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Sunday, November 29, 2009

Arsenal are the invincibles

By 1970’s Gooner

Arsenal are the invincibles alright. They were almost invincible tonight, so much they were outplayed and outfought that they were indeed not very visible.

Yes it hurts me to say it but it’s the same old story again isn’t it? A lot of possession but not enough penetration. And then the sucker punch or punches if you like.

What went wrong tonight? To me it was obvious and we touched on it after the Sunderland game. Not enough penetration from the wings but more importantly a non existent front player!

Wenger insisted with Eduardo up front when it was so obvious that the man cannot play there with his back to goal. He is more a box player who will take up good positions and take advantage of the ball after it gets into the box, NOT BEFORE.

You might say that with van Persie and Bendtner out Wenger did not have many choices. Yet he did but he chose to ignore them! He should have realised that Eduardo was not up to it.

He should have therefore started with Arshavin in the middle. He would have been a far more difficult proposition for Terry and Co with his twisting and turning and more direct approach. He would have at least kept the ball when under pressure from the defenders and found his own players when passing the ball!

Yet with Eduardo in there it was just like against Sunderland. Not good enough control of the ball and fluffing those rare chances that came his way.

And in Arshavin’s place on the wing Walcott could have started. He would have kept Ashley Cole far more quiet than Nasri did. Samir kept coming inside all night allowing Ashley Cole the space to come forward. And guess who provided the two assists for the first half goals.

Another disappointing performance tonight came from Almunia. He was clearly out of position for their second and third goals and you simply cannot gift two goals to Chelsea.

With say van Persie up front, Diaby in midfield and Clichy on the left Arsenal could be quite close to Chelsea and Manchester United but not when all three are missing.

So much for Arsenal’s strength in depth.


Anonymous said...

What's important is the present performance, no use for wenger to brag about the past.

This current team is definitely not champion material yet. Period.

Anonymous said...

Agree to some extent...But then, wenger knows better than us as this "obvious" move as you put it might have led to other not so "obvious" situations

Anonymous said...

Piss off same old story.. We lack fighting spirit all over the pitch except for thomas, gallas en fab.

Anonymous said...

Arsenal are like a bloke chatting up a girl with a silky tongue, even taking her back to his takes her clothes off but cant get it up

Anonymous said...

Since the author so good that he thinks he knows better than arsene arsenal...

I think the author should apply for a job as the manager of Arsenal.... He should experience how to manage a team to shut his mouth up....

Anonymous said...

Denilson not good enough, why take Song off? When was the last time Walcott had a good game? Almunia your supposed to save shots on the oppossite side of the wall, not let them in. Too many mistakes, mistakes made by a young team, too many youngsters.

Anonymous said...

Guys guys... the plain fact is that we do not have strikers of the class and ability of Anelka and Drogba, and we do not have goal keeper who is anywhere near top class.

Ti are having a laugh about Diaby, he woul dhave made no difference at all, RVP woul dhave but still, he is a forward and not a striker..... we need an out and out strong full of running striker, until we get that we will fail against the best.

Wenger also needs to realise that a bunch of 5'6" players are going to have no joy with the likes of Terry etc....

We have a strong squad, there is no doubt about that, except for two positions..... the of the most important positions.... strikers and goalkeepers.... until that is sorted we will keep ending up 3rd or 4th!!

Anonymous said...

Weng is more an emotnal manager dan a tactical win-at-all-cost one,..nd mayb walcot shld jst b playin wit d reserves jst lyk jack nd fran..i bet those two would do much beta dan walcot(he s jst a sprinter wit no brains..himself n arsene shld gt a role in hary pota

Anonymous said...

Love the not getting it up joke... very true and made me smile on anotherwise very diappointing day.

Goals win games and points win tropies. Great football is about playing good football and taking your chances, Arsenal play some really good stuff theres no doubt it but need twice as many chances to score than winners like Man U and Chelsea.

Get some fucking shooting practise in plus a battling ballsy midfield that can smash up a player when needed and someone with some height jesus.... I think Mr Wenger has a dwarf fetish

Anonymous said...

i think you watched with rose tinted glasses if you think walcott played any better than nasri. nasri was one of our less effective players, but all walcott did was run (very fast) into trouble or pass the ball away. technically that could be seen as far worse than nasri because when walcott would burst forward players would go forwards with him and when he would lose it we'd be more likely caught out of position. the reason cole didn't get forward so much was simple because we played with more attacking players, higher up the pitch and chelsea knew that they could just soak it up with 9 men behind the ball and counter attack, which is sure enough exactly what they did.

DANNY said...

honestly wenger buy players or ship out,he should let these kids play in the reserves and not first.its a shame to lose everytime we play top was like watching ben ten against the hulk.l am fed up with wenger and his useless chickens

Anonymous said...

and i seem to remember diaby being appalling against chelsea last season. he and denilson got totally out-muscled and over-run and made countless unforced errors. denilson isn't world class or anything but he's certainly improved and wasn't bad today (good first half not as good second). diaby has showed nothing of himself to suggest he is better than denilson yet. losing this way would be a lot easier to take if we didn't piss points away elsewhere (utd and westham were games we dominated and were winning). if we hadn't thrown those away we'd have an extra 5 points right now even allowing for the sunderland and city defeats. it's for these sorts of results that we won't win the tiotle, not this one vs chelsea.

MistaKen said...

Last post was the only one I agree with. Titles are lost not cause we loose to Chelsea and Man U but because we lose to the teams fighting relegation.

Anonymous said...

we got to sell densilson, diaby, walcott etc. these players r really not good enough.

Anonymous said...

With the possible exception of goalkeeper Hilario, all seven Chelsea substitutes could have made Arsenal's first team. The others? Malouda, Zhirkov, Paulo Ferreira, Deco, Kalou - who cost over £50m - and Ballack, who came on a free. Come on Arsene, spend some cash or risk slipping even further behind when Chelsea, Spurs and City all splurge in January.

Anonymous said...

Wenger out

Laspeyres said...

Look the fact is that Chelsea are far stronger than anybody this year. They have about 15 top class players. We have about 8-9 in the squad and half a dozen on the pitch. Eduardo is useless. Please show me the evidence of him doing anything. Walcott is a runner who does not play football. It was a shame to lose Song as he has developed into a great player this year. We do need some more height: it looked like clever boys against strong men. Look at the size of our second players today: 5'8": Vela & Arshavin - 5'9": Eduardo, Fabregas, Rosicky, Walcott
5'10": Nasri.

Danish Gooner said...

You could have 11 Xavis in this team it wouldnt matter as long as the formation is naive and rubbish.

Anonymous said...

Just look at the chelsea bench. It tells us all we need to know. We dont have the players now, we wont have them in january, we wont even have them next september. Maybe we should just put wenger down managing the youth team. He does'nt seem to want to work with senior players.

Anonymous said...

are you bloggers even fans? now I know this loss really hurts,but chelski is a solid team and it may have been a different out come if we scored first. go gunners!!

Anonymous said...

Arsene Wenger please grow some balls. Bottom line today, it was literally men against boys. Why wont this man buy dept ! Jesus no point goin into the market next summer when Cesc, Arshavin and gallas are gone. Its too late. Who can blame these stars leavin when really we have not got a manager showing a little ambition.

Anonymous said...

In fairness its how many years later now. We aint being going anywhere for a long time. Honestly, and it pains me to say it. Something has to change for fortunes to change. The youth policy is working, but the policy of playing youth is,nt working. The experience is'nt there. We need to change

Biscuit said...

Wenger has shown many a stroke of genius in trading the players market: many good sales of players at their peak and some great buys (most recently Arshavin and Vermaelen). However he needs to cut the bad trades. We could lose: Denilson & Diaby (and spend on a perfomer), and a couple from Eduardo/Walcott/Vela (and spend on a tall striker). As others have said, we will definitely lose players that we want to keep if we do not cut out the underperformers (they have all been given plenty of time).

Anonymous said...

Vela, Traore, Almunia, Fabianski, Denilson, Diaby, Silvestre, Bentner, Eduardo, Eboue, Senderos, Djouru, wallcot. Would any one of these have made a chelsea bench, let alone first 11 today. there in lies our problem.

Biscuit said...

We do have some great players: Clichy, Sagna, Gallas, Vermaelen, Song, Rosicky, Fabregas, Arshavin, Nasri. Many other teams would kill for them. Chelsea's strength is unique.

Goons_with_Guns said...

Nasri walked around like a Pensioner didn't go after anything.

8 inch knob said...

Almunia - 3
Traore - 7
Vermaelen - 6.5
Gallas - 6
Sagna - 6.5
Song - 7.5
Denilson - 5
Fabregas - 5.5
Arshavin - 5.5
Eduardo - 4
Nasri - 6.5

Totally agree on your comments regarding Eduardo as a front man this is not his position. He is most at home as a poacher of goals playing alongside a ball winning striker in a 4-4-2. Unfortunately we do dont play a system like that anymore and I feel he has been made redundant by this change in formation. He may function better as a LWF but I can't see how he would be better than Arshavin, Nasri, Vela, Diaby (no seriously) playing there.

Arshavin clearly has issues right now and needs to take some time out to sort his head out.

With Van Persie out for the season perhaps, Bendtner out until after Christmas, the front striker position should be between Diaby, Vela and Walcott and maybe Arshavin (when he stops being all moody and depressed) but not Eduardo.

Almunia is a fucking disgrace. How many degrading losses will it take for Wenger to realise that he is the weakest link. The best goalkeeper at Arsenal is Scezyny, and, Mannone and Fabianski are much better technically than Almunia all they need is game time to become more assured.

Gallas and Vermaelen are both sweeper style defenders who really need a big centre half to play alonside. Vermaelen is probably our best defender overall but he really needs a more disciplined and defensively minded partner to play alongside who is prepared to sit back whilst he makes his forraging runs forward. Djourou is out for the rest of the season, Senderos doesn't want to be here and Silvestre is no worthy back up to Vermaelen.

Sell Almunia
Sell Senderos
Sell Silvestre
Sell Clichy
Sell Eduardo

Buy a tall, pacy right sided central defender to compete with Djourou and to prepare for the eventuality of Gallas' decline.

Buy a left footed, left sided central defender to compete with Vermaelen.

AND Bring back Henry

ATA said...

You appear to have not noticed that it was arshavin on cole's wing at the time of the 2 goals. So Nasri cannot be blamed for them.
Nasri was far superior to Walcott. Awful performance by Walcott. He had so many chances to release the ball early in good places and instead tried to beat his player.

All in all though we played well and 3-0 was very harsh on the team. Just needed some breaks. It was like the Scum game where we won 3-0. That could have been very different if we hadn't scored first.

We'll definitely bounce back. Last time we lost 2 on the trot we went on a great run and there is no reason that won't be repeated. This title race is a long way from being over.

GunnerPete said...

Well it has happened.Excatly what deep down we all thought would happen with such a thin squad. We were shameful and boring.

I no longer want to pay to watch 21 passes to get to the edge of the opponents box ..then not shoot...then give away the ball...then another 21 passes..then no shots!!! The journalists may think this is the best in the land but I do not.

Five weeks ago when I said this on this site I was told to go join spurs...idiots. I am a rue Gunner brought up on we score one goal and you have a fight to beat us..we let you attack us home and away and we have the fastest break aways in Europe....???

What we do have is a paper thin squad of injury prone talented boys with one older man who cant cover left wing centres??

What we should have is enough top quality in every position to cover for our usual 6/7 injured players in November every year....we have about 2.

I prey that this is the final straw for arsene and the board. If this crap does not herald a new world class goalie and two centre backs and a clss stopper fullback and a world class (Cana or Mbia like ) DMF the sod it...happy 4th place every year from now on.

Anonymous said...

Summary of the match in one minute -

bluemoon said...

I'm so upset with this result too. I think Le boss should stand up and accept the real truth that all things in the pitch are your mistakes ,the first is Dannison and Nasri in the pitch because of their lightweight players not always lift themselves to heavyweight likes Song. The second is the wrong tactic like this showed Le boss looked down the Chelsea and don't count this team is the misserable thing that Le boss makes us wonder Le boss still are good enough .

T2T said...

Stop this silly degrading of Arsenal. Take out Drogba, Anelka and Ashley Cole and let the rest play Arsenal with RvP, Bendtner and Clichy and the result would be very different. Similar with ManU; without Rooney and Berbatov up front...

Arsenal do have a very good starting XI with a squad equal to the rest. I was extremely disappointed with the loss but the loss against Sunderland was worse.

Anonymous said...

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