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Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Doctor reveals that Eduardo underwent two surgeries not one

By Aries

Now who are we to believe. Arsenal FC or Croatia’s national team doctor?

Dr Boris Nemec said today that Eduardo underwent two minor surgeries. The first was a revision surgery on the left ankle to remove small metal screws which were originally placed there to assist in his recovery from the horrible injury he sustained more than a year ago.

The other however was on the same ankle which apparently has been troubling him since his come back late this season. It was to remove a bone that has been troubling Eduardo’s mobility.

“The doctor has removed a small bone on the ankle that slightly bothered ankle mobility. After that a small incision was made to remove screws that were placed in the ankle. The operation lasted about an hour Dr Nemec said.

We can reveal that the arthroscopy was carried out by the famous Dutch doctor Niek van Dijk who is very sought after by athletes all over the world suffering from ankle related problems. He was the doctor that treated Manchester United’s Ronaldo last season.

It appears that Arsenal decided to take advantage of the planned removal of the screws to carry out this second minor operation on the troublesome ankle at the same time.

This means that Eduardo will now be ready to start physiotherapy and if all goes well will be ready for preseason training on the 5th July.


Anonymous said...

a quality post and a rare real exclusive.

Anonymous said...

i firstly read it as 'dr nick' who'd been operating on him. made me chuckle!

hopefully he'll be fit for 80% of next season. would be great.

Chipping Von said...

Dr Nik van Diek- sure it wasn't bendtner?!

Good article too. wd

Stav said...

I think Eduardo could be the key to next season. Finishing has been poor this year and also it would be good to see two up top again, Eduardo and one other, preferably RVP. My 1st team without signings:

Sagna Toure Djourou Clichy
Walcott Fab Nasri Arshavin
Eduardo RVP

I know, not much defending going on in there! I would actually play Fab deeper and the other 3 in front of him.

Sughosh said...

"Now who are we to believe. Arsenal FC or Croatia’s national team doctor?"

Why the insinuations here? The club mentioned surgery. Fair enough. He is going to be fit asap. No need for negativity one would think... The club or board has never divulged details they deem unnecessary or trivial. All for a good cause my friend.

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