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Friday, January 20, 2012

Arsenal need to wield the Ox and change tactics against United

By 1970’s Gooner

I call it as I see it and after Arshavin’s poor performance against Swansea I shudder to contemplate what will happen when Nani begins to terrorise young Miquel on the left hand side of Arsenal’s defence.
Add to this the likely possibility that Arsenal will be without Arteta and you then face the possibility that we will be suffering in central midfield as well. This is because I fear that Wenger may select Benayoun to fill in. He is however inept to play that role as his performance last week proved.

You can imagine what tactics Fergie will employ on Sunday. He will pack his midfield, probably with 5 players and try and suck the Arsenal players forward. He will then play on the counter attack as they have done in recent games at the Emirates.

With a defence relying on makeshift full backs and leaking goals Fergie will definitely fancy his chances of scoring at least one goal.

That is why Wenger has to drop Arshavin and Benayoun.

Arshavin is awful going forward but more significantly in tracking back. Poor Miquel was left isolated on many occasions in our last game and if this is repeated then expect a very one sided high scoring game. Again…

It’s about time the young Ox is given a start.

He is a far more dangerous player going forward than Arshavin and, unlike him, full of enthusiasm. He has the pace, tenacity and eye for goal. He will certainly terrorise a slow Evra but also discourage him from going forward.

The Ox, as he has shown already, can also track back and defend far more tenaciously than Arshavin ever will.

Benayoun was out of his depth whenever he played so far. He cannot and will not provide the midfield tenacity nor the skill needed to replace Arteta. If he starts then expect that we will be outrun in midfield.

Tomas Rosicky if fit should start. He is much more able to hold his own in such a difficult game and also has the ability to hold the ball and make telling passes.

Due to the obvious weakness in the full back positions and irrespective of who starts the game, Arsenal should play a more tactical game rather than go gung-ho in all out attack by pushing the full backs forward as per normal.

This will make it a much closer contest which will suit us, as the advantage of playing at home and RVP’s potency in front of goal may in the end prove decisive.


Anonymous said...

I think you mean wield not yield.

Anonymous said...

I think we know what Wenger will do though - play Arshavin, the makeshift full backs will push up, Man U will exploit the acres of space. It could be nasty (again).

Goons_with_Guns said...

Incorrect. Benayoun definitely has skill just ball control and distribution like Arteta is not one of them.

davi said...

Yes, benayoun is a quality player, but perhaps CM is not his position (although it's a bit hard to judge based on one game). I definitely agree that rosicky is more tried and tested in that role, and is capable of doing a very good job their. That doesn't mean you just discard benayoun, though, and this might be the sort of game where he would be useful starting in one of the wide positions?

Anonymous said...

Fed up reading rubbish everywhere...

The fact is Wenger a stubborn arsehole, all paln A, no plan B and has finally managed to ruin Arsenal, 6 years into his 5 year plan !!!!
Accept it... OR chuck your season ticket at him, like I will.