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Saturday, January 31, 2009

Advocaat: Arshavin, please go!

By 1970’s Gooner

Even Zenit’s coach is rooting for the Arshavin transfer saga to end! He is clearly fed up with the on off deal that has been witnessed in the last weeks.

"I hope that, with regard to Arshavin we will have finally taken some action. The whole story has taken too long. It is time to give a final answer” he said to the Russian media.

Advocaat recently had to leave Arshavin out of the line ups for the club’s two friendly games in the United Arab Emirates.

More importantly he also began to consider life without Arshavin in his team plans for the resumption of the Russian season in March.

In fact Zenit had already purchased Danny (a wonderful player by the way) at the beginning of the season for the hefty sum of €30m as a replacement thinking that Arshavin would leave for pastures new.

Now Dick Advocaat is quoted in the Russian media as saying that Zenit will be better off without Arshavin:

“I hope that the club will say yes. It would be better for Andrew and for the team”

It seems that Advocaat will not have to wait longer. Reports suggest that the player’s agent Dennis Lachter has travelled to London in order to agree personal terms on behalf of the player.

It is hoped that transfer dateline which is three days away, ending on Monday 2nd February, will be enough to get the deal through.

N.B If the last day of the transfer window is on a weekend the deadline can be extended to the following Monday at the request of those involved for business reasons. The last day of this transfer window is a Saturday.


Anonymous said...

"Andrew" ?

Anonymous said...

Probably the way it was translated. Andrei is Russian for Andrew.

Anonymous said...

For those idiots who are so set in their minds on how an Arsenal player should defend. He either needs to sit back and do nothing other than tackle and mark players (Gilberto) or he needs to run around like a lunatic and make the job look as flashy as humanly possible, this is how Denilson compares to other "defensive midfielder's" who I am sure you lot would like to see here.

Search for a midfielder and various statistics.

The lad is a class player and does a lot more than you allow yourselves to see.

Anonymous said...

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