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Saturday, February 18, 2012

You are deluded Mr Wenger

By 1970’s Gooner
What a joker Djourou is! And Squillaci! As soon these two jokers got together it was pretty obvious that we were going to get thumped. One bad mistake after another. One schoolboy error after another. Any high ball over the top and we were running for cover.

Djourou dithered on the ball, allowed the opponent to close him down and gave away the foul from which we conceded. He had a nightmare of a game. And he does this in every game. Yet he gets a new contract!

You can’t just play with a centre back who is League 2 standard. You will get punished. And we played with two centre backs who are League 2 standard!

And as for Ramsey I don’t really blame him for another inept performance. It’s Wenger that should take the blame for starting him. Why on earth doesn’t he trust Rosicky? When he came on we had more direct passes to our forwards and had a better shape.

Wenger is deluded. I am convinced. Do you know that he praised the players’ performance saying that they were tired and that we were unlucky!!!

You are deluded Mr Wenger, badly.

Is it the 7th season now without a trophy? How many more can we endure?

The trouble is that he will not walk away because his ambition is not necessarily to win trophies. It is to win them with the young players he develops.

Well it aint gona happen Mr Wenger.

He seems happy if we finish 4th every year. The Board seem happy if we finish 4th every year!

All that they are concerned about is making enough profits to pay off the debts to the banks and thus raise the value of the shares. So that when they do sell off they make a big killing.

They don’t give a shit about the fans.

The only way they will listen is when we fail to make 4th spot or if we stop buying the expensive season tickets.


Anonymous said...

So why dont we send a message to Wenger and the Board. Lets have an empty stadium for the Milan home game.

Anonymous said...

Anyone else had enough of 4-5-1?

Anonymous said...

So, what great achievements make you big enough to be so disrespectful to the manager of a top-4 EPL club? Or are you just another qwerty warrior?

Anonymous said...

yes i am boycotting going for milan match....we need revolution till then no support whatsoever.

Anonymous said...

To the clown who said fuck the sustainable warrior: maybe have a word with Portsmouth and Rangers supporters

Anonymous said...

A gutless performance by our bunch of multi-millionares.Managed by a manager who is tactically clueless.
I feel so for RVP a diamond in a pile of shit.
Wenger and Kroenke out now!

AFC said...

How many Arsenal players could play for Man Utd. or Man City?

Robin Van Persie and maybe Vermaelen.

The defenders are a horror show. The midfield has no leadership or creativity. Only Van Persie has kept the team afloat.
Djourou,Squillaci,Arshavin,etc. were all brought in by Wenger and he stubbornly refuses to ever admit his mistakes!

Anonymous said...

If Arsenal were playing Wigan next week inside of the Spuds the gate would be 30,00
Wenger do the honourable thing and quit

Anonymous said...

Djourou is up there with Ceasar and Stephanovs as one of our worst ever CB's.As Roy Keane said hes a mistake waiting to happen

Anonymous said...

Wenger- probably the worst manager in the PL at this moment in time. A manager of a Sunday league team will have more ideas on formations, tactics and motivation. Wenger is a cancer slowly killing Arsenal.

Anonymous said...

I have siad it for years to my firends. Wenger runs the club like his personal project. Its his project to prove he can achive the same amount of success as 17 other clubs in the league at a fraction of the expense.

I love wenger and what he has done for the club but the board are lick his arse and think the sun shines out of it. They sy the £ signs and as long as we kept getting european footbal then it is all good for them. The europa league would not be a disaster beacuse the stadium will still be full or nearly full and its a copetition that we will get to atl east the quarter finals of and although the tv money might be lower, every game will be televised.

Wenger needs to do one of to things. 1 Rebuild the squad and stop being the board's lover boy or step aside and let someone else do it. I think at least 15 players need to go either because they are crap or just surplus to requirements.

I dont think wenger will do that and it will mean Van Persie will go and so will Walcott. I know alot of people are indiffrent with Walcott but i really dont think it is worth getting rid of a 22 year old england internation who is lighting quick. He deserves more time.

If Van persie gose i really don't know what wenger will do and who will replace him. I fear he may search around for a lesser player hoping he will turn him in to the next big thing.

Bring on next season.

Anonymous said...

ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

well, as a portsmouth fan and going through turmoil with my club i have a message...... be carefull what you wish for!

Anonymous said...

Why do you guys blame Mr. Wenger? You guys in UK/England have continued to put up with him and patronize the stadium for all these years in order for the board to make money. if yuo want to revolt, we fans here in AFrica will support you

Anonymous said...

arsenal fan from the pompey fan careful what you wish for.
To anyone that is now boycotting the Milan game....lets have your ticket??? Please???

It is funny that Wenger was never questioned about his tactics till about 2006...I guess he just got lucky for the first 10years

Anonymous said...

How predictable!! The moment I heard about Portsmouth and Rangers I knew the scaredy-cats would come out bearing more praise for Wenger. Listen!! This is not about how much money we have, this is about a person who tries to play in the PL without Tactics! A person who has constantly treated defending like it's a seedy part of football. It is about a man who has his own unique idea on what makes a player good.

Yes, he did a great job with Arsenal ages ago (and yes, to the guy above me, of course Wenger's tactics weren't being attacked until 2006; he had much better players who probably didn't need that much direction and most importantly, they won stuff!!), but the past is the past. I'm an old Arsenal fan and I didn't want G.Graham to go, but he did and then what happened? We got Bruce, and that wasn't too good, but what happened after that? We got Wenger, and we started winning things, more than what we'd won with George. To some, this may show that Wenger is still relevant, but to me, all it shows is that Change is always necessary. Things actually come to an end, believe it or not!

Anonymous said...

I excuse my beloved AFC and what seems like a manager who seems completely inept at the moment, making what seems like poor tactical decisions on formations. But what I cannot fathom or accept is what seems like a complete lack of effort. I have been screaming for years at Theo Walcott who seems to pass the ball and then walk! He had 2 touch's today and was offside on both occasions! Unbelievable. But honestly what maddens me the most is our management - the transfer dealings were shambolic. Not the workers, not the Manager... But Arsenal Football Club board members.. HANG YOUR HEADS IN SHAME.

Anonymous said...

Sustainable we have to be, but sustainable in a new stadium that is carrying such debt does require spending 25M to ensure we make 45M.

Wenger has never been a picker of defensive or GK talent. Vermaelen and Kos are fine, but the likes of Djouro, Squid, Cygan, Silvestre, Clichy, Almunia, Fabianski have no business in the red and white first team. To compound matters he sells guys like Henry, Cesc and Vierra to do THEM a fucking favor while ass fucking the club. Cesc had four years left on his contract he just signed for Christ's sake. He keeps idiots like Dennilson and finds they have no value, nobody will pay a penny for that sod. Wenger has been living on a media built image, which does not stand up to scrutiny. He believed his own press (as did we)to the point he thinks he is the club. Wrong Arsene, we supported the club long before you came and will long after you are gone. Graveyards are filled with 'irreplaceable' men.

Time go, with our thanks for ten good years.

Anonymous said...

the good news is Djourou has just extended his contract

Anonymous said...

@Anon 11:08 yeah good response regarding tactics....he had much better players who probably didn't need that much direction. It was all the plyers at that time but now its all wenger???

Cole=attacking LB used to be a striker, Lauren came here as a midfielder, kolo came as a midfielder and then Sol. I think that is proof that 3/4 of the defenders needed direction. To say anything else is just plain stupid, the credibility of your post is now at zero...unfortunately.

Yeah Wenger has his own opinion on what makes a player good...Surely everyone has their own opinion about what makes a player good...that is life.

Anonymous said...

Just Heard that due to our players being consistently injured or incompetent, that UEFA have allowed Arsenal a special transfer spring window. The following players have expressed an interest and look certain to sign:
442 Formation
RVP - Bobby
Subs: Parlour Ramsey Petit Dixon Overmars Silva

Shit just woke up !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

"likes of Djouro, Squid, Cygan, Silvestre, Clichy, Almunia, Fabianski have no business in the red and white first team."

I understand the anger, but Cygan was an invincible, so couldn't have been that bad, and we would have won the league with Almunia and Clichy (Clichy is actually a very good LB), were it not for Eduardo's injury and a host of strange and untimely refereeing decisions.

Davi said...

"Anyone else had enough of 4-5-1?"
My thoughts exactly.
Stick Theo up front with RVP for a few games. If he can't hack it, his time is up. We also have Park sitting on the bench or in the reserves - give the guy a chance!
Give Ramsey a rest, he's not contributing anything anyway atm, and put rosicky or benayoun on the other wing to Oxlade. This can't be any worse than the situation currently. When the players are tiring at this point in the season, we always look light up front because the midfielders struggle to support the CF.

Anonymous said...

I have all along believed that Wenger has lost the plot.Just imagine a epl team manager doesn't practise defence drills.This is surely unthinkable if press reports and what Clichy said to be true.It must be 90% true. Otherwise how do you explain the gunners having a porous defence and an innate ability to deal with high balls,set pieces,etc.
The problem is Wenger expects other teams to play to his style.Unfortunately these other bosses play to win. They don't care which system they use. The ultimate aim is to win.
No matter what he says and will say surely the FM has reached a cul de sac.He should either go upstairs or quit and go to another club which will allow him to fulfill his dream of tip tap soccer without winning.He will find his new employers aint that patient and would axe him the moment results ainf fothcoming.

Anonymous said...

We can look at all the stats and facts but one thing is clear the past cannot help us Arsene is currently only as good as his failed three year plan.Let's face it gunners, as much as we love Arsene,all good things come to an end this team is bigger than any individual.IN ARSENAL WE TRUST!!!

Davi said...

"How many Arsenal players could play for Man Utd. or Man City?"
Not sure about City, but honestly, RVP, Kos, Song, Arteta and arguably Vermaelen would play in the Utd first team. Coquelin and Oxlade will defintely be good enough - devastated to see Coquelin injured again (3 games, 3 bad pitches, 3 fucking injuries - how is this acceptable for top level clubs!!!!) Some of the others might be in rotation. The problems seem to be more general. I think it's a partly a question of tactics, partly tiredness (which isn't a good enough excuse either in most cases, imo), and injuries.

Anonymous said...

What is it with this fixation with Walcott he has flattered to deceive for 3 years! Get rid. He crosses when he should shoot, he shoots when he should cross, when he shoots it is off target, he side-foots the ball when he should smash it, he passes then walks, he falls when he should stay on his feet and .......... Blah blah .... He is bloody crap!!

Anonymous said...

This is amazing. You have had 2 decades of the high life and now the manager is a disgrace? Isn't this the sort of stuff the death of Gary Speed highlighted as generally a bad thing?

And if you manage to beat Tottenham next week All will be forgiven won't it?

Fickle. Fickle.

Anonymous said...

Couldn't agree more about Walcott, he needs to focus on shooting instead of giving his opinions to various media outlets.

Anonymous said...

Robin Van Persie might get a game for City, Utd or Spurs. The rest of your team...come on serious.

It's all about form not reputation and you aint got much form.

Anonymous said...

Anon at 23:27

By 'not much direction' I meant with regards to tactics, sorry if that wasn't obvious.

I could go on and poke flaws in your attempt to poke flaws in mine, but that would ultimately be a waste of time. Because my main point was that everything has its end. And i'll be here -again and again - to show you how relevant that point is. It might be tricky to conclude whether a person has failed or not if that person slyly opts out of setting concrete targets, but it will soon be impossible to hide from the truth. And when 'this' comes to a disgraceful end ( if what we had to see today wasn't already bad enough), maybe you'll be able to show me how well your 1st grade logic stands up to reality.

Take care of yourself.

Anonymous said...

Bacary Sagna better than....Rafael - yes, richards - yes, walker - yes, Ivanovic - yes.

Best RB in the prem bar top 3 in europe.

Anonymous said...

By 'not much direction' I meant with regards to tactics, sorry if that wasn't obvious

As previously stated, winning the league and not losing a game with a defence where none of them started their careers in that position(even Sol) needs more than 'not much tatcics/direction'

It needs a fair bit of work that you are happy to gloss over and ignore to make your own point more valid.
You will be back again and again to show that everything has an end....apart from you posting? lol

Now your credibility is at an all time low...probably now a negative.

Anonymous said...

Why can't our billionaire shareholders provide huge monetary support like the one that the Etihad stadium naming rights have done for Man city? What was it...$400 million for a number of years sponsorship?

Then we really have serious financial muscle to buy marquee players.

Gazz1412 said...

Your all Deluded, Wenger built a team that went the whole season unbeaten, thats how good he is!!!

The guy is given peanuts in transfer windows to try and keep pace with the other big hitters.

The board can talk all they want about significant funds in place for Wenger to spend, but I know they are talking about £40 mil.

Eden Hazard buy out clause £34mil + wages 4 mil a year 5 year contract total outlay £54mil.

£40mil might be a lot to Bolton or Wigan but its fuck all in terms of bringing in the top quality players that we need. Wenger has to continually do it on a shoestring by finding players like Kos and TV5 and then getting players like Ox before they have really made it. Its the only way he can operate with the funds available to him.

We moved to a new stadium to compete, but as it turned out its put a massive drain on all our finances. Even the sponsership deals we signed were crap, we signed shit 5 and 10 year deals so we could get all the cash up front. I have even heard rumours that the club shop is franshised out for the first 5 years of the stadium (we get it back this year).

Get rid of the board I say!!!!

Anonymous said...

..."yes i am boycotting going for milan match....we need revolution till then no support whatsoever."...

Can I have your ticket?

It seems a bit entitled to think a season ticket grants you a say on management decisions. It's like going to the cinema and demanding they change the end of the film. Buy a ticket and support the team, or don't and let a SUPPORTER have it.

Anonymous said...

Is there any point in blaming Wenger to the degree we have been? Is it ALL HIS FAULT?? yes he deserves criticism for mistakes he has made...but he has done alot more good then bad !!! Stop being so fickle I honestly believe that injuries at key times have hindered our chances of winning silverware in the last few seasons Yes that will be down to the squad not being big enough but for one second think..we CANNOT AFFORD big name big contract players to sit on the bench, we are not Chelsea and Man City and thank god we are not even though they have proved that money can buy you instant success from nothing...but at what cost? making a loss, putting the club in dire straits?...Saddling the club with even more debt on top of the stadium? cmon..I mean it sounds like fans dont care about any other concequence other then Arsenal to just win...just win...who cares about behind the scenes...building a side...building a self succificent club meaning we dont need to ever get bailed out by an arab billionaire....just go out there and win - if you do everything is ok...Wenger is the master, and when you dont...Wenger is a ''cancer killing our club'' i laughed when i read that previous response..

Wenger has taken Arsenal to the next level and put them on a par with the biggest clubs in the world !! for years it been common knowledge that we play the best football on the league..we used to win trophies with...and more recently we have still played some great stuff but more in patches and we have been less successful that is the truth...We are envied by nearly every other club in thi country for our history and tradition..we are not called ''The Arsenal'' for nothing !!

It would be so quick to follow in the footsteps of other teams or jump on the bangwagon and call for Wenger to go...mass protests etc but what do you want to achieve from that? make wenger aware that the club is not as strong as it was? dont you think he does not know that? believe me we heard recently the truest comments by wenger recently about our stadium repayments we have to make 15-20 million pounds profit ever year until this bloody stadium is paid off...we dont have the money folks we cant afford the wages and big transfers..i will be very suprised to what our transfer ability will be once this stadium is paid for - if it is still the same procedure..then we should worry...but for now...we should stay united behind this team and manager through the good which we all were happy to do and the bad which we do t seem to want to do....we have no divine right to win trophies every season...there are clubs who are as big as us if not bigger who have gone through much leaner periods then us ( Man utd & Liverpool )

To the fan who says that he can remember George Graham...ok mate..GG was a quality manager for Arsenal at a time where teams were closer in terms of revenue and squad quality...there was no russian billionaire and transfer fees were realistic...but after the first four years when we had league success...we had turned into a cup side...great defence with a striker who could always nick you a goal...
You only need to look at our league positions
1992, 1993, 1994, 1995, while we won those theee cups...and fans who can remember that era will agree to that...there was no league run in any of those seasons and we even flirted with relegation in one...
What about fans of the 1979 - 1986 time? trophies..mid-table obscurity with only bragging rights over Spurs to play for whilst they won the F.A Cup and Uefa Cup...tough times...

All i am saying is that it is too easy to blame Wenger...yes we are not where we want to be at the moment but support the team..get behind them...through good times and bad...this is whats its all about...this is why we are some of the best fans in the world...our good times are coming again..stick with the team !!

A very passionate fan...
Season ticket holder ( Red Action )

Anonymous said...

5) THE ANSWER IS......

Anonymous said...

Wenger is deluded if he thinks he can bring the gunners to the cl without compromising his philosophy.
His one brand style is easy to counter and yet he shows no sign of ever remotely changing it.The other team will let him have plenty of possession.The passing will break down at some point.This is the cue for the counter strike.I remembered it was used to great effect by Newcastle in Dec 2001.Fortunately the gunners had the English back bone of defenders.After that defeat the gunners went on to win the double beating NU 3-0 in a replay.
Since then the defence has not been significantly improved and that's why the gunners are losing games they should have won.
Wenger isn't focussed on defence.He is more focussed on attack resulting in an imbalance.
Until he gets the balance right,the gunners will continue to lose.

Anonymous said...

what i find amazing about a lot of arsenal fans is when you were winning playing 'sexy football' it was the best thing ever! any teams playing ugly to win are considered the dross of football to wenger, now you crave it! welcome to the real world!

Olusanya Gbolahan Vincent said...

I hope and pray that this is not the slow and agonizing demise of a proud club. Arsene Wenger has been too comfortable, and most of we,the fans have demanded too little,defending him at every turn.Reminds me of last season when we dropped out of 3 competitions within a week.Its the same old cycle and its never going to stop unless Wenger changes his philosophy.For crying out loud,we are the fifth richest club in the world and the only club out of the top ten richest clubs not to have won anything in the past seven years.
It's like Arsenal are caught in a vicious circle, whereby any player reaching a certain high standard, will look around him, see a team full of average players and eventually decide to leave. It happened with Fabregas and Nasri, it's likely to happen with van Persie. I'll be hugely surprised if van Persie is still at Arsenal next year. What possible incentive is there to stay? With big games coming up i.e spurs,Liverpool and Everton,it's anybodys guess where we will be on the table in a forthnight.High time we told Wenger to shape up or ship out before he completely destroys Arsenal with his obstinacy,delusion and pride. Nobody is bigger than the club,not even you Mr Wenger.

Anonymous said...

We want you to stay, We want you to stay
Arsene Wenger we want you to stay!! :p #MindTheGap

Anonymous said...

To some of the posters, who are brainwashed Wenger followers:

- you can't blame Kroneke for Djourou's and Squilacci's incapable performances
- you can't blame Djourou and Squilacci for playing, Wenger picks the team
- you can only blame Wenger for squad management, tactic management, man management issues, that include losing the dressing room (he cannot inspire them anymore), picking underperformers like Ramsey again and again, giving Denilson and co. so much time, buying youngsters instead of proven quality (no matter how talented Ox is, we needed to buy experienced midfielders).

You cannot explain why we lost to teams like Sunderland and Blackburn , why we draw after 4-0. This is all Wenger's fault, not Kroneke's.

Anonymous said...

Phenomenally ignorant and hysterical article, son. You single out Djourou as one of the architects for the loss, but instead of parroting media 'insight' how about developing your own opinions?

Crap pass from TV5 for DJourou to be put under pressure prior to free kick. Imbalance of players committed in advance position searching for the equaliser before sessongnon's break - where was Bac?

TV5 is an excellent defender but he kept drifting in to left central too often and kept bombing forwards leaving a big gap on our left flank. Squillaci was unlucky, but I can't recall too many moments where his play put us in gip; it seems to me that most of sunderland's joy came from the wings and from professional nous (shirt-pulling, tugging back, late-this-side-of-legal challenges which WEbb didn't correct until the second-half).

to all the lionheart bleed red and white brigade planning the milan return leg boycott, please make good on your promises, but take it one step further and don't renew your season ticket (if you have these); we don't need your support and can do without your ignorant booing or your conditional support. Give up your tickets for the spuds game or the chavski fixture. If you want to protest, don't give the club your money by spending in the shops or on the grub and booze, or place bets in the stadium; do that for every home fixture and perhaps that might get the club to 'engage' with you, otherwise shut up and get behind the team, but I suppose it's hard when you don't go because you can only watch half-arsed highlights on match of the day.

Most of us jump with the good times and roll with the bad. I was disappointed that I couldn't harvest the bin bagsthat were supposed to have adorned the empty seats for th blacburn game.

Anonymous said...

This analysis of a chav, very entertaining but ultimately worthless.

Anonymous said...

Well the board are the ones that say we have no money wenger may choose but if the board vito the hes hung by the board.... as to say no quality players ar available they could have picked up M'vila in the window that would not have hurt them. Hazard the answer, be a good start? Not so sure Mertans better, Let Walcott go fo him anyday, we have a good set of centre backs one more and a left back. Bacary Sanga would walk into any team. Good back up keep. Also striker, pick your one from any. Simple message to the board, Arsenal football club is not a cash cow, it could be a dodgy hedge fund and go under with no investment.

Terry norman said...

Let's get this into perspective, Wenger has had his day! Like many successful people it goes to their head and thereafter they always think their right. 7 years of failure, stubbornness and terrible signings proves Wenger has lost the plot! A complete lack of tactical awareness, defensive coordination, lack of motivation amongst the players result in almost weekly humiliation and ridicule. And every fan has the right to criticise. No gooner is paid to be a gooner it's just in your blood. Can the same be said for, Wenger, the board and majority of the players?

Anonymous said...

Guys there are yids on here! When they talk about Wenger staying and 'mind the gap' it's obvious who the pathetic scum is! But knowing they want Wenger to stay says it all, all you Wenger supporters just think about that.

Come on Eileen said...

anonymous at 6.38pm, don't you dare suggest I'm a spud because I won't join in your moronic criticism of Wenger, you fackin' mug. Just because I choose not to subscribe do your brainless and baseless critiquing of Wenger in no way correlates to any assertion that I support the scum of the lane.

Here's an idea, boycott every home game for the rest of the season. Go and support chelscum or pin your colours to the masts of the Manchester clubs because they're doing well and your self esteem needs a boost to be seen to be supporting those types of clubs.

You've got no idea, any of you, of what it means to follow the Arsenal, you only look for the good times and can't even be bothered to support when things are shit.

Anonymous said...

Giving Djourou a new contract is a masterstroke, as it will be on more than 40k per week, thus ensuring he is unsellable when Wenger or his replacement finally realise how bad he is. For evidence please see Diaby, Denilson, Bendtner, Vela and until moneybags QPR came around Traore

Anonymous said...

Watching us get beaten by Norwich, WBA, etc at Highbury back in the 80's, doesn't make our current demise any more bearable ! And just because I genuinly fear who our next manager will be, doesn't mean I'll ignore Arsene's failures and his refusal to solve the issues which are causing Arsenal's decline. It is our club and we don't like to see it being mismanaged.

Anonymous said...

Isn't it true, that we get what we settle for ?

Anonymous said...

It's got to be bad when Gooners are hoping that spuds beat us so that Arsene gets sacked. I'd never have believed it ! I, myself, will be suprised if the bloody spuds don't beat us because our team has become such a mess. Arsene signs the players, trains them, chooses the system and picks the team. He is answerable for the performance and results.

Anonymous said...

Being a supporter brings the emotional highs and lows that makes us feel alive. The Arsenal vs spuds is not to be missed !

Anonymous said...

Wenger says beating Spurs means the crisis is over. He has even said finishing 4th is like winning a trophy.That shows how far his stock has fallen.
If the Spurs games ends in a defeat,I don't know what else he will say.he would probably say give my kids more time.That I'm afraid comes from the mouth of a deranged scintist.

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