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Thursday, February 20, 2014

Akers stood obediently next to Wenger waiting. What happened next?

By 1970’s Gooner

Firstly well done Arsenal.

We showed in those first 15 minutes that we were more than a match against the best team on the planet. We were running them scared. It was a magnificent start to the game and in my opinion if Ozil had scored the penalty we would have run out winners and the whole world would be heralding the new fantastic Arsenal.

Also if the ref had kept Szczesny on the pitch I am convinced Arsenal would not have lost the game.

But alas dopey Ozil missed his third penalty in a row and the rest is history.

Yet we handed the game to them by making a series of errors both from the players themselves and from Mr Wenger.

First mistake: Why was Ozil chosen to take the penalty? Cazorla or Flamini or Sagna or hell anybody else would have scored it, surely!

Second mistake: Why oh why did Koscienly stay up field in the dying minutes of the game?!!!!

Third mistake: Why did Wilshere not play the free kick, that Koscienly won, short to a player near him in order to gain more time?!!!!!!!

Third mistake WHY OH WHY did Mr Wenger not bring terrible Ozil off at half time even?!!!! It was obvious his head had dropped but more importantly he was refusing to track back!!!!!!!!!! When we were playing with 10 men for Pete’s sake.
The man is an idiot. He is a 43m waste of money. He has been underperforming for a long time but the efficiency of the rest of the players was masking it to an extent.
Vic Akers was standing obediently next to Wenger holding the papers ready to hand to the fourth official the substitution players’ numbers when Szczesny was sent off.

Wenger acknowledged Akers’s presence and thought hard for a few seconds.

Then he turned to Vic and passed on his decision.


Cazorla would have done a more decent job than Ozil. And we suffered for it…

Fourth mistake: WHY OH WHY did Mr Wenger keep Ozil on when Rosicky was brought on for the OX?!!!!!!!!

Ozil is not a sacred cow.

Ozil is not above the rest of the players.

Surely when a player is off his game then he should be dropped or subed.

What would the rest of the players think? That there is one law for us and another for the teacher’s pet Ozil?!!!!!

Vital we bounce back against Sunderland.

I think Sanogo will start.

And so will Ozil.



Anonymous said...

First time I have visited this website, and after reading that rubbish the last

Anonymous said...

Same here!Who writes such rubbish,for a moment thought I stumbled on another club fan writing about Arsenal.What a sorry blog!

Anonymous said...


Dave said...

So do the previous commenters disagree with the fact that Ozil was awful?
do they disagree that he should have been taken off?

I for one agree with all the points made by the author.

We cant always eulogise Wenger and the players even when they make mistakes!

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Anonymous said...

Well, Europe is lost (miracles excluded). So for goodness sake lets hope Arsenal run out a side that takes account of the near certainty that the next round isn't in the future for the team and that the FA Cup and, even after the disaster against Stoke, the BPL championship is still a possibility. Additionally, why does Wenger never seem to look to substitute before the 70th minute? There have been several games this season where fresh legs could have made a significant difference early in the 2nd half but not came on until there were just a few minutes left to make an impact. I sometimes feel like the substitutions are scripted prior to the match and are made according to the script regardless of events on the pitch.

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