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Sunday, November 27, 2011

Three major reasons why Arsenal failed against Fulham

By 1970”s Gooner

For the first reason I would agree with Wenger. The team did look jaded. Tiredness was very apparent to me especially in the second half where some of the players’ energy did begin to fail them.

One example was Song who was replaced in midfield by Diaby and also Ramsey who was not himself yesterday.

The second reason I blame on Wenger.

His team selection included Arshavin. He should never start a game again for Arsenal. He has lost his spark and with it his passing, goals coring but also his defending. He hardly tracks back leaving his defender always exposed. He should be sold in the January window.

When Gervinho came in we looked far more penetrative. He should have started and we would have won the game in my opinion.

Lastly, people are wrong to compare Arteta with Cesc. It’s Ramsey who has taken the Fabregas role but unfortunately he has his ups and downs.

He will eventually be a top player but at the moment he is lacking. And with this the team is lacking creativeness and that spark that Wilshere gives us. The team needed some creativeness to break the Fulham defence but he did not provide it.

Wilshere will when he returns and when that happens we will sweep the board.


Anonymous said...

i totally agree with you. and this is where wenger usually goes wrong all the time.i believe 90% of arsenal game lose is wenger's faults. yeah, i a agree starting arshavin wasn't a mistake. i believe aw wanted to see how he would fair in the game,but letting him play the 2nd half after seeing his poor performance was wrong. i don't understand why wenger takes too long to notice and rectify a weakness in a game.

Anonymous said...

For games like these after CL on wed he should have Park and/or Chamberlain on the bench for if the lads start to get too tired and have not won it yet.
I saw the fullham goal coming about halfway through the secong half, and this proves they were mentally tired and although breaking down fullham failed to score.

Anonymous said...

The fourth major reason:

The emirates was like a morgue. Where was the support? Where was the motivation? Where was the encouragement? Where was the intimidation effect?

I have heard more noise from my local team's support. (averaage attendance 500). Until Arsenal attendees start acting like fans, we get what we desrve.

Anonymous said...

Santos had plenty of time to clear the ball into row Z in the lead up to their goal but insted he not only tried to play out of trouble, he actually played the ball inside. Any decent full back would have gone either for the stands or pumped it up the line. Thats what led to the goal.

Anonymous said...

They are Wenger, failure to get a defensive coach and overplay and over pass.
Wenger is responsible for the fortunes of Arsenal. His policy with regard to goalies has been a failure though the present custodian may prove him right.On hind sight had he got any one of Friedel,VDS and Given five years ago, the gunners could have won at least one trophy.
The frailities of the defence have been around for the last six years.His failure to drill the players in performing their duties is glaring.Clichy said the gunners don't practise defence drills. So is it surprising the gunners let in eight goals against the red faced.
The gunners overpass more than anyothe team though against Fulham it is some what reduced.The problem is when you engage in marathon passing you give time to the other team to marshal their forces.
Look at how some of the Europa league teams score. Perhaps Wenger can learn a thing or two.

Anonymous said...

What makes this even more ridiculous is that Arshavin will probably play on Wednesday in the Carling Cup against Manchester City, when Gervinho will not play. Therefore Arshavin did not need to play yesterday, he was anonymous on the left, lack of work rate and desire.

Anonymous said...

Arshavin, Chamack, Squillachi, Almunia, Rosicky, Djouru, should be told that they should seek another club in january, they are a liability, Arshavin look tired more than any other player on the field, if we fail to add two quality player in January we will finish in 7th position, i hope Arsene sees that

Anonymous said...

What's wrong with you lot. we draw a match now and the doomers return. Arshavin was a fraction away from giving us an early lead yet you all want to jump on him. He is World class no matter what some of you may think. He was poor yesterday but seeing as he gets minimal game time maybe he was rusty.

I dont get it that he gets blamed for being lazy when he plays up front. I saw him chasing the ball many times, he just doesn't chase lost causes which wastes energy.

As for Santos getting blamed for their goal I just don't get it. We all know that Arsenal play football from back to front and have done since Wenger arrived at the Club.

I dont want to see the ball hoofed up field every time a defender gets a ball and suggest you people that do to watch Stoke and Co. You will soon find out what a pleasure it is watching the Arsenal play can be.

We played against a very tough and determined team and were very unlucky to have yet another stupid Referee.

The reason we were a little off the pace WAS because we had a difficult European match on Wednesday .

Stop blaming players just because you hate them and at least be constructive if you are going to criticise.

Anonymous said...

LOL. There was more noise conmming from the stands (especially the North Bank) than I've heard in ages..which is why Theo made a point of walking round applauding the crowd at the end of the game. Maybe you'd left by then????
I have to agree though that compared with most clubs the support given by the Emirates crowd
is poor.

Anonymous said...

No, no, no you've got it all wrong...Arsenal didn't win because they were tired. Don't you listen to Wenger? ;)

Joking aside - Great result for Fulham and thoroughly deserved. Arsenal couldn't win because the threat of RVP and Walcott was limited by the Fulham defence. Apart from those two you'd have to say there's very little in terms of difference between the two sides.You can say what you like but, Arteta isn't Fabregas and Ramsey isn't the finished article. Also, Arshavin looks like a joke compared to the player that first joined the club and was scoring for fun. What's happened there?

Fulham kept the ball extremely well in periods and put in a very creditable defensive performance when called on against one of the strongest home sides in football right now.

Anonymous said...

Chamake, arshavim,squallica,should be sold come and use their money invest on Reus, Gortiz, harzad.

Anonymous said...

its even worse to compare FABREGAS with quickly tired RAMSEY, cesc was exceptional!!!! i think he is far away from fab, MAY BE A tireless WILSHIRE.....

Anonymous said...

I was surprised to see the lineup as after watching the effort the guys put in against Dortmund it seemed obvious to bring in new players.

Benyoun, who looked good against Dortmund should have started and possibly Park or Chamakh instead of RVP. Ramsey, RVP and Gervinho could then have come on after HT to give the impetus needed.

There are not many games coming up where players can be rested and that was one of them.