Anonymous said...

Modric the best player on the pitch? How is that possible when they had 35% of the possession? He didnt make a tackle in the game, and seeing as they never had the ball seems a bit wierd that he was the best player on the pitch.

Anonymous said...

Good post and some interesting comments.

Without a doubt, the team needs an experienced defensive midfielder to balance the team.

Sadly, it was Wenger's substitutions, however, which gave us the draw against Spurs. Why 3 substitutions when we were comfortably leading. If there had only been one substitution there would only have been 3 minutes extra time and no time for the 4th goal.

More importantly, at least one of the subs should have been an attacker ie. Vela or Bendtner to keep the pressure on Spurs.

It is probably for this reason that Wenger was so furious after the match, he knew that he had blown it by his own decisions.

cro said...

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Anonymous said...

"Cesc again was playing deeper than Denilson"

That's just pure bollocks mate. Watch the game and stop repeating what every moron out there is saying.

As much as it will hurt please go back and watch a rerun of the game and particularly pay attention to Cesc's positioning when we conceded those 4 goals; he was always the closest midfielder to the Spurs goal, closer than any midfielder on display(I include the spurs midfielders here). He is off form is very lazy at the moment. Open your eyes and see this instead of making Denison(who's been far better this season) the scapegoat.

Anonymous said...

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