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Sunday, January 17, 2010

How did Eastmond do? Player Analysis and Ratings Vs Bolton

By 1970’s Gooner

Bolton tried to muscle Arsenal out of the game but they only found some joy in the opening 10 minutes of each half.

Other than that they failed miserably as they allowed too much space in the middle of the park for Arsenal’s most dangerous player.

Time and time again Fabregas was given space and time to receive and turn with the ball and when that happens you are really dicing with death. And that is what was so exquisitely dished out in football terms.

Fabregas ran the show with all that Arsenal created originating through him. The first goal came after a quick one two with Eduardo and as soon as you could say Cesc Fabregas the ball was in the back of the net.

For the second he ran out of defence with the ball and when put under pressure passed it to the on coming Fran Merida. A few passes and who was on the ball again?

Cesc ran with it deep in the Bolton area and released Eduardo who put in a cross for the ball to fall to Fran Merida on the other side. It was a clinical finish which may have turned Merida's Arsenal career for the better. 9

I liked Fran Merida’s performance. He never wasted a pass with that sweet left foot of his, showed a lot of self confidence against the hard tacklers of Bolton and took his goal very well. 8

There were a few passengers today and it’s just as well some of our players are coming back into fitness.

Traore had another awful performance often caught out of position with his man way beyond him. His passing was way below acceptable levels for a professional footballer. 4

The other passengers were Arshavin, Eduardo and to a lesser extend Eastmond.

Arshavin was played on the wing for most of the encounter today but he still drifted in and out of the game. His passing was awful as he looked to first time passes which never came off often putting the rest of his team mates under pressure. 5

Eduardo is still trying to find his way. He again looked off the pace especially when Fabregas put him clean through but couldn’t get to the ball before Jaskerlainen.

He is looking slightly better with each game and there is therefore the hope that with more games he will get back to his best. 6

Eastmond I liked today. I thought he will be a useful Arsenal player back to the days when Arsenal TV used to screen the Arsenal reserves games live (alas no more, with no real explanation given to us subscribers…).

He had a fine debut, winning the ball and passing it sensibly to a team mate. He also nearly scored!

He did however get caught out a few times thinking he had more time than he actually did. His passing was also on some occasions not up to scratch allowing the opposition to mount attacks when they really had no right to do so.

But, I can hear you saying, this was his first Premier League game for Christ’s sake!

Yes, I agree, but it still doesn’t detract from the fact that the rest of the more experienced players had to carry him through on occasion. Just as they did with Traore. 6

I am still not very confident about Almunia.

He was great coming out and getting the high balls from corners relieving the pressure from his defence. He was also alert enough to pounce on the ball when Klasnic was through on goal having tricked a confused Gallas.

He did however drop a ball for a corner when not under any sort of pressure. 6

The only thing you can say about Sagna is that he is a very good defender but his forward play and especially his crosses leave a lot to be desired.7

A wonderfully strong performance by Vermaelen today. Matched Kevin Foul Davies all the way and was, along with Gallas, the main reason that it was a clean sheet today. 8

Apart from that moment when Klasnic got round him Gallas didn’t put a foot wrong. 7

Diaby played a little bit more defensively today so that he could help Eastmond out. He did this very well and also got forward enough to support the attacks.

He is growing into a mature player for Arsenal now and if he stays fit will play a big role in the run in for the title. 7

I am very glad and relieved that Rosicky is back and to the high level we were used to before he got injured. He is an experienced player who knows when to pass and when to hold. When to shoot and when not to… 7

Almunia 6
Sagna 7
Traore 4
Gallas 7
Vermaelen 8
Fabregas 9
Diaby 7
Eastmond 6
Eduardo 6
Arshavin 5
Rosicky 7
Merida 8

Man of the Match: Cesc Fabregas


Anonymous said...

Says everything about the bloggers agenda that he's critical of Almunia on a day when he does nothing wrong and performs better than Jaaskelainen - a player often touted as the superior keeper. What's the point in complaining on a day we perform so well and get such a good, important result.

Anonymous said...

your post butchers the English language. for shame

midoco said...

So Eduardo sets up two goals and gets a six. There's more to his game than scoring goals.

Anonymous said...

I do agree with the above anonymous comments regarding Almunia, I thought he had one of his better games today though there were at least tow balls he should have come for rather than leaving to his defenders. Putting your defenders under pressure this way makes them nervous and it spreads through teh team.
I though Eastmond had a fine debut. He was guilty of ball watching a couple of times but a good start none the less! Overall a good performance today. A good three points, lets repeat it on Wednesday!

Unknown said...

Almunia did pretty well but all of his saves were pretty easy at the end of the day. It's just that we are getting so used to him slipping those intermediate shots through a crowd. He caught many crosses and a couple were dangerous but I wouldn't say he was great today. His communication with the defence is nonexistent, his kicking is awful and he always kicks it long (meaning almost to the half way line) even when under no real pressure. Traore was very bad today but Almunia doesn't scare me any less although today was one of his better days. We don't need another keeper, just make Fabiansky our No. 1 for the season and promote Szczesny as our No. 1 at the start of next season. Almunia and Ben Foster are in the same class, that's how bad the Spanish waiter is.

Now we just have to hope Ghana wins Burkina Faso this Tuesday and Cameroon lose to Tunisia on Thursday, meaning Essien will stay in Angola while Song returns to the squad for the Villa game.

lolcat said...

almunia was very good today - 8.
eduardo was involved in both goals and made few mistakes - 7.

Anonymous said...

Almunia was shit, i get what the blogger is saying. The defence just doesnt trust almunia, there were a few occasions when he should have come for the ball but stayed back and left it to gallas to clear.

There is no communication or trust between defence and goalkeeper-this was outlined in the 2nd half when he grabbed the ball from a dangerous cross and sagna tried to head it out at the same time, he almost headed it out of almunias hands!

Anonymous said...

Not a bad review, although I think you were quite harsh on Eastmond. He gave the ball away once or twice but I never really got the impression he was being carried.

Also, the past tense of 'run' is 'ran'...

Anonymous said...

traore would get 1 or 2
arshavin wasnt terrible had a few good moments
dudu did well and is starting to show some form now his confidence is recovering

Anonymous said...

I think you're being very harsh on Eastmond. On his premier league debut against a physical side, he didn't look out of place, made some decent interceptions and was generally very tidy on the ball.

More worrying is the form of Traore. Another loan spell would do him the world of good as he's not ready for Arsenal yet. Fingers crossed Clichy came through unscathed and can play the 90mins on Wednesday.

Also, your spelling and grammar is horrendous.

That is all.

Anonymous said...

Considering Bolton Midfield was over ours like a rash Eastmond did well. Needs time to aquaint with the players. He was getting better as game progressed. Allowed Fab4 to play. 7 for Eastmond

Arshavin carrying foot injury I think. Most would not be playing at all.

Sorry but Maneonne scapegoat for the whole team nearly switching of when 2-0 up when coasting West Ham.

As for Almunia, he would be an OK keeper if he did not look to kick the ball out almost all the time with or without our our current forward line. They would find it hard to cope with bolton crop of players.
Cant kick for toffies, or throw much or well. It causes the ball coming straigh back problem. Sorry, Manonne or Fabianski better choice. Saves OK, distribution rubish. He could learn off them two. 5 MAX

Traore ocasionally out of position, high ball or most attacks loaded to or from that side, as good as Clichy with back problem as he cant turn quick enough. Clichy needs time with that back. 5 for traore

Anonymous said...

Arshavin 5 ?? lol

NMT said...

I too am normally very critical of Almunia, but I thought that-other then his one blunder-he played very well.

Anonymous said...

I sometimes wonder if people watched the same game? Diaby, Tralee and Eastmond had shocking games, diaby and eastmond constantly lost possession or gave the ball away. It was actually an amazing result considering Cesc was pretty much on his own. We'd better hope our injured players are back soon, that midfield could nit win a game against a mid table team.

Anonymous said...

I agree with most of those ratings but I do have to pull you up on a couple. I thought Eduardo was excellent today considering he is yet to really get his full sharpness back. Yes he did seem to lack a bit of pace in a couple of situations but he held up the ball very well and didn't get bullied by two big centre backs. I thought he was our best player behind Cesc.

As for Eastmond I thought he had an excellent league debut. I know he dawdled on the ball a couple of times but that is down to a lack of experience, but I thought he handled himself extremely well considering Cesc and Abou did leave him there on his own a few times. I actually don't believe he will be a DM because he looks like he could be a very creative passer of the ball as well as somebody who gets stuck in. I think Wenger played him there as he isn't afraid to get stuck in and size-wise he is big enough to cope with the physical teams even at a young age. I believe he would suit the 'Diaby' role in the future.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

ok no ones got it right, the only reason Traore looked so bad is cos Arshavin didnt cover shit except his own shadow, he should have been subbed, plus guys, Traore played the majority of his loan spell on the wing so left back is a little weird for him, even wenger used to say he is not a left back so give him a break....Dudu was good, two assists and finally given a whole game through the middle, about bloody time! Almunia looked better than recent performances so better to compliment the improvements than focus on the very few negatives. Eastmond did well considering but how does he get a run over Jay Thomas i have no idea! Jay thomas is as big if not bigger than sol campbell! and obviously a fine player so put him in for a game?? Vela looked better when he came on......

Anonymous said...

Interesting that we had 6 left footers on the pitch at different times, we started with 3 and brought on 3 as well

Anonymous said...

No way-too much hindsight bias in this blog.
Bolton were very physical and got away with it as usual. Our Midfield defence was a sorry state for much of the game. Eastmond was completely out-muscled and Diaby was poor defensively - we were in danger of being over-run on the right hand side and defenders were being pulled out of position throughout the game. Thank some-one up there for Fabregas.

Anonymous said...

This site should allow us it's readers to rate it.

I go for a big fat ZEROOOOOOOOOOOO!

Anonymous said...

Our Spanish Trio did marvelous job... Almunia was fantastic in goal and deserved better credit.

Anonymous said...

Almunia was fine by his usu standards. If he could catch rather than kick balls that come under no pressure he would reduce by half the number of counter attacks from the opposition who, like with bolton are taller and will always win high balls. arsenal will do better if he opts to catch and throw to a defender, not aimlessly kick - which invariably turns to a counter attack against his team.

Anonymous said...

i must say that i cannot totally agree with the rating
oh c'mon, Traore deserves better rating than that,better rating than Eastmond.
There is no way Eastmond plays better than Traore.
I was very disappointed and frustrated with him yesterday.

PR said...

Why is everyone defending Almunia? Did everyone miss in the first half when he let the ball slip through his hands under no pressure giving away a needless corner? The guy is a liability and the only reason he is in the team is for his experience. He is going to cost us some big points from now until the end season and I think the sooner Fabianski is in the better.
Good ratings overall although I would have given Eastmond a 7.

Anonymous said...

Everywher i look today I see Eduardo criticised. Was i the only person that saw him provide the assists for both goals. Get a grip

TonytheGooner said...

Some of the comments are a bit harsh. arshavin, rosicky, and eduardo were passengers yesterday. eduardo may have set up two as mentioned above but he was pretty awful the rest of the time. I know he's been through alot but his frail demeanour with his hands tucked up in his sleeves and his tame tackles and 2mph shots irritate me. he needs encouragement to be more physical and less afraid before he can recover his old form i think. i'm looking forward to having bendtners physicality back in the team. anyway, i'm delighted with the result and i'm delighted with the team for how they have got back in this. couldn't have asked for more.

Haribo said...

I'm not sure if this came across on TV, but Almunia's distribution was abysmal yesterday. I'm by no means one of the Anti-Almunia clan, but I had trouble sticking up for him.

I disagree with the report's verdict that Cesc was "allowed" space to turn. Whenever they got tight on him, he turned them. When they backed off, he took them on and played a killer pass. They *tried* to stop him, but he was simply too damn good.

Eastmond looks like a great work in progress. Still a tad raw and unreliable, but certainly with the potential to grow into a first-teamer. Coquelin should get some more time, too.

Anonymous said...

almunia done well when he carried a simple cross out for a corner!! the long distribution to arshavin/eduardo etc is ridiculous! get fabianski in or get your wallet out wenger!!

Aphiss said...

Disagree with Eduardo's score. His link up play was unbelievable and the stats proved it. He made 22 successful passes during the game and no unsuccessful passes. 2 of those 22 directly led to the goals. So what else can he do?

Football Tips UK - Wayne said...

Gunners will surely take 3 points at Emirate Stadium but I expect them to play safe because they clearly understood Bolton's ability. Wenger's side is confident to control the match after leading so Gunners will stop fire after score 2s and Bolton may has a chance to steal a goal in last minute.

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