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Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Wenger’s four options for replacing Gibbs

By 1970’s Gooner

Just when we thought it couldn’t get any worse it has. First it was Bendtner out with a groin problem then van Persie with his ankle and now it’s Gibbs that’s got injured while on international duty.

Add to these Denilson, Clichy, Diaby, Vela, Wilshere,Djourou, Fabiansky and Walcott and you can make another very useful first 11!

Gibbs was brought off midway through the first half while playing for the U21s against Lithuania and it’s beginning to look difficult for Saturday’s game against Sunderland.

So what are Wenger’s options then?

1. Silvestre

He has been deployed there a lot of times during his tenure at Manchester United and also a few times for Arsenal. Although he has experience he is getting rather slow with age and I think this may prove a risky choice to take.

2. Senderos

He too has been in the sidelines raring to go but although much younger than Silvestre lacks the necessary pace and previous experience in this position to be able to perform.

He has been deployed as a right back for 15 minutes or so in an FA Cup tie at Blackburn a few years ago but was found extremely wanting.

Unlikely choice (hopefully)

3. Traore

He is a natural left sided player who was earmarked to develop as a left back and was actually deployed there in a few games while out on loan for Portsmouth last season.

He was however played as a left winger by Portsmouth for most of his appearances and he did impress me whenever I watched him play.

Wenger may decide to take a chance on the youngster who has Premiership experience after all but his relative inexperience may put him off.

4. Eboue

This is my likeliest choice. Although not a natural left footer he is now a seasoned Premiership player who is a defender after all even though he has, since last season, been played as a wide midfielder.

Arsene Wenger has been using him more as a right back recently giving Sagna much needed breathers and this will be the choice with the least risk attached to it.

Remember what happened to poor Gibbs when he was preferred to Eboue for the two Champions League semi final games against Manchester United last season? We don’t want that happening to Traore.


Haribo said...

Traore's injured too, isn't he?

Thomas Vermalen said...

I'm so f*cking sick of all the injuries, is it 12 players out now? That's f*cked up.. I hope and think Eboue will play in that role, the others are way to risky.

Anyone know when Gibbs is expected back?

Anonymous said...

senderos to centre back and big willie to left back

Anonymous said...

Could you not have found a picture of Silvestre without that piece of Manc shite shirt on?

Anonymous said...

not usually this optimistic but says they would analyse his injury later in the week, fingers cross it's nothing serious and he's able to play against sunderland.

Although i am comfortable with silvestre at left back, just not at centreback

Anonymous said...

as a one off move thomas V to left back and bring in senderos to cope with Sundlerland tall c/half Jones

Anonymous said...

imeant centre forward !!

Anonymous said...

Jones won't be playing, he is still banned from his violent conduct charge.

Anonymous said...

vermaelen on the right and senderos in the centre....this is my choise......

Anonymous said...

It's got to be Senderos.

The guy is seriously underrated and deserves a chance.

He's future captain material once Cesc goes to Barca.

Michael Toye Faleti said...

Gallas to play left back. Senderous and the Vermeister in the middle. What do u think?

Captain Flak said...

Bacary Sagna can play left back if required and is the best option, with Eboue slotting in on the right.

Anonymous said...

defence sags gallas ver gibs nas rams fab and song sweeping-up edu arshav

Anonymous said...

Wenger will either play silvestre there (hopefully not). or play senderos at centre back and move vermaelen to left back where he can play, but he probably wont want to break up gallas and vermaelen. he can play traore there but im sure he is injured, but if he isnt wenger will want to give him a chance or there wouldnt be much point him being at arsenal if we cant count on him to play. or he will play sagna there and eboue at right back wich is my preferred choice

eza said...


harry twitch said...

cant we sign that cole on loan joke

Unknown said...

I can't believe the suggestions on many of your guys! Wenger would never part the succesful partnership between Vermaelen and Gallas unless he absolutely has to. Senderos is not an option on leftback, as he might be the slowest centre-back I've ever seen. My first choice would be Traore by far, as he's very similar to both Gibbsy and Clichy. Silvestre, Eboue and Sagna are also viable alternatives, but Wenger stated when Clichy got injured that Traore would be the back-up for Gibbs.

Anonymous said...

Traore isnt injured:

Armand Traore
November 9
Armand Traore has returned to training but was not available for the Wolves game. "It seems a bit short for Armand," said Wenger ahead of the game.

So he would be my 1st choice...

2nd Choice: Eboue

3rd Choice: Sagna (Eboue playing RB)

4th Choice: Sylvestre

5th Choice: Pedro Botelho

Biggest shame is that this was Gibbs chance to earn a World Cup place, and from the sounds of it Clichy could be back before him, so I am really gutted for him.

When it comes to the club, this isnt a big deal really, we should be able to cope without him and Clichy, RVP injury is far worse because all other forwards are injured too apart from Eduardo.

Eduardo gets a knock and thats us without a striker for the Chelsea game, Walcott should be back by then but will be short of match fitness and is not really a lone striker.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Good one joker!!

For me it has to be Traore then silvestre as these are tryed and tested by wenger. Traore ideally as he is quick, offensive and strong.

Who knows Gibbs's knock may not be that serious and he may start at Sunderland

Up the Arsenal!!

Anonymous said...

Sagna would be my first choice as he is an outstanding full-back, who rarely makes errors. Eboue covers for him at right back.

Going forward Sagna might struggle some as his technical ability isn't that great, but he is best suited covering the likes of Anelka,Kalou, Joe Cole or Deco.

If Gibbs is out long term, Gallas would be my pick. During his first year at Arsenal he filled in on the left and was very good.

At Chelsea he very often played out on the left and was outstanding in many big matches for them - helping them to their two titles.

Eboue is best suited towards the right where he is comfortable. Vermaelen would be a possibility with Senderos coming into the center, but wouldn't want to switch him as he has done so well at CB.

Traore is a non-starter for me as he is near clueless defensively with a really poor positional sense and a lot of basic mental errors when it comes to following his man off-the ball and pushing up with the rest of the line when needed for offsides...

Traore could make the bench and provide attacking from LB when needed or perhaps start against weaker sides...

Fatos said...

In this case Vermaalen can be switched to the left back (he playes that position comfortably) and including senderos as CB (or switching Song in CB position and playing Ramsey in DM role...

Fatos said...

In this case Vermaalen can be switched to the left back (he playes that position comfortably) and including senderos as CB (or switching Song in CB position and playing Ramsey in DM role...

Mondo said...

Can't believe no one mentioned Kerrea Gilbert. I know he's usually right back but he played left back for Leicester (I believe) for a long bit of one of his loan spells.

Not sure if Wenger quite trusts him but he might be able to slot in---seems much more dependable than Traore, and Sendy and Silvestre are very slow.
Agreed that the fewer changes the better---don't shuffle any players around if we don't have to!

krish said...


Anonymous said...

im sure sagna has played lb aswell

Anonymous said...

Senderos CB and Gallas LB

Anonymous said...


MattK said...

why dont we use Eboue at RB and Sagna at LB?

Anonymous said...

Some of you just talk crap and i swear know nothing about football. He will play silvestre left back or traore (if he is fit enough).

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