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Friday, April 03, 2009

Eduardo sets return date

By 1970’s Gooner

It seems that Arsenal will be treating Eduardo like Robin Van Persie: Keeping wrapped up in cotton wool, almost.

Arsene Wenger has already stated that Van Persie cannot play two games in a week due to the fact that he is injury prone.

Well, the same policy will now have to be adopted for poor Eduardo who due to a year long absence from competitive football gets these niggling injuries after every game he plays.

The latest is another groin injury picked up on international duty for his adopted country, Croatia, against Andorra in which he scored.

Eduardo only felt the groin a day later on Thursday and has put the reason down to the state of the pitch:

“It probably is a renewal of the same injury as last time. I think just before the end of the game. In any case it’s not a big deal. It is possible that it is due to the quite bad state of pitch” Eduardo said on the official website of the Croatian Football Association.

He now expects to be ready to face Wigan in eight days time missing out in the meantime the games against Manchester City and the Champions League encounter against Villareal.

“I started with the program of rehabilitation. Club doctors anticipate for me to start normal practice by next Wednesday or Thursday.

This means that I will miss the next meeting on Saturday against Manchester City as well as the Champions League on Tuesday against Villareal.

If it goes as expected then I will need another eight days for the away game against Wigan".


Anonymous said...

shit. we have a killer schedule coming up, with the rate of player loss at the moment it is hard to be anything but pessimistic. It would appear its a one player back, two players back in the treatment room policy for the arsenal. I foresee depressing times ahead especially with the high profile fixtures to come in April. Arsenal to finish 5th, Wenger to leave, Cesc, Ade, Toure, Gallas, RVP, Walcott to complete the exodus.

Anti Idiot Party said...

What a sad comment!

Please be more positive...Cesc is back and others are returning too!

The injuries we have suffered have been terrible and luck is not on our side but we are still there and getting better!

Imagine after a few weeks almost everyone is back....

An FA Cup win is realistic! If we have a good run in the Champions league, imagine winning it?

Have faith and start to believe!
We have a young squad, the injuries will get better and with experience things will only get better for us!

Anonymous said...

Anonymous, you need to see a doctor sonny jim. What you are saying is ridiculous. I suspect you are a spud!!

sage said...

Either that or he comes from Barcelona

Anonymous said...

well i was made to look rather foolish after today's superlative performance. no i am not a spud nor am i from barcelona, i guess i'm just negative by nature. wenger knows (he always does and my doubts make me feel rather stupid right now!)

Anonymous said...

Respect to Anon at 5.42 for having the guts to come back on to this thread, after taking some stick.

fauzan said...

i like arsenal
i am from indonesia

Anonymous said...

Cut the guy some slack, I thought his comment was pretty amusing.

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