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Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Wenger will play it safe at Old Trafford

By 1970’s Gooner

Ever since Gallas and Clichy got injured and out of the picture Arsene Wenger has adopted a more defensive formation so that more protection would be given the defence.

This is because he wanted to protect against Silvestre’s lack of pace and Gibbs’s inexperience. This need was even more accentuated when account had to be also taken of Fabiansky's inexperience and Eboue’s positional unawareness.

So he came up with the formation that provided two defensively minded midfielders but because he wanted to maintain Fabregas’s creativity he pushed him up in the hole behind Adebayor.

Even if the goalkeeping and right back positions are now manned by their usual occupants there is still the need to provide protection for Silvestre and Gibbs or Djourou if he has to fill in.

So whoever plays in defence Wenger will need to adopt the 4 2 3 1 formation with Fabregas pushed more forward behind Adebayor to release one more space for an extra defensive midfielder.

However Wenger will need to account for the real possibility of Fabregas being closely marked by Manchester United’s defensive midfielder and therefore starving the team of the creativity that it will need to get that important away goal.

Enter Nasri, whose role will, under the 4 2 3 1 system, assume pivotal importance.

Although he will start on the left wing he will probably be instructed to come infield and assume playmaking duties, linking up with Fabreags, Adebayor and Walcott.

If he is caught up field then one of the two defensive midfielders will need to offer the protection to Gibbs.

In this system Arsenal’s width will mostly be provided by Walcott, which is what has been happening lately and I think most of Arsenal’s penetration and dangerous moves will originate form this side of the field.

This formation and players offer a good balance between defence and attack given Arsenal’s current available choice of defenders.

All the players will have to play at their best tonight to get a result but particularly Gibbs (or whoever palys at left back) against Ronaldo, Silvestre (or Djourou) against Berbatov or Rooney and Adebayor against Vidic or Ferdinand.

Adebayor in particular needs to up his game tonight as it will be crucial for Fabregas, Nasri and Walcott to have an effective outlet for their forward moves, otherwise the ball will just be coming back all the time putting more and more pressure on the midfielders and the defenders.


Sagna.. Toure… Silvestre… Gibbs





Anonymous said...

gimme some eduardo for cryin out loud.

Unknown said...

I could accept your formation but I fear Nasri may start in the middle with diaby left wing which would be terrible.

mickey_g said...

I think Nasri may well start at the base of the midfield alongside Song. Diaby to play left and cut inside in the same way you indicted for Nasri. THe simple fact is that Nasri is wasted on the left. He is a passenger in most games when he is out wide. He has to play centrally and is more effective than Diaby who us unreliable at the base of midfield. Nasri will help use to play out of defense with greater efficiency which will be important for us also. If we go with Denilson and Song we could be dominated the way we were against Liverpool so I think Nasri will get the nod in the middle

Anonymous said...

If Nasri plays in the middle then that waste of space Diaby will play wide left - just because he's tall. So either way it will be like playing with 10 men.

Anonymous said... means no trophys, for the rest of your days!!!

Anonymous said...

I watched the game on tv and I'm afraid arsenal will not make it. The defence is as poor as ever.Granted after gifting the goal,they did tighten up.
Actually MU could have won by three or four goals.Arsenal had only one or two goal worthy shots and other than that were not much of a threat.Maybe AW's game plan was not to concede more than a goal. He could still surprise us but if the gunners persist in the passing until eternity they will be found out and taken to the cleaners.
For example when the MU attack broke down that was the signal for the gunners to storm forward. Alas it was not to be and the MU defenders and players came back with speed and numbers to nullify the threat.
I know this is the first leg and unless the gunners can score an early goal it will be i told you so. Then waht?Another smore season or two in transition and wait for my gunners to grow up and get experience.I hope I'm wrong.

Ajay said...

Yep, wait for my gunners to grow up. Either theguy has no cash and cannot buy.. Then I stand by him and back him..beggars are not chosers. But if there is cash and we have to witness this shit...come on...

If Fabregas is not good enough to play in midfield ..DROP HIM.. If he cannot play in the hole...DROP him..If that means he has to go to barcelona..then let him go by all means...

What was that team selection!!! Diaby on left..Where was the penetration in last 30 meters.. Who was linking with Ade??? Absolute disgrace, we are in the SF, we have to play..Not HIDE!!!!

Anonymous said...

I do not share AW"s bullishness.
His claim to make MU pay could backfire unless the gunners cut out the eternal passing game.if you look at the other three teams they do not take such a cumbersome approach to string passes.
AW better know Arsenal may play the best football but it's winning trophies that counts.And in the game,many players went awol.All were looking for the perfect moment
to shoot or pass.
Football is an unpredictable game and the odds are against the gunners but you never know but I
do know SAE had AW in his pocket this last couple of seasons.

Anonymous said...

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