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Sunday, November 20, 2011

Walcott is the real revelation

By 1970’s Gooner

Ok RVP deserves to get most of the plaudits for his all round performances and his goals. And well done Song for opting for RVP to pass the ball to instead of Gervinho who probably would have fluffed the chance, as he did with a few other chances against Norwich.

But the real revelation in the Arsenal ranks recently has been Theo Walcott for me. With RVP it has been top quality performances since last season really. But with Theo he has really come to life now.

He has managed to combine accuracy with his crosses along with his speed. He has also become more mature using his brain and his experience (he has after all played over 200 games so far).

You could see it materialising to great effect in the friendlies for England but also for Arsenal. He is unstoppable and when he gets past his defender he delivers accurate crosses waiting to be converted into goals.

He reminds me of Ronaldo when after a few years playing for Man Utd he suddenly started being accurate with his crosses and his goal assists shot through the roof. He then started scoring goals with ease.

This is what is happening with Theo now and I predict that soon we will see him scoring bag loads of goals.

And if RVP ever decides to leave then Theo will be ready to step up the plate.


Anonymous said...

The question is though, does Walcott have the physical presence to play the striker role on his good as he is and has the potential to be, not sure he will ever be a solo frontman.

Anonymous said...

Great attacking performance by Theo against Norwich...he's also started putting in a proper defensive shift too.I hope it's not a case of upping his efforts because he's fast approach the end of his current contract!!!!

Anonymous said...

Interesting and astute comparison to Ronaldo. We are all hoping Theo can marry his undeniable physical gifts to a more complete footballer, and, like you, I think wr're starting to see the beginnings of that development.

Anonymous said...

You guys are clearly blind if you think walcott could be a ronaldo type player. Astute comparison? Are you high? Walcott has little technical skill to ever execute anything the likes of ronaldo or henry have ever produced. He is simply 1 dimensional. You cannot easily develop the skills that ronaldo or henry have, that's just natural talent not athleticism.

Anonymous said...

Actually both RVP and Henry started on the wings and became front men. There's no reason Walcott can't do the same. If you can't see that he's come on leaps and bounds, could it be you watch too much MOTD and not enough actual games?

Anonymous said...

Theo has spent a lot of his developement time on the treatment table with iffy shoulders etc in the past and he's only now showing what he can do. Prof. Wouldn't have stuck with him if he was kack