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Thursday, June 05, 2008

AC Milan’s Galliani denies agreeing terms with Adebayor

By Aries

Ac Milan’s vice president Adriano Galliani has commented today on the news reported by Italian sports newspaper La Gazzetta Dello Sport that Adebayor had been in talks with AC Milan.

Adebayor is said to be top of coach Carlo Ancelotti's transfer targets as he looks to build a team capable of challenging for the Serie A title.

He is reported to have met with Milan officials over the past few days and shaken hands on a move to the Italian club.

Gazzetta dello Sport reported that a fee of around £32 million for Adebayor could prove a stumbling block for AC Milan owner Silvio Berlusconi.

However Galliani, although admitting that AC Milan are on the look out for top striker, has moved swiftly to deny the rumours.

When asked if the transfer is likely to come from England he said:

“I do not know. For now, there is also Paloschi which is excellent”

When pressed further whether an agreement has been reached with Adebayor he replied:

”We can not be make agreements with players”.

However Galliani would not be so foolish so as to admit to making an illegal approach to a player would he?

And if this statement may be true there is nothing to stop them speaking to Adebayor’s agent is there?

This may also be linked with the recent pay rise offered to Adebayor by Arsenal which looks like an attempt to close the barn door before the horse bolts out!

A major concern however is the fact that Adebayor has not come out to categorically deny the link.


Anonymous said...

to be fair he has come out, i think more than once, and stated - pretty much categorically - he does want to leave arsenal

Anonymous said...

no denials apart from the one on the Arsenal website saying he is staying

Anonymous said...

There is nothing on the Arsenal web site

Anonymous said...

So you think Arsenal players should come out and deny made up paper stories every day?

The guy said he's staying last bweek. What more do you want?

Anonymous said...

what u need 2 realise is spike is that players have come on the arsenal site and denied reports all the time ala reyes it's to keep the spotlight off them. to me it doesnt take a rocket scientist to see adebayor is lying through his teeth's no co-incidence that there is report after report with regards to his future and his wages.

He will leave if milan offer 32 mill. Wenger would not be looking at other strikers i.e guiza if he believed ade would stay.

Anonymous said...

trust me adebayor is in miami he isnt leaving and ye y would he leave a champions league team to join and old past it uafa cup team :S

Anonymous said...

How short are some people's memories.

Ade is in Togo & Ghana remember? He's got WC Qualifiers

Anonymous said...

For £32m it would make the Italian Job look like shoplifting, and would surpass anything Wenger has done in the transfer market. In fact I would piggy back Ade all the way to Milan for half that. His goal record is only good until you see the sitters he has missed and the chances he has had, his first touch is dreadful and I think he is beginning to believe his hype, we could bring in Veluso and Villa for that or Benzema

Anonymous said...

He has said he is staying so many times! christ how many more times do you want him to say it!

Whose says wenger is looking at other strikers? has he said we need one? no! Just cause the papers link us with strikers doesnt mean we are going to buy one! just like these made up reports in italy about adebayor having a verbal agreement! Are there any quotes? or sources from the original article! no! its all made up bullshit to sell papers and so far it is working wonders on you guys believing it!

Anonymous said...

he has come out and said he's staying but if we're offered £32m i'd snatch their hands off! He's scored well this season but in all honesty a clinical finisher would have destroyed his goal stats given the chances that have been created for him!!

Anonymous said...

At £32m - SELL SELL SELL!!!!
He's a good player who had a great season but he has a lot of flaws (control, passing & always offside) so for that kind of cash, sell him instantly and buy BENZEMA or GOMES or DAVID VILLA, all superior to him and cheaper to buy. For £32m you can buy VILLA and BEN ARFA and have change for a Cornetto and a copy of Razzle! Now THAT's a deal!

Anonymous said...

Beans on Toast;

Nope, you're right. It doesnt take a rocket scientist to know he's lying thru his teeth. Nope, you'd need to be an effin mind reader! What a stupid statement, hilarious.

Erm, so now Ade is responsible for a transfer rumour from an Italian newspaper??

Can't understand how in this day and age Some people still just lap up all they read in the media.

Anonymous said...

Sell a proven premiership goal-scorer who at 23 has his best years ahead of him, for a player who you don't know will settle in the team? Yeah, that makes a lot of sense.

Some people will believe anything that is written in the papers despite overwhelming evidence of the downright lies that are made up on a regular basis even by some of the so called 'quality' rags.

Anonymous said...

Arsenal fans who have watched Ebay all season will be well aware that he is not worth £32 Million. I say sell him if he's not committed to Arsenal,then bring in another mercenary!

Anonymous said...

|I agree with Spike here.

By the time next season starts we'd have a squad of 50 of the best players the sport has to offer if you believe the constant tripe in the daily papers.

Which unfortunately spouts endless articles like this, ever increasing the panic that's apparently rife amongst most gooners.

The Euro championships are about to start. There's not a lot of major transfers going. The papers need to keep selling as many copies as possible. Hence the non-stop gossip.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...


I agree with that guy who said: "for that kind of cash, sell him instantly and buy BENZEMA or GOMES or DAVID VILLA, all superior to him and cheaper to buy."

We can buy 2/3 great players!

Anonymous said...

Adebayor is good, but i think milan shoul optimized Pato and Borriello instead of looking for another striker.