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Friday, February 17, 2012

Arsenal, a bad day at the office

By 1970’s Gooner
I call it as I see it and what I saw at the San Siro wasn’t pretty.

Every single player vastly underperformed. From the goalkeeper to the out and out striker.

Sczesny’s kicking was bad and resulted in the first goal.

Vermaelen had a shocker. I have never seen him play so bad. He was at fault for the first and the third goal.

Sagna was outrun by Ibrahimovic for their second.

Koscienly was marking no one when Robinho had a free header.

Arteta, Ramsey and Rosicky were non existent in midfield. Ramsey has a good game followed by a bad game. Arteta is average and Rosicky was played out of position.

This I think was Wenger’s fault in the sense that Rosicky instead of playing on the wing tended to come in field. This meant that Song was forced out of the central midfield role he is accustomed to. Thus there was no significant ball winner in midfield and as a result Milan run riot in this crucial area of the pitch.

I am not saying that we lost the game because of this but I do think it was a contributing factor.

Walcott was again non existent and the Ox for some reason didn’t start!

RVP tried his best but with no support he was rendered almost superfluous.

It was a team failure rather than due to specific reasons that you could say if they were corrected this defeat could have been avoided. Not even if the midfield positions were not messed about as I explained above.

This is why I am not so despondent after this failure nor am I jumping on the media bandwagon calling for a massive cull of 95 % of the players and Wenger’s head for good measure.

For just as there was an overall team under performance in Italy we could well witness a strong comeback against Sunderland in the FA Cup.

All that needs to happen is a good kick up the arse with the players raising their game to their usual level and lo and behold you could witness a backlash and a massive win shutting everyone’s mouths up!

And then everyone will be saying that the defeat at the San Siro was a bad day at the office!


Anonymous said...

A bad day, that's an understatement it has been a bad five seasons with Wenger's deadwood, his useless tactics, his useless signings, his refusal to accept the obvious, we are a team in serious decline

Anonymous said...

So you blame the other midfielders for Song's abysmal performance? The guy was non-existent! If he's the best DM that Wenger can come up with then we're in trouble.

Anonymous said...

This was far more than a single bad performance.
If you couldn't see the gap in class, the gap in motivation, the gap in organisation-you must be blind.
And this to a team that had not won any of its last 4 games and virtually the same team were put out by Spurs last year.
When a whole team under performs as badly as this-its not the fault of individual players. Why was there no evidence of defensive organisation or discipline-or attacking threat?
Its down to Wenger-no one else.