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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Player analysis and ratings Vs Liverpool

By 1970’s Gooner


Kept Asrsenal in the game with a string of fine saves and looked to be redeeming himself as a result. He was however at fault for Liverpool’s second goal as he was way behind the goal line to stop their second goal. He could also have parried Torres’s shot to the side but instead his outstretched hand wasn’t strong enough to do that. 5.5


Brought back sound defending on the right hand side. Was not adventurous enough going forward. 6


Had a difficult game. Couldn’t keep up with the pressure Liverpool were putting on his side of the pitch. 5


Was found wanting on Liverpool’s two of the goals and generally, as against Drogba, did not have the pace again to deal with Torres and co. 4


Was culpable for Liverpool’s last minute equaliser as he along with Silvestre panicked and run into each other. Up to then had a decent game. 6


He was immense again. He did his job very well, managing to block the opponents and actually make telling and forward passes. He is growing into a permanent feature in this team. 8


Once again a below par performance. He did not deserve to start tonight as his showing against Chelsea was simply not good enough. Not good enough tonight either. 4


Provided the assist for Arshavin’s first goal by showing maturity beyond his age when he looked up to spot the little Russian demon. He was not forward minded enough for me tonight (as also against Chelsea). 6.5


Was back to form tonight. He was purposeful and provided a lot of nous on his side of the pitch. He cleverly dispossessed the Liverpool defender to create the first goal by first waiting and then nudging the ball to Fabregas who run into the position behind Liverpool’s defence to receive it. 7


Was isolated tonight like Adebayor was against Chelsea. But also like Adebayor he did not hold the ball at all well up front nor did he bring any of his team mates into the game. Was largely ineffective. 4


I call him the little Russian demon and that is what indeed he was tonight. He unleashed all that energy he had to save from last Saturday onto poor Liverpool. What a performance, what a feast of goal scoring and what a lesson as to how to take chances he gave tonight. Absolutely immense. I can only give him a perfect 10!

There is no reason to put up a poll for the man of the match tonight is there?


Anonymous said...

This is probably one of the most accurate ratings i have seen so far.
I am not from the Uk, but i watch most of our matches and i dnt not know that commentators or analyists of tv stations like sky or setant can be so one sided.
Commentators on sky or setant wer commentating from a liverpool's perspective.
One site (su n) rated arshavin as 8, and he score 4 goals.
I hope next season we can put these UNFAIR people to shame by wining everything in our sight!

I have had it with the biased media. WE are the least rated big four. WE have more trophies than chelsea overall, in fact they rate chelsea above us.

Anonymous said...

Bit harsh on Bendtner. Agreed that like Adebayor he was left isolated, but unlike Ade he actually put in the effort. It's also hard to bring players into the game when there is no-one near you to lay the ball off to.

6.5 was generous for Fabregas too... he's been awful by his own high standards in the last two games, sloppy passing too often. Wish Wenger would cease with having him behind the striker, he drops deep to dictate the play leaving the striker isolated, and isn't quick enough at times to provide support.

Finally, a mark of 0 would be too good for Silvestre, the guy is a liability and Man U will destroy us if he's still there come the Champs League semi's. How long is Djourou out for???

Anonymous said...

Falling in love with the Russian genius...if only Wenger had had the state of mind (aka sanity) to start him against Chelsea we'd be in the FA Cup Final.

Anonymous said...

Agree with second comment about fabregas. When he is infront of the midfield he always receives the ball with his back to goal, and passes back (the way he is facing), so cant dictate the play as much. If he was behind the midfield it would be easier for him to pick out the passes and get more assists.
Great blog, keep it up.
Awesome Arshavin :-)

Anonymous said...

Gibbs was execlent at least 7

Unknown said...

Sylvestre was terrible. He doesn't know when or where to pass the ball and it's too late for him to learn. Maybe we should move Song to the back and gamble on Ramsey in midfield?

Anonymous said...

Densilson is just to make up the number or what? He was non-exist. Zero football brain.

Anonymous said...

Great quote from Arseblogger:
"Arshavin himself must have been upset not to start, particularly in a game against a team managed by his national coach. He doesn't strike me as a sulker though and the perfect response tonight would be the kind of performance that says 'Next time, Arsene, pick me'."
And how!!!!
Ar - Ar - Arshavin's over from the Russian scene
Another Arsenal legend is born
Ar - Ar - Arshavin Russia's greatest goal machine
And now at Arsenal he'll carry on

Garth214 said...

Silv was like my work mate Sam useless!

Anonymous said...

I donot agree with Bendtner as well as Sagna rating. Sagna was responsible for Liverpools frist goal and it was from then the both of our central defender panicked. Simialrly Bendtner was all alone up there as Cesc was no where in sight. I would have played Arshavin behind Nick and with Denilson on right and Nasri on Left with Cesc and Song in middle. To be true all of the first half Liverpool pressurised uss from our Left side and Gibss was not getting any help from our midfield aka Denilson, Song and Arshavin it was only when Nasri came to play in middle he had some relief.

Anonymous said...

A fair assessment of the player analysis & ratings. I have supported Arsenal for over 40 years. Watching the game this morning from Australia, I can proudly say Arshavin has put in one of the greatest performances of any Arsenal players in the modern era. Thank God for Arshavin!!!

garth214 said...

My mate Sam said he plays better in his polish netball team than bentner played today

garth214 said...

My mate Sam the Dutch baker said if bentner can't handle the heat get the fuck out of the kitchen!

Anonymous said...

fabi deserve more! was exposed by poor defending from his defense, great performance from the young keeper!

Anonymous said...

I think you were a bit nice to our defence!

Sagna was unusually very poor today, could only deserve a 3 or 4. Silvestre was even worse, as he seemed to think he was playing RCB. This meant he got in the way of Toure, whilst leaving Gibbs with 2 players to mark. Felt so sorry for him yesterday.

I would have given them:

Sagna 4
Toure 5
Silvesre 2
Gibbs 5

Unknown said...

Gibbs did very well last night and was possibly the best of a bad defensive bunch. Sagna looked well off the pace and he is usually the most reliable. As always the game turned once Denilson came off. The defending was still shocking, but we looked like we had a threat going forward. I just can't see why he starts in the big games. Sure if he is going to be great, let him develop against bolton blackburn and west brom. Why chelsea and liverpool? Song has proven himself and dare I say it, we looked very good going forward without VP and Ade.

Anonymous said...

Awful displays by Denilson and Sylvestre. The latter also made Keiran Gibbs look bad! Fabregas can't play behind the striker because he has no pace at all and from that position he can't control the game as he so often does from midfield. I though Sagna was really bad today, awful clearances and sloppy play in general.

Anonymous said...

Sagna and Silvestre were really poor and I give them only 2

Anonymous said...

Sorry, but Sagna was very poor. I cant agree with the rating you've given him. Right at the start, he lost out on a header to Torres in a dangerous spot; Torres fluffed that chance by driving the ball right into Fabianski.

Liverpool's first goal was all Sagna. He was involved (by not being involved) in their last minute equaliser, too.

pooner said...

sagna was anything but sound on the right! did you not see his numerous fluffed clearances, especially the one that led directly to a goal?

The defense was dreadful yesterday but their task was not helped by the incompetence of the midfield in front of them. Cesc, Denilson and Nasri continually gave the ball away cheaply, and Song's forward distribution more often than not found a liverpool player. We conceded four by not defending as a team.

The last goal was a joke, the replay showed Diaby and Cesc idly standing on the edge of area WATCHING Benayoun, one of two unmarked liverpool players in our area, tap the ball in.

We need a defensive coach like Keown, Bad.

Anonymous said...

Sagna SOUND DEFENDING?!?! hahaha, what game were you watching?! He was at fault for at least one goal, at Torres' first he was WAY out of position, and he gave that miserable clearance.

Anonymous said...

My rating:
Fabianski: 6
Sagna: 3
Toure: 5
Silvestre: 4
Gibbs: 6
Arshavin: 9
Fabregas: 6
Denilson: 3
Nasri: 7
Bendtner: 6

Sub: Walcott 7

Wenger got the starting lineup totally wrong. He should have played:

Fabianski, Eboue, Toure, Silvestre, Gibbs, Walcott, Song, Fabregas, Arshavin, Nasri and Bendtner. This allowing Walcott and Nasri to change through the game. More og a 4-4-2 system.

Anonymous said...

Gibbs 5 Sagna 6 are you blind Sagna had his worst game for Arsenal last night, Gibbs cleared off the line and defended well,Sagna was all over the place and Toure went missing so many times

Zvinobhowa Izvi said...

Silvestre useless, Denilson useless that tells you everybody else will be carrying them. As a result others cannot perform.

Still our blind manager will tell you the defence played very well.

Its time Gibbs rises up the packing order for a MIDFIEL role ahead of Denilson

Anonymous said...

mind you, diaby was the culprint for our draw in my view... he bloody hell drifted away from the l'pool guy once he didn't get the ball; so instead of getting in the face, he retreated! and the l'pool fellow crossed it, and someone headed across goal and benayoun scored their 4th...

what was diaby thinking when he's JOGGIN' AWAY instead of marking the guy... saving energy?? at 92 mins??

wenger was equally guilty as he should have known better than to put diaby on at close to 90mins to protect our lead!! diaby cannot defend at all and i'd have put on ramsey and eboue to shut up shop for the added time (some 6 mins!)... at least ramsey would've tackled the guy

it's just the way we gave up the lead that's sickening esp the 4th

adeyout said...

Remember that whilst this is our 2nd back line and goalkeeper they are still professionals earning far more in a month than most people get in a year. When you are 4 3 up in the 93 minute even the Dog and Duck team know that you only defend,you don't have 2 defenders against 5 attackers and you KEEP the ball. Remember 4 2 up against the spuds. Once is a accident twice is plain stupidity or just not caring. As for Bentner is not good enough and we don't have time to ait to see if he ever will be

Anonymous said...

How on earth can anyone give Fabregas a rating of over 5 for that game? Bar Denilson, he was the worst player on the park. He done nothing, and you're only giving him such a rating because he is Fabregas.
Also, Arshavin scored 4 great goals, but he did nothing else for the remainder of the game. I'm not trying to be harsh on the Russian, but he has had better games for Arsenal. Never a 10.

Anonymous said...

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