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Saturday, August 20, 2011

What a shambles

By 1970’s Gooner

The whole squad is in shambles. We are reduced to fielding in the starting 11 kids who have never played a league game before.

The kids on the bench did not have to get permission from their parents to turn up at the Emirates as it was a lunch time kick off. We would have had trouble fielding the substitutes if the kick off was in the evening.

And all this because Mr Wenger, knowing all along that Fabregas AND Nasri would be off this season failed to firstly get rid of them as early as June and secondly failed to bring in equivalent replacements BEFORE the season kicked off.

Ferguson didn’t hang around did he? All the business was done in June…

Song gets himself sent off at Newcastle and Frimpong (who had a great game against Liverpool) gets himself sent off too!

Who the hell will play the defensive midfielder role against Man Utd? Lansbury? Ramsey? Come on….

Diaby’s erratic form is well documented and of course out of action for a few weeks now due to an operation (with another 6 weeks to go).

Shouldn’t Wenger have bought a defensive midfielder in the summer?

Koscienly went off with a bad back. Who replaces him? Young Miguel who greatly assists Ramsey for his own goal.

Djourou is out with a hamstring and Squillaci was not even on the bench against Liverpool. Arsenal’s central defensive problems were well documented last season.

Shouldn’t Wenger have bought a central defender in the summer?

Ramsey was abysmal, couldn’t get hold of the ball and couldn’t pass straight. He is too young to start. He cannot replace Fabregas that’s for sure.

Shouldn’t Wenger have bought a midfield schemer in the summer?

And when the inevitable happens and RVP gets injured Chamach will prove inadequate again…

The whole squad is a shambles.


Anonymous said...

Wenger must go.

Anonymous said...

wenger is wasting our time, this was always going to happen.

we need a new manager!

Anonymous said...

i agree, he needs to go. now!

Anonymous said...

Dear all, pls do not lose hope in Arsene.. I am sure he knows what he is doing.. he is definitely looking for players but it is not that easy to purchase.. let's be patient with him.. we are just going through a bad period and good time will soon come.. have faith in Arsene..

Arsene for life!

Anonymous said...

wouldn't want to be in the trenches with you lot.

Anonymous said...

At the end of last season I thought well surely not next season - problems will be addressed, this will be the straw that breaks the camels back. But things have actually got worse. Insane. It's like a wealthy home owner not bothering to repair his leaking roof and watching his home rot.

Sahoo said...

Wenger's obstinate to the core. But how this guy is allowed to still do whatever he feels like by the Arsenal board is beyond my comprehension. He is a liar and some of his comments are ludicrous. Especially the comment where he says that the fans will see the quality of Chamberlan, Ryo and Campbell. My question to Mr Wenger is when? 6 years from now, when the kids are 23-24 and they would be fighting tooth and nail to get away from the club to more greener pastures (Barca, Real, Manc etc).

In short Wenger needs to go right now.

Anonymous said...

Arsene Wegner should be killed now....

Anonymous said...

sack wenger now

Anonymous said...

i agree its time for change!! sack the manager

Anonymous said...

Gooner fans are some if the worst in the uk. It's socking how quick they turn on their players and manager. How long have they been supporting the gunners?

No matter what happens, these people have got the taste for trashing the team and manager, and they are nit going to stop, no matter what.

We were missing three of our players today. You take three top players out of any team, and they will struggle. On top of that, we get a player sent off.

I was watching a reporter interview arsenal fans out the stadium before the champs league game. Not one of them said wenger should go. All they said was we need players to come in, and I'm sure they will.

I bet all the people saying wenger should go are just plastic armchair fans who were supporting man u about 10 years ago.

Anonymous said...

Wegner and Gazidis, GUN SHOT...

Anonymous said...

in arsene we DONT trust! we will not finish in the top 4

Anonymous said...

in arsene we DONT trust! we will not finish in the top 4

Anonymous said...

ignorant moron...going on bout how young our boys are? ramsey too young to start??????? by all means question the quality but the age??????? um how old was cesc wen he started...?? theo,oh yeah and jack is already over the hill, right? WRONG!!! and on this basis n our young recruits who arent quite ripe yet, WE SHOULD SACK WENGER right?? AGAIN WRONG!!! admittedly, wenger has made errors n signed some duds, but noONE was fuckn moaning wen a very young thierry was signed by our shit manager not to mention a few more young uns who carried us into a league of our own to be recognised as a BIG club..(thank you to a very wise wenger and a very very young Viera!!! frustration is all around and we can all feel it...DONT PIN HIM for EVERYTHING THAT IS NOT GOING RIGHt for us nd our club..the way some of you tweats rant and behave, you dont even deserve to be supporters opf a small club...GET THIS THROUGH YOUR HEADS...NEGATIVITY HELPS NO ONE especially in the environment we are wanna change coaches like ur undies??? go subscribe to abramovich POST!!! its so ridiculously early (both season and career} to call for wengers' head..i suppose if u were up for the spuds, youd sack 'ArrY 4 not makin champs league n possibly losing modric..all you anti wenger dicks should breathe deep n WALK IT OFF>>>>>>make me sic

Belve said...

I agree that today and for the next month, the squad is in a bit of a shambles. Yes you can place the blame at Wengers doorstep.. but let's be VERY clear. We were not played off the park by a team that is doing EXACTLY what you lot are asking i.e. getting shot of a good manager and replacing all the deadwood while trying to attract talent and grow young talent. Liverpool for all their huff and puff won based on mistakes by players we ALL acknowledge are good.. maybe not enough for the 1st XI but plenty good enough for the squad. not to mention the fixture list was never in favor of a great start.
All of you that want Wenger out would have been baying to the moon if he just let Fab and Nasri walk in June.. and no matter who was brought in, they would not have been up to snuff. I get it.. you lot have only known 1 manager and think changing him will cure it all. If you had the name of a manager to replace him.. sure fight to get Wenger out.. but surely you can recognize.. 1) the base is there and has been for quite a while and 2) We will improve.. EVEN without any other recruits.
You lot clamor for silverware.. but I never hear any say "Maybe we should settle for the Europa League"
Wenger is human. just as much as Ferguson. The same noises you lot are making, the Manc fans were making when Chelski won the title the 1st year with ease.

Anonymous said...

3 wins of 15 in the league.That is relegation form and form that should get the manager sacked

Anonymous said...

I am fed up with Gooners defending Wenger.He had all summer to buy players.He knew Cesc and Nasri would be gone in may.And what is Kroenke playing at?

Anonymous said...

You plastic fans will be the death of this club! You most prob haven't been fans long enough to know that teams and managers go rhrough bad patches. But the way some supporters have turned on the team and the manager is disgusting:(

It's now got to the point where these plastic fans are blamming wenger fir everythin
Player gets injured= wengers fault
Player gets sent off= wengers fault
Media spread BS= wengers fault

You plastic fans don't even understand that if you take 3 of you top players out if the team, then the team will struggle. But you plastic fans expect us to be winning every game, regardless of how many players are out.

You plastic fans will not be happy until Arsenal is turned into a man city club, or a club that changes manager every five mins.

But real arsenal fans, like me, have seen the good times and the bad times. You plastic fans mist prob don't even know arsenal history before wenger. Before then, you were most prob just a kid.

So real arsenal fans. Don't listen to these plastic fans who pretend they go to home games, and have supporting arsenal for years and years because they are lying.

These fans can't see what wenger has done for this club, and prem football.

Anonymous said...

In Arsene we confust.

Anonymous said...

They don't care about the fans.

Anonymous said...

WENGER IS YOUR FUCKING SCAPEGOAT...since this dik silent stan has taken over, everything is falling pear shaped...not one anti wenger supporter has turned and even thought bout wot the board are doing..i guess wenger told stan to sell his captain for 29.wotever mil and wait for the other 5..oh yeah and wenger cant wait to sell nasri off to a rival that could knock us out of a trophy....yeah wenger this wenger that...i wish he never came to my beloved red n white, that french tosser has done nothing for us except...... TURN ARSENAL INTO A GREAT CLUB WITH ONE OF THE GREATEST STADIUMS IN THE WORLD and we are not in debt.... FUCK YOU ANTI WENGER FANS, u sound like a bunch of tottenham muppets rioting!!! (CONSTANTLY WHINGING) WENGER IS ARSENAL THROUGH N THROUGH.....YOU HATE HIM, YOU HATE YOUR CLUB..SIMPLE!!!!! (if u need to vent and whinge, do it to our board n blame them...lady nina said the same and she had arsenal in her veins before wenger came to for thought..if you have a brain)

Anonymous said...

i agree with all the comments.. just take out the name wenger nd insert GAZIDIS or BOARD..yes its time for a change...................SACK THE BOARD NOT WENGER>>> didnt have these problems with DEIN...oh yeah thats right, sum of you dont even know who that is...jus goes to show why arsenal is on the slide...pathetic little anti wenger muppets

Anonymous said...

Wenger has no idea of football management or field tactics. Today's routing by Man Utd is the lowest our club has ever fallen. What top 4 ? More like bottom 4. Wenger has failed to buy any decent players when he knew that the best players were leaving. Arsenal - you can keep your money but you surely have lost the fans. said...

Very worthwhile piece of writing, thank you for this article.

Unknown said...

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