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Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Stingy Arsenal let Flamini go

By 1970’s Gooner

We wrote on this site a few days ago that the Flamini auction is due to begin.

Well, this is gathering pace as there are three clubs keenly interested in paying Flamini more than the 50.000 pounds a week stingy Peter Hill Wood and his Board have offered him.

"We have made what we think is a pretty generous offer and we are waiting to hear whether he will accept or not," Hill-Wood said.

"I don't know the answer, all I know is we think we have pushed the boat out."

Pushed the boat out?

Come on Mr Hill Wood how much are you paying Fabregas? How much are you paying Gallas?

Flamini has been fantastic for Arsenal this season. His defensive play, energy and box to box covering have been excellent.

He has been just as important to Arsene Wenger’s style of football with his covering role as Fabregas who was the more creative of the two.

Surely the guy deserves recognition for what he has contributed and for what he will offer to Arsenal during next season’s crucial campaign; for Arsenal have to win something big next season if we are to keep players like Fabregas at the club.

Additionally, if he decides to go Arsenal will receive no fee as he has unbelievably been allowed to run out his contract. This means that Arsenal will probably need to buy to replace him.

The available options of Diaby, Song and Denilson although exciting are inexperienced to be able to fill in. So why not offer him more money which he surely deserves anyway!

And it seems that other clubs are offering him the recognition and the money he deserves.

Juventus have been tracking Flamini for some time now, and are believed to have offered him a deal worth around £10,000 a week more than Mr Hill Wood is offering.

The Italian club's director Jean-Claude Blanc confirmed that a deal for the player is almost complete and has dismissed speculation which has suggested that their arch rivals Milan could be set to hijack the move at the last minute.

"We have the advantage " he said. "As a child Flamini was a supporter of Juve.

"We also have a sporting project in place and we will be in the Champions League. Milan will not."

Now Jürgen Klinsmann who will take over at Bayern Munich next season is reported to be very interested in entering the race for Flamini’s signature.

French Sports newspaper L’ Equipe is reporting that he has discussed the matter of Flamini’s availability with Bayern’s general manager Uli Hoeness.

They have decided to enter the race for his signature with a determined bid.

So what are Arsenal doing? Are they going to just sit back and let the player walk away?

“Flamini auction opens the door for youngster”


Anonymous said...

He ain't that good and is not worth losing sleep about as a player. In the last two games we have not missed him at all.

However he seems to be a very good friend to alot of our key players so in that sense it could be a very insettling and damaging departure.

Anonymous said...

Trophies he can win at arsenal, 3/4 english teams in the semis tell you quite a lot about italian teams.

besides, how can he nag when he would be getting £50k a week? COME ON FOR CRYING OUT LOUD!

if arsenal extend his contract i think it will only be for 3 years (2+1) anyways, if flamster doesnt sign i think he can go to hl for being a sell-out. If this year has taught him anything it should be that Arsenal can beat any team, especially ITALIAN teams, arsenal havent lost in italy for a few years now. The Italian football just isnt as good as the english. Come on flam, extend.

Then again maybe arsenal will buy a superstar who can shoot from outside the box! would be nice to see City's Elano in a gooner shirt

Anonymous said...

Sorry, but if Arsenal could afford to offer him £10,00 a week more to keep him, they would. They have offered all they can, or all they think he is worth. Either he takes it, or leaves it. He is not as important as Fabregas and the more we pay him, the less we have available to keep the rest of our existing players or to buy the additions we need.

Anonymous said...

too lose a player that does the work off two players for the sake off ten thousand a week would be pathetic,come on please,we only paid two million for him,this man has the ingredients too lead us for years too come,player off the year by a country mile.

Anonymous said...

Some people's ignorance is really irritating. If you pay Flam more, the other key players in the team, such as Clichy, Hleb, Sagna, Adebayor etc will demand wages comparable to Flam. As Wenger said about the Webster case, its all about inflation. Look at Chelsea. Lampard and Terry were perfectly happy with their 90k a week (as you do) until Ballack and Sheva come in for more. They demand parity, and Drogba, Essien, Carvalho etc who were happy with say, 70k now want 90k to maintain the similar salary discrepancy and it will be the same with third tier squad memebers and so on and so forth.

Flam, take it or leave it. We werent held hostage by our own youth product, we sure as hell arent gonna be held hostage by someone his former manager accused him of committing 'beautiful betrayal'.

Anonymous said...

The board should match the offer of Juventus. Flamini has been a revelation for us this season.

Nonetheless, I hope Wenger realize Song is good enough to fill Flamini's boots. In fact, I feel Song's work rate is not worse than Flamini and his distribution is certainly better. Given time, he will surpass Flamini and established himeself as one of the best.

Anonymous said...

The Flamster isnt that important. He has played very good this season, but there are plenty of players out there that can play his role - tackling, running and covering the difence

Anonymous said...

yes we suck

Anonymous said...

I really dont think we should break the bank for Flamster, yes he has had a pretty good season, but Gilberto not been late back for training, and not played for his country late summer - (which i think exhausted him)maybe Gilberto would have been the player alongside Cesc - who knows??

The Italian league is proved to be corrupt and if Flamster wants to play there for dirty money then bigger fool him - 50k a week is good money for a 23 year old, who has only become a 'team' player for one season, and i agree that in his absence he hasnt been 'greatly' missed.

We have Song and Diaby who are central midfielders, yes the latter has to improve a bit but Song played so well in ANC in taht position, and could excel for us there. Also he is a bit bigger/stroner that Flamster, something we need. Diaby - if he pulls his finger out in the summer and trains hard, learns to let go of the ball a bit quicker, he could be awesome - so many times he reminds me of the great PV, his stature is very simular, but he needs to mature, and quickly.

I have just watched Kolo on SSN - Flamster should take a leaf from his book, a player who plays for our club, because he loves our club, our fans, the boss, the team, everything.... thats why he says - 'i would be appy to stay for ever, and would be proud to be captain'

Flamster can go, and he thinks he will find a better club, he is so wrong - the only club in the land to play 'football' is ManU, and trust me, they wouldnt pay for him.
This is not about football, its about money and greed...

So if he goes, bye bye and thank you for 'one season', bring in Song and we will probably all wonder why we ever worried.... a little.....


Anonymous said...

anon earlier who critcised everyone's ingnorance is being ignorant! he says that if Flam gets 60k then everyone else will want the same. er, well Fab and Gallas are on 80k I dont see 15 Arsenal player camped outside Arsene's door going on strike waiting for their 80k.
there are people at my work who do less than me but earn more, thats life. you get on with it. Flam is worth 60k because someone else is willing to pay him that. the day someone is willing to offer Diaby 60k or Song 60k is the day they get that much as well. until then they are paid what they are worth.

to lose him for the sake of 10k when a replacement will cost 10million is pure stupidity.

Anonymous said...

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