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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

At last positive news on the transfer front

By 1970’s Gooner

What the hell am I talking about you may wonder.

It looks very likely that Cesc’s transfer to Barca is now definitely on as reports from Spain indicate that the two sides have been in talks thrashing out a deal, which could be finalised as early as Friday.

And Arsenal are now resigned to the sensible (financially speaking) decision to off load want away Nasri to Man City for what is very likely to be for an exorbitant amount of money for a player with only one year left on his contract.

I consider the above very good news.

Firstly, if both players had stayed they would have been reluctant players finding it difficult to raise themselves up for the on coming campaign. Proof of this was the slump in both players form during the second half of the season.

They would have unavoidably infected the rest of the dressing room too with very predictable negative consequences on the performance of the team on the pitch.

Secondly, a significant amount of money, around 55 to 60 million would find its way into the Arsenal coffers which may mean that Arsene can now, if he so wishes, go on to put significant bids for new players. And this may explain the reason why he has been somewhat inactive so far.

The question is will he?

It is now too late to get new players in to replace these two in time for the Champions League games against Udinese.

So, and this is likely, will he and the Board decide to keep the money to tidy things over just in case of Champions League elimination….


Jekyll said...

I would imagine that precisely explains why the deal is giong through now, so there is no pressure to buy before the Udinese game. If we get through I imagine AW will then get us what we urgently need - more teenage attackers.

Anonymous said...

i am still dissapointed in cesc leaving. He is probaly our longest serving player. I agree that if we keep him we would have an half assed player that would not want to be there but wenger will not replace cesc with a world class player. To be perfectly honest only wesley sneider could seemlessly replace him but we all know that wont happen!! Cesc will not play as much as he thinks he will at barcelona. They have players like him in abundance. Our team is constantly changing each season, therefore no time to build a solid foundations. Look at united. United still have several players which were playing when we had our invincible team.
Lets face facts we are still a good club but we are not a big club, not anymore. sigh!

Dino Abby said...

I agree very much that the exit of Cesc & Nasri could be a good thing for Arsenal and if Wenger bring in at least one CB (Samba or Cahill?) and one experienced high quality attacking midfielder (Mata?), we are in for an interesting season.
I was getting increasingly frustrated with Wenger's reluctance to spend on the much needed areas but I'm now having my hope build for Wenger's final touch on the transfer market which would show that Arsenal will certainly be a force to challenge for trophies this season. Lets hope for the best..!!

Anonymous said...

'Positive' ????

Selling your best players is hardly positive.

Nasri, refusing to sign a new deal had to go.

We didn't have to sell Cesc & especially not for the cut down price reported.

As for all the money being re-invested. If you think that then you don't know Arsenal very well.

Anonymous said...

Widely reported that we are receiving £30M with £5M add-ons. If this is through then this is a terrible deal for us. He is worth far more than this to us and is still young with 4 years left on his contract! FFS I cannot believe Barca's underhanded bullying tactics have worked!

Anonymous said...

If the players want to leave, let them leave. Better to have the money and spend quickly to replace them. But would AW spend the money??? I am not so sure of it as there are players coming through the junior ranks, Lansbury, Ozyakup, who could be given a stint in the senior squad. I think AW would leave it to the last few days of the window to look for bargain buys that might just end up like Squillaci

Anonymous said...

Read this, and realize Wenger is admitting he's taking us out of the big club league.

Anonymous said...

and ivan and team have been working "very hard" on this deal? My divource lawyer can assemble and bargain a better deal - hope wenger is watching this space.

The BearMan said...

Look fighting to keep two lads that does not have the heart to mix it Arsenal for another season is a waste of time. Time for a change! With both of these lads Arsenal have achieved nothing. So it will be in the club's best interest to let them depart and make space for new talent, with BiG hearts and stronger commitment.

To long wasted this summer in attempting to take two mules to water. Personally, I would have shown them the door a long time and send Squallaci along to hold their hand.

Anonymous said...

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