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Thursday, May 07, 2009

Arsenal’s potential four new signings will need to have one thing in common

By Danny Watson

I watched as we gave in all too easily to a good but not great Man Utd team last night and couldn’t believe the lack of confidence in our team.

We have some of the most talented youngsters in the world but we are lacking the experience that we used to have and I think now we need to go out and get it.

Our players looked overwhelmed by the occasion last night and no one seemed willing to step up to the plate and take responsibility.

I say willing as I believe that they are able to step up and show that we are one of the greatest footballing sides in Europe but they just didn’t turn up last night.

I am a huge fan of Arsene Wenger’s youth policy and I don’t want people to think I am having a go at him.

I love what he has done with the club and love the faith that he shows in the younger players.

But I think if we want to start winning trophies again and most importantly if we want our young lads to go from good players to great players they need to have experienced players in the squad to learn from.

I would love to see at least four big signings in the summer and a few departures that would allow us to add that extra experience we need.

We need two good old fashioned no-nonsense centre backs that can get the ball out of the danger area and guide the young fullbacks through games.

They would also help us to develop some of the younger guys like Djourou and, if he comes back, Senderos into long term replacements.

I would be more than willing to let Gallas and Silvestre and potentially Toure go if the offers were right as Toure in particular is not commanding enough in the centre of defence.

Possible signings could be Brede Hangeland, Matthew Upson, Daniel Agger and if we could keep him fit Jonathan Woodgate.

The defensive midfield position has been a problem for us for years as we never filled the whole left by Viera. I think Song has the makings of an excellent defensive midfielder but could use some coaching to get him there.

There are two potential players I think would be ideal signings, Marcos Senna and Xabi Alonso.

Alonso would be my first choice and he is yet again linked with a move away from Liverpool.

He is a fantastic player and in my opinion more important than Gerrard in the Liverpool team as he allows his team mates including the likes of Gerrard to go and play.

The final position that I think needs improvement is upfront. I don’t believe Adebayor is good enough and if we get a good offer for him in the summer we should take it.

Equally I believe if we get a good offer for van Persie we should also consider it. I am a big fan of van Persie but between injuries and sometimes a bad attitude we don’t see him at his best very often.

Bendtner is a player I believe at present is not good enough, he is good in the air but that is about it. However I believe that he has the raw talent that could be nurtured and improved by being in the same squad as an experienced striker.

A player I believe would do a good job and could be available for a reasonable fee in the summer is Luca Toni.

Bayern look like missing out on Champions League football so the big Italian could be ready to move.

He is ideal for Bendtner to learn from and would certainly add another dimension to the team.

I am obviously assuming that Eduardo is going to be fit next year as I believe he is a huge player for us and is by far the best finisher at the club.

If we can sign some experience in the summer then we can transform our squad of good players into Arsenal greats and have a real shot at recapturing those glory days that now seem and feel so long ago.

This article was written By Danny Watson, a professional sports writer who blogs about football news.


NorthbankLegend said...

Bendtner will becoem a better player than Adebayor and Djourou will turn into a collosus like Campbell,

We need a striker i nthe mould of David Villa, a strong centre back and a yaya Toure / Miguel Velosso midfielder

joxer said...

alonso more important to liverpool than gerrard? no wonder you get so few hits, mate.

My First Tax Consultant said...

gallas is world class.

get rid of ade, and get someone with class!!! I'm fine with luca toni, anybody! Ade's unreliable!

Pritpal said...

one name... KARIM BENZEMA!!! the next henry we need this guy!

Anonymous said...

Adebayor is a far superiour striker to Luca Toni to be fair.

Anonymous said...

Toni is not better than anyone we already have and Gallas is still one of the best defenders around. Our defence isn't as bad as people suggest. Its just made to look worst by our awful midfield, although i do agree we need a commanding centre back as you suggested, but only one. My ideal is Jolean Lescott as he is great in the air, strong, good on the deck and a leader. At 26 he is the right age and also will add some English grit we most definately miss. He has dealt fantastically with the likes of Drogba and Torres over the past two seasons and scored plenty of goals. Xabi or Barry would both be great additions who could add strength and consistency to our midfield. I totally agree about Van Persie and Adebayor, but the problem is who out there who we could afford who is better than what we have? Maybe Vucinic to partner Eduardo?? I would love Eto'o

Anonymous said...

toni is weak.... please watch more euro football and educate yourself properly

Anonymous said...

luca toni's finishing is just as abysmal as ade's. swapping like for like there mate

02ba said...

these are all obvious links. i would love to see wenger get hold off babbel. cant beleive he let liverpool take him. he has got the lot speed power and arrogance, cant see him getting past torres but can see him becoming as good under wenger,
im sure we will get a few names that we havnt heard off, its about time our scouts unearthed a readymade gem, along with some top quality ready to perform players. ie david villa, and the rest off his team mates at valencia, there will be a big clear out there due to debts, cant think of his name but there center back would be a good buy.. simples lol

Anonymous said...

Somehow I must agree with Wenger that we need to sign no one, just imagine Arshavin + Rosicky + Eduardo combining, we are in for a treat. Also, we donno how much Senderos and Armand Traore have improved from the loan trips. PLUS, Jack Wilshere and Ramsey will be one year older. However, Micah Richards should be brought in to replace Sol Campbell from ages ago. After that we need a) a faith healer, b) top class sports shrink, c) Feng Shui master ( I've been told by old chinese man Emirates Stadium is built at an inauspicious spot.) There will be no more room for arse luck to creep in I promise you.

Anonymous said...

its really strange to read comments like these , as if somebody is taking the current arsenal team seriously. the team is a mixture of headless chickens and some faboulus talent in a 50/50 ratio . until this has been fixed we are not going anywhere , no matter what arsene wenger , the spindoctor , says .

Anonymous said...

I defenitely agree with your views about rvp10 and adebayor. I woould love to see Arshavin being the player to play behind the striker. Maybe Arshavin can partner Eduardo but that partnergip is too physically light. Maybe we can buy somebofy physically strong and talented to partner Arshavin or Eduardo.

NewGooner said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
NewGooner said...

It was a decent read until Toni was mentioned.

There are a few changes i would really want, two defenders, possibly a new left back, a central midfielder and a killer striker to partner Eduardo.

CB: Metzelder and Subotic, we should keep Gallas as well. All three love their defending, something i am not sure Djourou and Toure do. Silvestre out please

LB: Jeremy Mathieu on a FREE. No nonsense defender, has height and a better crosser than Clichy.

CM: Toulalan would be ideal but would cost loads, no to Barry, Alonso/Senna are unlikely. Toulalan is the number 1 French DM and will do all we need in our team. €18m upwards though, but worth it.

CF: I have no candidate,but Toni is definately not the answer. Dzeko is very much like Bendtner, so we don't need him in my view.

Anonymous said...

Have you seen Arsenal on the break . It's awfully slow compared to even Hull. They take ages to reach the box and by then the possee has arrived in massed ranks . Look at MU's third goal.
I think at the most three to fve passes and bf you can say red faced/nosed cunt the ball is in the net.
Cut out the pretty soccer and reduce the number of passes and play direct football and not ballet style.
For that AW has to adjust his philosophy. I can't see that happening in a thousand years as he is given too much authority. In short he is a dictator. It's my way nof ifs and buts.

Anonymous said...

I stopped reading any further when you mentioned that you'd rather sell Toure and then go on an buy Upson, seriously what wrong with you?

Anonymous said...

The latest is Alumunia saying Arsenal need experienced players.
The problem is AW who I believe won't give up on his experiments with kids.He believes they willdeliver in the future which could be anything from three to five years.
What happens if the promised delivery doesn't come off. Then it will be another learning curve until the alchemist is asked to quit .By then the damage has been done and the gunners will be a mid table team. Of course this scenario may or may not take place.
But to my gunner fans it is a remote possiblity.
We will have to wait and see this summer.

Kris said...

You were doing all right until you started mentioning potential players to sign.
Here's why i don't think any of them stand a chance of coming to arsenal;
Matthew Upson - 30 years old and is not in anyway better than Gallas or Toure. Failed at Arsenal the first time and almost as injury prone as another of your selections, Jonathon Woodgate. I'm sorry but if some random tabloid hadn't got bored in January and started linking us with him, no-one would even mention the potential signing.
Daniel Agger - He'd be an interesting acquisition but can you genuinely see Liverpool selling a player they want to keep to Arsenal when there is so much interest from abroad? We're not going to pay more in a transfer fee or wages than somewhere like Milan so in all likelihood he'll either go to Serie A or stay at Liverpool.
Jonathan Woodgate - Do you not remember Wenger's reaction when he went to Spurs on deadline day January last year. It was all over Sky Sports News 'Arsenal make last minute bid for Woodgate'. Wenger laughed off the suggestions. Who was right? Wenger of course! Since then he's been as injury prone as Ledley King and if it hadn't been for the fact Middlesbrough are going down this year i'd have said the £8 million or so they got was great business!
Marcos Senna - By the start of the summer transfer window Senna will be 33! Now i'm all for a bit of experience in the team, but frankly he is an essential part of the Villareal team so its unlikely they would take less than £10 million, and that much for a 33 year old. It's more likely Wenger persuades Roy Keane to come out of retirement or see we a return of Viera himself!
Xabi Alonso - Now don't get me wrong here, i'd love to see Alonso at Arsenal. Is he what we need. No, not really. His game is very very similar to both Cesc, Nasri (central role) and, not too far away come next season, Ramsey. I don't think we need them to be the best passer, have the best vision, be able to hit the ball in from 40 (or in Alonso's case 60) yards. What we really need, still, is a Flamini like player with experience who is willing to work his socks off for the team. Still with regard to Alonso, the only way he'll be sold is the same as last season, if Liverpool get Barry. And if that's the case there's a serious question, Barry or Alonso. And it's a weird question as well because i think the answer for Liverpool would be Alonso and for us it would be Barry!
Luca Toni - let's be honest if we're talking about signing a replacement for Adebayor that replacement must be world class. Whatever we may think of Adebayor, his attitude stinks, his work rate is minimal, he is a world class striker. In a similar way lots of Chelsea fans hate Drogba perhaps not as much as me but still hate him. Yet, he is a world class striker. If either of us sold we'd need a world class replacement. Luca Toni is not that player. 31 years old and only started playing 5 years ago. And you’re saying he's available at a cheap price this summer, all i can say is i'd question why that is given that he's 6 foot massive and Ribery is knocking the balls into the box!
Brede Hangeland is the only one i'd consider an interesting proposition. He's definitely done well in a Fulham shirt and is, in my opinion, the kind of central defender we want. In essence as close to Vidic as physically possible. Good in the air and strong. I.e. not Gallas or Toure, or Senderos with footballing ability and intelligence. There isn’t a great deal of central defenders like that and we could do a lot worse than Brede Hangeland, as ably identified by your other examples!

Tim said...

Not having enough experience was, in my humble opinion, not the problem this season. Having all the experience injured or ineligable was the problem. Imagine this team:
Almunia, Sagna Toure Gallas Clichy, Rosicky Song Fab Nasri, RvP Arshavin. That's what could have been. And would have been more than enough to annihilate the Mancs or any other opponent.
What we really need is a wonderdoctor and more experience on the bench. We honestly don't need, apart from maybe a better defensive midfielder, to go out and spend millions.

Anonymous said...

Not sure any of those mentioned really fit the bill, too old, too expensive, too injury prone, insufficient talent or would not be sold to us.

Ade`s head is somewhere else, and RvP has not been the same since the problem with his foot. Definitely need a Vierra type player, to defend hard, break up attacks, and hold the ball.

To my mind Theo should be right up on the last defender, where he can run on to the through ball.

If we want to look at someone different, check Negredo at Almeria, young 23, 6' 1" and scoring goals.

Also if we want someone else different, Riquelme, previously at Villareal, now at Boca Juniors, great striker of the deadball, and good awareness of the right pass, 30 or 31 this year, and out of contract in June!

Gooner14 said...

Unlike many of you i still want to keep Adeybayor. The guy has had a stop start season and i firmly believe he will be better next season. Adeybayor Van Persie Eduardo Bendtner and Vela is one of the strongest combinations in England. Espically compared to Liverpool who have got back ups like N'gog and Chelsea with Di Santo.

I don't believe we need a first choice central defender but definatly someone better than Silvestre, he really has to go.

Finally Gokhan Inler is missing link in our midfield. His dynamism and work rate can macth that of Flamini and will be an asset when defendin set plays.

Anonymous said...

I keep reading stuff like Danny Watson's article and I would like to know why he and others, who couch their support for Wenger with riders about buying experienced players, think that Wenger has any intention to do so? What evidence do you have that the famously stubborn Arsene is going to change? We are, after all, talking of the man who still says that he got the team and tactics completely right against Chelsea at Wembley! - Ramgun

Anonymous said...

ADE out
Denilson- OUT
diaby - OUT

Bring in 1 EPL defender
Bring in cana or velaso
martins to replace ade!

Anonymous said...

Adebayor out - no problem with that,it can't come soon enough for me.
RVP out - as much as like the guy he's gone backwards this season and is usless unless the ball is at his left foot.

Diaby - send him out on loan for a season to Spain.

Wallcot - he' to over hyped and could not lace Messi's boots, needs to go out on loan.

In - Wish list David Villa, YaYa Toure and Jolian Lescott and Mica Richards Plus the return of Flamini.

Now were talking Premirship and European cup!!!!

Unknown said...

Unbelieveable stuff, probably from a teenager (?) who plays a computer for his football knowledge.

Wenger does brilliantly with his resources. He does not have the money of about half of the premiership but still manages a top four spot and a good run in the cups.

Toni is shite. Senna is ancient.

Our problem is ineffectiveness in the air and one dimensional football. We need some big fellas, forward and back to aim crosses at. Adebeyor, for his height is poor in the air and the CD's are positionally poor (that can easily be trained into someone).

Van Persie gets a load of support from the bloggers, but in my opinion is ineffective. Everyone goes on about his set piece taking. How many assists this year for him from them? He is too slow (in speed and link up play) for a top team.

If I was Wenger i would buy in the summer - a big CD (hangeland?) and a Big CF (Rocca Santa Cruz?).

I would also try to give Clichy some confidence to go past players - we were really ineffective on the LHS before Arshavin arrived. If Clichy got some confidence, he and Arsh would be great.

Song is the man for CM alongside Fabregas. If walcott continues his progress next season he could be good - too inconsistent this year, although great in spots.

Anonymous said...

Need to sell:

and buy world class experienced players splash the cash before we drop out of the top 4 altogether

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

luca toni could work... if he wasnt the single shittest player in the champions league this season. I mean seriously is that suggestion for real? hes absolutely shit. yeah he'd go for a 'reasonable fee' only because hes a heap of bollocks and even teh lazy prick adebayor would out run him.

Anonymous said...

Cant believe somebody suggested Arsenal are slow on the to see the guy that made the comment line up against Walcott in a foot race..Arshavins no slouch either....As for buying Luca Toni...Alex Ice Cream missed a point...not only is his shit but he's old shit at that.

Anonymous said...

Could do with a player like Mexes to cut out some of the ariel threat at the back..

BERGER said...











Anonymous said...

you can't be serious to choose woodgate, hangeland and upson over toure? toure is miles better than them or maybe you still in the year 2008 when toure loss his form momentarily. gallas too have been immense in defence. both our center back is certainly good enough. trust me, barca pairing of pique and puyol no better than ours. what arsenal need is good back up center back, so get rid of silves and find another good one. the 3 names you mentioned actually no better than djourou and senderos, but because arsenal lack "flamini" in midfield this season, great center back like toure and gallas, while good cb like djourou look average. so to solve the problem arsenal need commanding midfielder, don't need to be as big as yaya toure but most importantly have the work rate and tenacity like flamini. if arsenal want someone that can straight away play in prem league, go for scott parker. but i think wenger might go french or foreign. alonso for me is not fabregas ideal partner. he can't tackle and win ball back. arsenal also definitely need to get rid of adebayor and buy someone else. santa cruz is a good option. if wenger dares enough, why not ibrahimovic. luca toni is a great striker but not he not suited to play with arsenal. david villa is the best option for me but he'll be expensive. conclusion, arsenal need a good center back to rival toure and gallas, hangeland, then busy midfielder parker, and complete striker santa cruz. i think all of them would cost maybe 30m, 10m each? sell adebayor and arsenal only need to spend 10m. i think its good business and prem league could be be heading to emirates.

Anonymous said...

berger said he loves to see this arsenal team:


i think this team is scary. it could be the most offensive 11 prem league ever seen. i hope wenger try this next season.

Ashwin said...

4 signings??You're out of your mind.We don need more than 2 signings.A dm and a no nonsense cb.Yaya Toure would be an ideal signing to anchor the midfield and provide a much needed physical strength.

matnan said...

You wrote we need experience and then at the same time we need to sell our most experience player Gallas. Gallas is better than Toure. Don't you realize why our defend is in deep shit at the moment? Because Gallas is injured.

Anonymous said...

adebayor is shit,get rid of him and bring in potentials like david silva or his patner D.villa.Hangeland could be good in central defence,get rid of silvestre.yaya toure can be influential in defensive midfield to replace flamini's position.

Anonymous said...


Mascherano or Ya Ya , Tevez , M.Richards


Adebayor / Bendtner / Simpson /

gazzap said...

Daniel Agger? The player that just signed a new 5 year contract last week? Unlikely I would say.

Anonymous said...

Bendtner is coming good. He will be in the starting eleven soon. The only thing wrong with our attack at the moment is finishing. But we have eduardo back soon. So that's covered. We need someone one or two centre backs. I would like to see us pay 10m for Hangleand. He's got height power he's good at feet. Also he can score a goal.

Vance said...

You write total dribble. Luca Toni? Are you serious?
Woodgate from spuds?
Hangeland who's clearly pulling a zaki one season wonder?
Dani Agger, possible signing, do you actually think liverpuddle will let him go and to us at that?

Do you actually put some logical thought into looking into these things or pick random names off a sheet?

Anonymous said...

Dont need Toni. As useless as Ade.
If Toure is not your choice of centre back, then let him revert to his original position, that of defensive midfielder. Not as agile as Vieria or Alonso, but will get the ball. But dont sell him. Too versatile.
How about Gareth Barry?He has often re-iterated his desire to play in the CL.
Rosicky should make a return, as should Eduardo.
With Arshavin,Nasri,Rosicky & Vela all vying for wing play, why not put Walcott up front. With his pace, he should terrorise defences.
Yes, 2 Central defenders and a defensive midfielder.

Alan@India said...

Luca Toni!!!! No way. He has not as good as he seems. He also misses far too many chances. You really can rely on this striker. He doesnt contribute in the game he only sits in the box and he misses half his chances. If Toni were to come to Arsenal , it would just mean more frustration .....more misses.

Alan@India said...

Karim Benzema he seems like a far better option. Not much experience though. If he is not a hit, we know what reason Wenger will give.

But Benzema alongside Van Persie in attack ....brilliant thought! But fantasy really....not happening

Anonymous said...

The fact that Wenger just said that he would not panic buy (even after the CL embarrasment) is reason enough for arsenal supporters to stage a peaceful protest. Cus it seems Wenger is hell bent on trying to look good rather than do what's best for the success of the club.
Longterm goals are only as good if the club remains at the top of the game.
I worry that Wenger would never sign experience players cus that would imply he has been wrong for 5years running. And his character shows that he would rather prefer to fail than be shown to be wrong.
Luis Van Gaal is an option for another World Class Manager after Wenger is sacked.
Fans said we need experience, now even is own players are starting to revolt and publicly say that we need experience.
Until Arsenal fans actually stage a protest registering their discontent with the state of affairs of the club, i can guarantee you that the board will let the status quo remain.

Anonymous said...

ade, van percie out,1s a muppet, the other a muppet but with 1 foot

Anonymous said...

not goin near this site again. toni. for f,,,ks sake. lost all credibility mate

Anonymous said...

i dont like the suggestions of benzema and velouso - young players from not great leagues - could be stars but could be as effective as some of our youngsters. Wenger should go all out to get tevez and i think senna would be good. I'm clueless when it comes to defenders but kinda think with a good defensive mid like senna perhaps gallas/toure will actually play better.

Anonymous said...

lets buy ribery

Anonymous said...

I am a Gunner fan, I think we lost it when Arshavin was not playing. The whole team should take some goal shooting lesson in the summer to have a chance next season. Or hire a coach specific for this job.

I certainly know who is Chelsea MOM Essien, he was everything even covered for JT when JT was almost invisible. It was like Chelsea playing with 10 men but Essien playing both midfield and CB.

Unknown said...

I agree with you on a lot of points...Adebayor out, Denilson out, Silvestre out!

FOX said...

Half of you are idiots we have a class midfield and strikers. All we lack is a central defender. The difference from last year and this year, is our defensive 4 was fit all season. We havent been so lucky this season thats all. Rosicky is still injuered and so has been Eduardo. Plus this is a compltely different squad to the one 3 years ago that got to final of the champions league. And look at the potential they have shown last year fighting for first place in the premier league. This year 21 games unbeaten in the premier league, FA cup semi final and Champions league semi final. Just wait next season or the season after we will be winning. NO DOUBT :D

FOX said...

It all comes down to in the end getting these players more experienced their still young. But their amazing now so im not worried they will turn class. Just like Adebayor, Robin Van Persie, Rosicky and thiery Henry and theres many more :D

FOX said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
FOX said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
FOX said...

Yeh look at the stats we have scored only 3 less than Man U this season Arsenal 64 goals and Man U 67. Its the defense that has let us down we have conceded 36 goals and Man U av conceded 24 thats 12 more than Man U we have let in. We just need to sort our defense out we will be fine then.

Anonymous said...

talking about the new signing for arsenal of course first of all is must be the defender ok we got toure and gallas for winning the title the substitution need on more an experienced defender as best as chelsea and man U got very strong pare of centre half that these two team are sure for having the attact when no need to worry on defending too much.also fabiansky is not good enough for being bub. when almunia is out, more over diaby is not good enough for the games against big four teams he is slow action player.
the most important for solving attacting problem arsenal should improve the players more sharp performence on scoring goal or sign an new most sharp scorer.

Anonymous said...

Most was a good.But something disturbed me,was the fact that you think Viera was a defensive midfielder.Viera does like a tackle but he was the offencive midfielder.Petit was the always the defencive.

Anonymous said...

all plz stay cool..just findout where we lacs and leads.

LACS:(sell out)
adebayer -(lazy,no aggresion)
denilson- (physically dominated)
diaby -(worst passing)
bendner-(not running like walcott)
Arsenal must hav one free kick taker.


yaya toure

Boon to arsenal:


Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

The final position that I think needs improvement is upfront. I don’t believe Adebayor is good enough and if we get a good offer for him in the summer we should take it.
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