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Saturday, April 18, 2009

Player analysis and ratings Vs Chelsea

By 1970's Gooner


Nervous and shaky. Made three errors out of which two goals were scored! He has to get his act together if we are going to win anything this season. 3


The shining light of the day. Did not put a foot wrong. Very good defensively and equally good going forward. Supplied the cross for Walcott’s goal. 9


Has been surprisingly good in his last two games as a right back. Defended well and thrust forward with intend. 7


Had Drogba in his pocket for nearly all the game. It was in fact Silvestre who was found wanting when Drogba out paced him for his match winning goal. Toure though had a very good game continuing on his good form as of late. 8


He brings experience in defence especially with the young Gibbs in the back four. He lacks pace though and Drogba took advantage of that. 5


Had one of his worse games for Arsenal. Kept giving the ball away, often failing to block Chelsea’s midfield. When he lost the ball he invariably gave dangerous free kicks away. A mystery why he was picked by Wenger because he has been out of form recently and Song had been excellent in that position. 2


Had a good first half but faded away in the second. Crowded Fabreags out in the midfield areas and was not really offering any support to Adebayor who was left isolated. 4


Was not creative enough today. He did not make any penetrative passes nor did he dictate play as he usually does. Maybe Diaby had something to do with it. 5

Van Persie

Can’t really blame him as he was played out of position but he never got past his man once! Often came inside but was largely ineffective. 4


Along with Gibbs, Walcott was the bright spark of a miserable afternoon. Often had the better of Cole and scored Arsenal’s goal because he was at the right position to score it even if it went in off two Chelsea defenders. He has to improve his crosses though as they often got way beyond our attackers. 7


Can’t blame him for his ineffective performance for once. He was isolated up front and never got the supply he deserved. 6

Arsenal’s Man of the Match: Kieren Gibbs


Anonymous said...

Sorry but anyone giving Denilson 2 and Diaby 4 was obviously not watching the match. Denilson wasn't that bad but Diaby was f*cking awful for the whole 90 minutes.

Unknown said...

Im sorry but for a website called "arsenal analysis". What flipping game were u analysing today?

Eboue should get a 5 max. He went asleep for the first goal and other occasions, blame fabianski too but the shot should NEVER have got in.

Anonymous said...

Denilson was not that bad and Diaby was worse. Eboue was consistently caught out of position defensively (it was his marking error which lead to the first goal) although he did well going forward. Silvestre is not good enough, nor is Fabianski. With Sagna, Djourou and Almunia back we can beat ManUre - without them we may have a problem.

Anonymous said...

Every gooner was dreaming about Arshavin destroying the chavs and Song containing fat Frank and co... what happens? Both don't start instead Denilson and Diaby "Call me Vieira" starts. Call you Vieira? What a version who's as good as Vieira was when he was 4? F*cking retard. Learn how to and when to pass the ball you demented prat.

Anonymous said...

in all blogs there seems to never have been any agreement to who is the real deal btn denilson and song in the dm role. we know song is the natural dm and has come in leaps and bounds in the last few weeks. yet those who vouch for denilson point to his superior starts. but while this debate continues, its the fans who suffer from an aparent indecision by AW to make he choice so the team can become consistent again.

Anonymous said...

you're proving with every rating that you really don't have a clue..

What about Eboue? 7? Was he at fault for the first goal? eeh, hell yeah!

Anonymous said...

I am bemused by the ratings and the comments on here.

I was at the game and it was very clear the problem was not the midfield....

We were under constant pressure BECAUSE Ade-lazy-bayor once again, sauntered around the field not challenging for any balls and not fighting for the cause.

The few times he was in the right place he failed to maintain possession. This meant our only hope of attack was the flanks, meaning our centre midfield was stranded with no focal point to play off.

Bendtner is a far superior player, I know many Arsenal fans/morons, don't think he is a good player. Look at what he does on the field, his build up play and goals per minute ratio.

Adebayor maintains his spot because he has scored a few vital goals recently......the overall performance has dropped though.

Funny how the Song haters have changed their know hwo you are.

Anonymous said...

After a bright first 15 minutes or so, we resorted to playing 20 -30 yeard passes that were always intercepted by a blue shirt. That, coupled with Diaby & Denilson's tendency to pass to the opposition, even over 2 or 3 yards, is why we just kept giving the ball away.

I said a couple of weeks ago that, during that spell when we kept getting 0-0 draws, the common factor was that we had Denilson, Diaby and Eboue in the team together. There is no creativity in there, nor the ability to hold on to the ball. If you don't catch Diaby on his 1 good game in 10, you are stuffed.

I hate to say it but Arsene blew this match big time, with that stupid team selection.

Anonymous said... i dreaming?...Denilson is not that bad? be honest..i'm never fancy Denilson would start...the facts is that both bastard Diaby and bullshit Denilson shouldn't be playing together coz it will end up us being the losing side..Diaby with his lazyness and Denilson fuc&*&* thinks that he can challenge the likes of Lampard and Ballack..*&(&(*&(*&(* for another trophyless season....

Anonymous said...

Wenger got it wrong again!!! How can Arshavin and Song not be in the starting lineup? Denilson is a Fucking Fabregas clone.Weak and Clumsy in possession and always falling over like a two month baby!!! Why is there a need for the two similar type players in the same team? Arsenal's best team is 4-4-2 period. Arshavin on the left,Walcott on the right with Fab and Song in the center. Ade and RVP up top. Why can't Wenger see it?

Unknown said...

A collection of most of the previous views would be fairly sensible. I was at the game and from reading, for what it's worth, I would take the following:

Fab - Poor. Saw the first late once it had crept under Eboue's leg but the second was awful and was shaky all day.

Eboue - Poor. Should've closed down Malouda and wasn't great going forward.
Toure - Played quite well but once again didn't lead when we needed someone to get the team going.
Silvestre - Was always going to get outmuscled by Drogba for the goal and was abysmal all day.
Gibbs - Completely outshone the "experience" of Silvestre and was very good attacking wise. Not too tested defensively but did his job well.

Diaby - Shocking. Gave the ball away every time, nothing going forward and offered little protection. Wenger should never have played him.
Denilson - Not a great game but nowhere near as bad as Diaby.
Fab - Poor by his standards and wasn't marked out of the game by Essien a la Gerrard midweek so should've done more from the "quarterback" position; one of the reasons he didn't: Adebayour's laziness in not making any runs at all.
Walcott - Exciting. Caused problems but drifted too much inside in the second half and needed to come and get the ball. Not really his fault though, we should've got him more of the ball.
RVP - Didn't do much but held the ball well, especially in the first half.

Ade - Useless. Gangly, no touch, shamefully lazy. Never chased the ball. Shouldn't be wearing the shirt, especially when Nik will run all day long (even if he might miss 4 chances before scoring one, he can bring others into the game).

Wenger - Bad. Had problems in defence so should've attacked instead, especially with the options we have. I can't see why our best players in the last few games - Nasri, Arshavin, Song - were left on the bench for Diaby, who hasn't played, and RvP on the left which is clearly not where he wants to, or should, be playing.

To go out is pretty gutting, but to go out like that is almost unbearable. I am by no means a fair-weather, "Wenger Out" fan when things go wrong but I just hope he realises what a chance we've missed here by being so defensive and not mixing it up when it was clear some of the players just hadn't turned up.

Unknown said...

Apologies for the length of my comment. Got carried away. Most of it is crap anyway.

tom said...

You fool Wenger, I hate you for today, every Arsenal fan, and even football fan in the world could have chosen a better line up than you today. unbelievable, we were pathetic, we need to sell, diaby, denilson, and end silvestres contract, they were shocking, and should never wear the shirts again, they were so embarrassing, i'm not afraid of losing when we put our hearts into it, but today was simply embarrassing.

we are the famous arsenal, but with players like that on show, we look like a light weight and pathetic outfit, Wenger is to blame, he has truly disappointed me today and i should take responsibility for the loss, and criticise his underperforming players, at least he should be a man and admit to his mistakes, but he will never do that.....

Jithun said...

Diaby had a good first half?!?!

He was the WORST player yeste.. Infact he got a lil better only when we wemt a goal down!

Sameep said...

I am writing this after my head finally stopped spinning!!!!
I don't want to get in the debate of who was bad and who was worse.
The one thing for sure is that Wenger chose that starting lineup because he still fears Villa to come to haunt us back in the later stages of the season and claim the 4th spot!!
So he wanted his two of the most charming players of late to play for the maximum points in League rather than Winning the Cup and those are Arshavin and Song.
As we now face two back to back League game (one with LiverCools) in space of just 5 days, Sir Arsene wants them both for those gae and you will see them playing both games unless there is any injury (Touch Wood)!!
While doing this, The Professor has forgotten his own words "one match at a time" and he is looking too much in future for the good's liking!
Finally I think that the professor is a magician creating such a team out of very restricted resources along with making our new home ground dream a reality!! but along with that he must now realize that Arsene himself and Arsenal FC are too big things to sacrifice cups and competitions to try and finish 4th!!
This is not Arsenal we know and certainly not the "Arsene in whom We Trust"!!!!

Anonymous said...

Fans like you lot are an embarrssment to the red and white cause.....with a defence with only kolo standing and a inexperienced still bitch about Denilson and Diaby...trually sad...shame the young lads have you lot as 'fans' they deserve better

Anonymous said...

These ratings are absolute rubbish. Here's the real ratings:

Fabianski- 5 - Not his best game in the Arsenal shirt and proves he has a lot to learn. The pressure got to him and he was to blame for their winning goal. Shouldn't be beaten at his near post but Eboue is to blame.

Eboue- 5 - I don't know if you actually watched the game but he is to blame for their equaliser. He was slow to get back at Malouda and then when he did get back he allowed him time and space to get the shot in. Made good bursts forward but indecisive in the final third and lost too many balls and was lazy getting back.

Toure- 7 - I've been saying for the last few weeks he's back to his best form and he was solid once again. If only he was marking Drogba for their 2nd goal.

Silvestre- 6 - Brings experience like you said but lacks pace. If he can't keep up with Drogba imagine what Torres will do to him.

Gibbs- 8 - Grows in confidence each game. Wasn't even 100% fit and gave his best performance for us. Solid defensively and threatened when he went forward. Set up our goal.

Diaby- 4 - I totally agree that this was one of Diabys worst games but on his day he is an amazing player. He has the attributes of Vieira but has to be sharper and more aware on the pitch.

Denilson- 5 - There's no way he deserves a 2. He wasn't great but wasn't that bad. Again misplaces too many passes and loses the ball in key areas.

Fabregas- 6 - A quiet game for the skipper. Because we are so used to seeing him perform consistently, whenever he's not quite good enough on the day we tend to pick at it. We can't rely on him to bail us out all the time. Other players need to be creative too.

Walcott- 8 - Gave Ashley Cole a nightmare whenever he did get the ball. His touch improves every game, he looks stronger and is on his way to becoming world class.

Van Persie- 6 - Technically one of the best players at the club. Out of position yesterday and didn't do too badly.

Adebayor- 6 - His touch wasn't bad for once but he is so lazy. Ok fair enough if you're not getting service but run back and come and get the ball.

Wenger made the subs too late once again but you can't blame him for the defensive errors. Now if you think I'm being generous with these ratings that up to you but they're fairer than the articles ones. Chelsea weren't much better:
Cech- 6
Ivanovic- 6
Alex- 6
Terry- 7
Cole- 5
Essien- 6
Ballack- 6
Lampard- 8
Malouda- 7
Anelka- 7
Drogba- 7
It was a crap cup tie to be honest and I blame the pitch. Obviously the Wembley groundstaff need to be sacked.

Unknown said...

In response to a guy saying "you fans are always bitching etc...not proper fans":

Firstly, these blogs/comments would be pretty boring if all people said was "Arsenal are great, aren't they?". And you start sounding incredibly arrogant when you say that our team are always so good and it was the ref/the pitch/their diving.

Secondly, fans spend a lot of money to go to games at Wembley and so when the performance is disappointing they deserve to have their say. Denilson and Diaby, for example, wouldn't be playing there if the fans didn't pay the money for their wages (on a simplistic level).

Thirdly, I think most Arsenal fans are quite capable of criticising Wenger and certain members of the team when they play below their very high standards and still going to the games and screaming their lungs out for the "cause". Grow up and realise that the world isn't black and white and that sometimes our team may play badly. You mug.

Anonymous said...

My major qualm for the second goal was that the "experienced" Silvestre should have bought Drogba down on the half way line once he was caught square on the half way line. It that had been the other end terry or alex would have done. Were not cinical enough.

Anonymous said...

My major qualm for the second goal was that the "experienced" Silvestre should have bought Drogba down on the half way line once he was caught square on the half way line. It that had been the other end terry or alex would have done. Were not cinical enough.

Anonymous said...

Wenger dropped a brick, Adebayor was shit as always, Fabinski two mistakes two goals.

Wrong team selection should have started with Arshivin and Nasri along with Song, Bentner and Eduardo

Anonymous said...

I was ath the game yesterday & I am still gutted with the performance. But what missed me was the lack of respect from the players for us supporters. Theo aside who applauded us all the others turned tail & dissapeared into the dressing room. Totally unacceptable. We played bad we lost this happens but to ignore the fans at the end is not good enough.

Anonymous said...

The Analysis should not only rate players but also need to rate the manager - Mr. Wenger. I will give full points to this guy if I am Chelsea fans. But if you were Arsenal fans, all you can do is just wait wait wait for this old fxcking shit retire.....