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Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Two reasons why Adebayor should be dropped tonight

By 1970’s Gooner

Adebayor has been very disappointing in the first leg of this Champions League semi final at Old Trafford. I think that in order to maximise our chances of going through he should be dropped for tonight. And there are two very strong reasons why.

1. His mind is elsewhere

Read what Adebayor said to Italian newspaper Tuttosport:

"I often speak to Adriano Galliani on the phone because he is very good at French as his wife is from Morocco.

"Galliani may not be as sexy as Beyonce, but Milan are. They have won the Champions League on seven occasions whereas Arsenal have never won it.

"Last year I was very close to signing for the Rossoneri, but then I renewed my Arsenal contract until 2012. For now I just want to finish the season on a high, but then we will see.

"My agent Stephane Courbis is in London with his Italian associate Vincenzo Morabito and they are always working day and night."

What does this say to you? Especially just before Arsenal’s most important game of the season?

It tells me that he is not mentally ready to play to his full potential tonight. He is instead spending his time on the phone speaking to Milan’s president about his move in the summer or fantasizing about Beyonce.

2. His recent performances on the field have been awful and he is unlikely to reverse that

He has been lethargic, lazy and uninterested. The culmination of this attitude was his inept performance at Old Trafford.

He only scored those goals since his comeback from the injury he picked up at Tottenham because Fabregas was setting him up with the easiest of chances.

The only goal he scored out of his own making was the spectacular bicycle kick against Villareal. For the rest of that game and in all games prior to his injury he was equally bad.

If Adebayor couldn’t find enough motivation and energy in the game at Old Trafford, a Champions League semi final, then it tells me that the chances of reversing that are not high.

I would urge Arsene to start with Bendtner. At least he plays with enthusiasm and energy. He did in fact start that victorious League game against Manchester United at the Emirates so I am sure he can do a far better job than lazy Adebayor.

If Adebayor starts (and it looks like he might) I hope he has a great game and scores the winning goal.

Come to think of it if he scores the winning goal that would be enough, he doesn’t have to play well!


Anonymous said...

What does this say to you? Especially just before Arsenal’s most important game of the season?

That really is the whole point. If true whats written in the papers today, Togonator should be dropped and play Nicky B who actually deserve the place not only because what's said by Ade.

If Adebayor starts (and it looks like he might) I hope he has a great game and scores the winning goal.

True that also and I wish that too.

Anonymous said...

Did he really say that? And recently i.e. in the last few days, I haven't read it anywhere else...

If so he definitely shouldn't play, and more serious questions need to be asked! Who the f*ck says that the night before a Champions League Semi Final

If he didn't say it GO ADEBAYOR!!! We need a performance full of energy, commitment and composure- I hope you play out of your skin and smash in a couple!!!

Anonymous said...

The man is a c**t!
He should never be allowed to wear the Arsenal shirt again. We need players that want to play for Arsenal F.C. and not use us as s shop window to exploit their own dillusional ambitions. I'm sick of our great club and traditions being questioned by ignorant players who have no ifinity with us. To play for Arsenal gives you membership to one of the greatest sporting clubs in the world. They should feel proud to pull on the colours!

This man should be sold immediately and his name removed from our proud history.

Anonymous said...

He shouldbe benched permanently.

If Wenger has any spine left he should take a stand against the useless prick and tell him to piss of now, i wouldnt even include him in the squad, leave him out and if were lucky enough to get through to the final

Make the useless prick watch from the stands, and make him pay for his own ticket, i hope he never pulls on an arsenal jersey agin.

Rant over

Anonymous said...

ah the Italian papers said must b true!

Anonymous said...

As somebody with intimate knowledge of the squad and the club I can categorically deny that Adebayor said any of what has been printed in that context. He is totally committed, turned down more money at two historically bigger clubs and is a big game player. He is still relatively young and will only get better. For Arsenal to win tonight we will need an on song Adebayor. Bendtner is not fit to lick the guys boots just yet. Become a real Arsenal fan, understand the game properly and you might acknowledge this. He has been injured half the season and was fucked about by a Deinless board last summer. He is only human and it is up to us Arsenal fans to reward his loyalty.
When he said being targeted by Milan and Barcelona was like Beyonce saying she wanted to go out with you he was merely making the point that he was flattered. He signed a contract extension and has all the attributes to be better than Didier Drogba in the coming years. Right, I'm off to the match. I hope if you are you get behind Ade and the team. The spirit of 89 is what's called for, some belief, not petulant short sighted sniping!

Anonymous said...

I just think that the fans have the right to be critical and ask some questions. And by being and doing so it doesn't mean they won't be behind the lad tonight, I will for sure. Show us all Ade, show that you're proud Gunner now and to be. Let's stick together mates, COME ON ARSENAL!

Boris Godunov said...

I say we should start with Bendtner and Vela, if RVP can't make it. In any case this should be the most attacking formation, no more defensive shit like against Chelski. The only way to win against ManUre is to outscore them.

\ said...

We need to be careful when commenting on interviews players supposedly have given to foreign media. I've seen on numerous occasions when media outlets recycle old pieces or simply make up stuff up.

Anyways, im not concerned at all about this becuase wenger has hinted before that the club need to sell one major player every summer, and it looks like to me one of adebayor or Van P will be off.

However, if he did truely say this before arsenal's biggest game in 3 years, then he dropped from the team and never play for arsenal again. But, having said that, i would rather have uninterested adebayor then start with Nikulas 'i should be playing every week' Bendtner.

Im sorry, but Bendtner is not an arsenal player. I remember his performance against united earlier this season when he started upfront in the absence of adebayor and van persie. He had 6/7 clear cut oppurtunities and he somehow managed to waste them all; and i think tonight we can't afford to be waseful.

Simply put: i would rather have adebayor at the end of crucial chances than Bendtner.

One other thing, there is nothing shameful or disgraceful about fantasising about Beyonce. I do it all the time. Just look at that piece of beautiful chocolate (YUM). I've seen her outside the BBC signing autographs last year and she is by far and away the most beautiful human being i've ever seen. Absolutely stunning.

DumbA said...

Great blog. Can't even spell the names of the players right in the title.

Anonymous said...

whoever starts i will scream his namne if he scores, and cheer him.. what is key though is we support whoever steps on to that glorious pitch, i just hope if either play bad they get subed at halftime!

Anonymous said...

Gettin' 6/7 sitters against ManU is actually quite impressive in itself. Who knows, one day it means 3/4 goals and that day WILL come for our beloved Nicky B. I think the big Dane will have a bright future with us.

TA6 said...

I doubt even Adeego is stupid enough to make these comments on the eve of such a game.
Similar headlines surfaced the day of the first leg.
Chances are these are old comments, but then nothing would surprise me with that clown.
He simply should never pulled on the shirt we are so proud of after humiliating us by punching Bendtner at shite hart lane.
Spirit of '89 please lads

Anonymous said...

I read these comments somewhere last week. People have got to be smart. The papers have time a perfect time to amplify these comments to have a negative morale in camp. The team has helped him to be good for us. lets stay positive and support the boys to the end of the season.

afriX said...

f*ck off Adebayor!

Anonymous said...

I believe him to be a great player but I don't think its what he said. He didn't want to leave last summer but it was all a story created by the media. Hopefully he will help us win the Man United tie and we can be in the final. ;)

Unknown said...

yeah thats true.....this adebayor is different from the one we saw in last champions league quarters with milan...i think bendtner/vela should come in this match

My First Tax Consultant said...

totally, 100%, fucking agree!!!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

even when he was scoring 30 goals last season, i was saying he is a shit player, not fit to lick the boots of arsenal legendary goal scorers, kanu, henry, bergkamp, ian wright (in no order)I was lambasted last year while u lot worship at his feet.

Random technique. Runs out of position. Cant head for such a tall guy. Generally playing with very little intelligence. He is a very poor man's Drogba.

Even if milan offers 15 for this trash, I will bite their hand off.


cescfiberglass said...

ADebayor is an OVERRATED player.

He has had some great finish, I don't doubt that. But he is a waste of space, honestly. He is never in position to get the ball. He is a tall striker with speed. He should allways be busting up the middle. Not playing with ball on the sides of the pitch outside the 18 yrd box. he has to be INSIDE the box to receive to ball so he has a CHANCE to score.

it will not be often that he will score fro outside the 18yrd box, which he thinks seems to be easy. He is one of the fastest on the team according to Theo, so he should always be running after that ball. He is not an effective player where u can just boot the ball down to him and expect him to do magic. He needs support all the time.

He seems like a waste of space and waste of a position on the pitch. For a striker he gets 2 shots on target if that, and he is never in the strikers position. so it is like you are playing with a handicap.

Bendtner does the same thing. They want to be technical players, but they just don't have the proper sense or first touch to do their ideas.

Both 6Ft + giants. Where should they be?? INSIDE THE 18yrd box. preferably close to the 6yrd box. NOT where Arshavin, or theo or nasri are supposed to be.

Anonymous said...

you'd think for someone who didn't walk until he was 5 years old, Adebayor would be making up for it now and running his socks off...

take a leaf out of Arshavin's book, Ade... he covers 2ce as much ground as you and he's less than half your size