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Wednesday, November 02, 2011

Arsenal will challenge for honours this season

By 1970’s Gooner

Everyone is still criticising Arsenal for their defensive frailties.

They say that Mertesacker is slow and looks dodgy. That Santos is a kamikaze defender. That Jenkinson is too inexperienced. That Koscienly is error prone. That Szczesny is good but still a baby.

Yes all those criticisms have of course a basis of fact.

But even with those weaknesses so apparent we have managed to win eight of our last ten games! We are top of our CL group and almost certain to qualify. We now lie seventh in the Premier League only a few points off the CL places.

And we turned Chelsea over away handing them five of the best.

So can you imagine what a tremendous team we will be when two things happen:

Firstly when we begin to correct those weaknesses.

When Mertesacker gets used to his team mates and the PL.

When Santos learns to restrict his attacking instincts.

When Koscienly, as he has already shown lately, begins to show his real quality.

When Jenkinson gets better the more he games he gets (and against Marseille he looked more accomplished to me).

And secondly when our top players return to first team duty:

When Vermaelen, as he has shown against Marseille, adds more quality and more solidity to our defense.

When Sagna returns. When Gibbs returns.

But more importantly when Wilshere returns to add more creativity in midfield.


Sagna Metersacker/(Koscienly) Vermaelen Gibbs

Ramsey/(Arteta) Song Wilshere

Walcott RVP Gervinho

We could even be challenging for top honours this season with this team.


Anonymous said...

And when Diaby returns to add creativity, drive and goals from the midfield.

We can indeed, with a bit of luck and lots of hard work, win silverware this season.

Anonymous said...

That's not two things you knob it's 8 things. And for everone one of those things that may go for us there are as many things that can go against us, eg, RVP gets injured again, Chesney gets injured. Same old same old, weve see our hopes raised then dashed every one of the last 6 seasons.

frank wilcox said...

i agree whole heartedly my friend!!!! to steal a quote from mark twain and put a twist on it!!news of arsenal's demise has been greatly exaggerated!!!!

Anonymous said...

Santos is a wonderful attacking defender....but a liability in the back. He looks like the diminutive Russian at times...The central defenders and Song were chasing down his mark way way too much....MR. Santos please defend your turf or sit and watch. That said Vermelian is key to our defense going forward.

Corporate properties said...

Thats called superb working methodology and thought