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Friday, February 03, 2012

Denilson and Ramsey suffer Wenger’s obsession

By 1970’s Gooner

Don’t get me wrong. No way can Denilson be compared to Ramsey in terms of skill. The young Welsh midfielder is in my opinion an exciting talent. He has shown that he has those attributes to become a big player for Arsenal. I have a doubt if he will ever get to the level of Fabregas but then not many in the world will, but who knows?

Why am I mentioning Denilson in the same breath? The reason is that Wenger once thought that Denilson was a star in the making and he did what he is doing now with Ramsey. He kept playing him day in day out. Irrespective of the quality of his performances.

And Denilson had some good games but he had quite a lot more average games. 

But more importantly he failed to improve. 

His performances reached a level which was not up to the Arsenal and Premier League standard and no matter how many more games he played he couldn’t go beyond that barrier.

I am not saying that Ramsey will do the same. But what Wenger is doing obvious. He is doing a “Denilson” on Ramsey.

He is obsessed about playing Ramsey in nearly every game so that he could accelerate his development.

What Wenger is achieving though is nothing of the sort.

The boy cannot perform at this level in every game. It’s natural at this age to produce inconsistent performances and that is what we are getting at the moment. 

This however is happening at the expense of results. Results that are badly needed in our pursuit of …..fourth spot.

One has to wonder. Is Wenger doing this knowing that he could really jeopardise Arsenal’s CL aspirations? I think not at this juncture where we are facing the precipice as it were.

And that is why I expect that Ramsey will be rested/dropped for the game against Blackburn with Rosicky getting a deserved start.


Anonymous said...

So you really think that Ramsey is the reason why we are not gonna finish in the top four... So not because wenger didn't sign the players we need, not because we can't defend (with the exception of koZer) and not because no one else in the team can't score apart from RVP. Ramsey is capable of fantastic performances, Chelsea away, second half vs villa etc. He will be a top player but he's got a huge weight on his young shoulders! Did we all of a sudden forget how good he was before he got scythed by that thug?! Give the young lad a break, he'll be a great player!

Anonymous said...

But didn't Fabregas also getted 'overplayed' in the same manner? Besides, we don't have many options in midfield at the moment...

Anonymous said...

This is a pretty silly criticism, not one of your better posts.

A more interesting question might be to take a closer look at what happened to Denilson? At the end he became the favourite scape goat for the idiots we have for fans, but there were times during 2008-09 that he looked a very promising player.

Anonymous said...

Let us get one thing straight, comments made on Ramsey's skills were not by any means directed to him as a player. Yes, he is a nice bright lad with lots of energy and future, but the point is Arsenal could not afford to play him at his current mid-field playmaker position because he is not quite at that level.
The responsibility to decide this belongs to Wenger. The sad thing with all this is that he hurt this young player’s future by playing them out of place and the funs get angry on the player that was what happened with Danielson. Ramsey's fate will certainly be the same, if Wenger exposes him week after week the way he is doing right now. Wenger may have his own reason for doing that but it is not fair for the player and most importantly not fair for the club to loose winnable games.
If Wenger put Rosicky in Ramsey's position and allow Song to push forward to help Rosicky, but he needs to play Coquilen in place of Arteta to cover the holding mid-fielder position, this will create a strong mid-field for Arsenal. If the news on Diaby holds true, he will be back at the end of this month to fill in the missing link.
Yes, Ramsey's position is not the only position that needs a change, Walcott is the other one, Wenger should give Park a chance, the best scenario will be to start Park and sub him after half time by Walcott.

Anonymous said...

I am totally confused at ur posts. This is a very fair assertion of what Wenger is, in my opinion too, is doing. Ramsey overall performance this season has been average. Yes some very good performances but a lot of awful ones too. Ramsey is our attacking midfielder but he is shy in front of the goalpost. He has missed more scoring opportunities than any Arsenal player,exclusive of Walcott. His role is to provide and create scoring opportunities and to score in some cases but he is obviously doing none at the moment. Most times he is outclassed as a midfielder. If you doubt this take a good look at Arteta or Wilshire games. That would help u define midfield control. So to answer your questions if Ramsey was playing good enough we would be scoring more goals. But the blame goes to Wenger. Y? He has refused to reinforce his midfield despite an obvious need to do that. Song, Arteta are great. Ros is ok and could be used to give Ramsey a bit of competition. Diaby and Wilshire are injured. Benayoun I don't know, may God help us.

Anonymous said...

I prefer Ben Arfa to Ramsey

Anonymous said...

Ramsey needs games due to the injury he suffered, before that he was coming into his own and everyone was excited

He cant be on the bench as he will end up like eduardo who hid from a challenge when he returned.

His performance vs swansea was shocking but people forget his age and injury.

He should play home games and lesser teams away.

Away games our midfield trio should be song , coquelin and arteta in front of those two.

Anonymous said...

Who d hell is dis ignorant fool dats saying Ramsey has class? Class my ass, the boy is overrated and he has no class, skill or even common football sense. He is not a player to be playing in a club I mean a "great club" like Arsenal and I really dnt blame him at all I just blame d useless old and confused man we call our manager Arsene. He's d alfa and omega of d problems in @ Arsenal. Imagine leaving Chamberlain on d bench all dis while and allowing Tjeo to show us week in week out how useless he is. Imagine d last game he took d best player we had on d field and brought on Henry dat cnt move, run, pass or even do anything as a Premier league footballer shouldM trust me our problems lie in Arsene and d sooner he leaves d better for d club. Otherwise he'll drag us faaaaaar down and leave to Madrid, PSG @ d end of d day. God bless Arsenal.

Anonymous said...

My thought process on this is , what's my Football knowledge pedigree compared to Arsene Wenger? It's a joke right? Not even comparable. So while I can have an opinion, I never think that Wenger doesn't know what he's doing. I mean that's just ridiculous to say that.

Anonymous said...

Wenger is to blame!! Young players should play but i think wr rush some. Boys v Men. Science tells us that bones harden once you stop growing, which is why our boys are always breaking. Look at wilshere. Why has he been out the whole season, wenger out!!! Fed up of remembering past glories. We are in the now...

Anonymous said...

Nice post, for ramsey's sake, he is not a creative midfielder,rosicky is better equiped.AW is sacrifysing results for ramsey's dev't.he might not reach the level for a creative midfielder considering his level of technical ability.

Anonymous said...

you are definitely right!!!Ramsey is playing shit!!!!is the reason why we loosing,the guy is not running in the field,poor passe omg!!!!thank you brov coz you have pick up the most reason why we are loosing

Anonymous said...

Look everyones opinion is quite accurate, wenger has 2 take d blame 4 dis nd also take a little crdt, why? First ramsey is a good talent nd wenger puts him in dese games 2 remove d shackles on his legs which was caused by shawcross in d form of a season-long injury which is a good idea but in dat regarrd wenger has caused dis inconsitency bcuz he has turnd a very immature player in2 a team dat needs experienced legs which ramsey doesn't have @ all, so wat I wud say is dat next season wenger do d best thing nd sign someone who is young but has experience like gourcuffnd put ramsey on loan where he can gt expirence playin in anodaa league by so doin we hit 2 birds wit one stone, if wengerr continue using ramsey like dis d boy will break down like wilshere.

Anne J Goddard said...

I know it is hugely unpopular sometimes to criticize Wenger simply because of what he has done for our great club. However, of late people like me have grown sick and tired of Wenger hiding his deficiencies how exciting we play football. By the way, we don’t even play attractive football anymore. All the flair players apart from Ox and RVP have all gone without replacements. He is blinded to the problems that we can all see. Supporters’ investments in the form of the costliest ticket fees in the EPL were never invested in the team. One would think this money would be spent to improve the team but NO. We keep spending exorbitant amount of money on sub standard players and on a Manager (5m a year) who is not challenged to win any trophy. Wenger told us in the summer that he has money to spend if he finds a special player. Well since then a host of quality players have since been signed up by other premiership clubs like Newcastle, Tottenham and Fulham. Players such as Modric, Demba, Ruiz, Mata. In the same period, we were busy signing players like Amaury Bischoff, Johan Djourou, Squillaci, Chamakh, Park, Benayoun. How can you replace Fabregas and Nasri with those Clowns? You can’t really blame his scouting system because we are often told by Wenger whenever a player from the opposing team had done well against us that he knew about them first but didn’t sign them at the time. I wouldn’t be surprised if RVP walks out on us by the end of the season. Wenger has turned us into the laughing stock of all the other premiership teams. I know some fools would ask me to go and support another team for writing this, well I am not going to, I just want the best for Arsenal Football Club.

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry but wenger isnt to blame for everything.

Its the board simple as, kroenke doesnt do or say anything, gazidis he isnt a patch on dein, dein had the respect.

we have some dude called richard law who doesnt even do transfer negotians very well.

We have a manager who worked a miracle for us , showed us football and the rest of the league a different class of football and more importantly showed us LOYALTY when other bigger clubs wanted him... produced an academy which is producing talent every year.

What did the board do? give him less to work with, make him sell his best players and still got us in the champs league.

Ive been a gunner since I was 7 i am 32 now and have never been so disgusted how many people have come out to kick him down.

Please do more of it so when he leaves and then you see the real exodus, wilshere, rvp, song, frimpong, coqulein, koscielny, vermalen, szcezney,sagna, even chamberlain wont stick around, and all the young prospects such as afobe, aneke etc will all leave.

wengers problem, he spoilt you ignorant fans and he should have got rid of pat rice.

ask yourself this if wenger leaves who will come in, if wenger cant have the money why will the next man?

Anonymous said...

Dein…… Bought in graham…..silverware galore, anfield 89, Got rid after the bung, bought bergkamp
Changed Ricoh after one season even though bergkamp got us into Europe last game & bought in arsene ‘who’ doubles, invincibles, CL final… He bought in kroenke to get money into the club, fizman booted him out for it, Dein realised kroenke won’t invest so bought in & sold to usmanov who WANTS to invest, pay off the debt, has a box & is a fan…. Since fizman booted Dein out we are a disaster, stadium great but football shit, we hear about ‘self sustainable model’ after being sold stadium is to ‘compete’… Fizman sold this bullshit self sus mod to the same kroenke he sacked Dein over for 120 million quid…. We are left with a crap ‘franchise’ like kroenkes other rubbish paid by his wife!…. Arsene has to work with gazides who is kroenkes man…. This is our disaster… I could cry… Our beloved club & our odd genius manager have been sold down the river for a feud to a yank moron, who never comes to games like we do, has invested not one cent, says nothing does nothing

Kroenke IS THE PROBLEM & his lap dog gazides

Few thoughts about arsene… Yes agree with all the negatives chamakh, subs blah blah but for perspective when Dein was by his side and winning doubles he bought crap too stepanovs, Jeffers, Richard wright etc loads of em… Think about it

It’s not arsene

It’s fizman RIP & our new ‘OWNER KROENKE’

Anonymous said...

bottom line there is no one better to play. Rosicky is terrible, he never produces great performances, he is consistently average. I rather have someone who is young and capable of a brilliant game than a 30-something who will never ever impress you.

Anonymous said...

Talking about rosicky, i think he would hav score *3 of his career goals if his left foot was as gud as his right.

Anonymous said...

Spot on.I think Ramsey's performances have been awful off late. Another player who in my opinion has been very poor in last few games is Song, just too many mistakes, gives the ball away cheaply in dangerous areas. Time we gave Coquelin a run.

Anonymous said...

I agree with this writer in one way or another. Ramsey in my perspective has the quality to pass the ball well, but not any better than Wilshere. He is hardworking and runs for the ball, however he lacks the top skills at the moment to be playing at every game. He is only 21 and needs to be rested at certain game and rotated with players like benayoun and perhaps Arshavin in Central Midfield. We need a top class playmaker. I hope Wenger will give Park more chance to play.

Anonymous said...

in my opinion i think the writer was unfair to denilson, denilson is far more better than ramsey in terms os skills,the reason arsenal is down to 7th position is that we have so many players down with injuries. mooyiwa

Anonymous said...

Actually i done think Ramsey is an exceptional talent. I am beginning to believe that before he was injured he had a few amazing games and we the fans were so desperate to find the new Cesc that we had already made up our minds that Ramsey is awesome. Now he play utter crap and if he makes just one good pass then we are like "oh my god this kid is amazing, the next Cesc" how many times have the pundits ignored a player like Song who plays well all game then give man of the match to a player that they really want to go far. We set Ramsay on the pedestal, and inevitably he will fall, his skills do not match our expectation.

Anonymous said...

I agree. Ramsey is a fantastic talent,but is overplayed and needs time to get better. He needs a rest for a couple of weeks at the moment!

Anonymous said...

Ramsey has no creativity and no sharpness in his passing.. slow in his decision making.. the only thing that impress me is that his work-rate.. but it doesn't mean a thing when he never plays well.. Wenger should stick with Rosicky.. it's not the right time to give development time to ramsey.. it's proven costly..

Anonymous said...

the one thing im not buying in what seems to be turning into a near conspiracy theory is the "hes got 50mil and REFUSES to spend it" line - why would wenger risk arsenals chances of winning trophies, and getting sacked only to leave a "war chest" of funds behind for another manager to spend and win the title?

Surely if "The Board" want the best players, and were to go out and get them on the basis of the notion wenger REFUSES to spend money, and throw them at wenger and tell him to get on with it, hes not gonna throw his toys out and say hes leaving?

The Board:

"Arsene we're not having this anymore and we've just bought for the squad."


"How dare you use your own money, and the fans money to buy world class players the fans can only dream about for this club. You have undermined me, i resign"


gunner663 said...

To be a Goonerfor some means `My club - right or wrong`. That it entails whitewashing AW, so be it. Aonomous talked sense ( can`t fllow the subsequent conflicting comments} He mentioned past events and a few more should recognise that they cast their shadow. Ramsey is today`s whipping boy. That he he ever even dared to play again, following his break, speaks wonders for him. To achieve his level of play so soon afterwards suggests he is developing towards becoming one of our great MFs. That potential is there. meknocked his missed goals! tell tem about it in Dortmund. Now,how many of you moaned at the impetuous RvP? or doubted the wisdom of signing the aged inexperienced Wright? We heard the same chorus of instant judgement when Bergkamp didn`t score in his first eight games! So exercise your minds before making judgement on a potential star and give Jack a break when-PG-he comes back. Despite his treament,yesterday Theo was the kiddie. Men develop at different speeds. Excel, Wilshire, Rooney, Greaves, Diago, Anelka an Henry - wonderkids, who went through down times. Sheringham, Giggs and Scholes , McLintock, Bergkamp, all played into their late thirties. just now and again failure to please the fans is due to lack of effort by one who dan do better.Le Tis just didn`t bother but was God to the fans, The greatEuropean star and captain of Russia was hugely successful until M. Inerta decided to improve him by making him a winger. As Huddinck said, put him back where he dominates and he`ll win you games` He didn`t realise he was speaking to a closed mind.

Anonymous said...

All these guys you have written off are very young players-Very few young players can perform in the EPL-the physically toughest league in the world-every 3 days-and those that can risk pushing their bodies too far resulting in stress injuries. Ramsey is a classic example of the former and Wilshere the latter.-and so was Denilson-who suffered a succession of chronic injuries. These are all potentially very good players-but too much has been expected of them-because Arsenals squad is too small and too inexperienced. Denilson is criticised for being played when unfit for half a season.

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