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Thursday, January 15, 2009

War breaks out between Zenit and Arshavin over Arsenal

By 1970’s Gooner

Reports coming out of Russia suggest that Zenit are ready to go to war against Arshavin if, as we revealed yesterday, he carries out his threat to go on strike.

Zenit spokesman, Alexey Petrov, has stated that if Arshavin does not show up on the 16th of January to join up with the rest of his team mates for their winter tour of UAE the club will dock his wages off.

“Andrew is a Zenit player and therefore he is obliged to travel with the team. If the player is absent then Zenit will impose the appropriate fine” he said.

Arshavin is reported to have been furious at this latest development and has come out saying that he will not play for Zenit again!

“I will in any case not play for St. Petersburg again” he said. ”Even if the club would not agree to let me go (to Europe) I do not intend to play for Zenit. I would just sit and do nothing”.

According to friends of the player, the closest people to Arshavin, his mother and wife are trying to persuade him to temper his anger and to approach the situation with a cool head.

They are trying to urge him to stay with Zenit at least until the summer, when the transfer market may pick up again, the financial crisis will be on the decline and more clubs will have more money available to satisfy Zenit’s demands.

But apparently Arshavin is not going to compromise. It has been reported that he is so keen to move he has even offered to pay the difference between Arsenal’s bid and Zenit’s valuation (about £5m) in order to facilitate his move.

And data with regard to the biggest earners in Russian football show that he can well afford it. He was the top earner in 2008 with a $4m salary ahead of Vagner Love, Peter Odemvingie, Anatoly Tymoshchuk and Zenit’s top scorer Pavel Pogrebnyak.

As has been proven in almost all the cases where a player wants to leave a club, there is usually one winner.

And this will be good news for Arsenal.


Anonymous said...

good news for arsenal or city or inter??? hmmm.. lets wait and see

Anonymous said...

I'm not sure if he's willing to pay £5m or waiver the £5m signing on fee he'd get ??

Anonymous said...

'war'... get things in perspective please.

Good article that gripe aside.

Anonymous said...

I just want this sorted out now. Why do our transfers end up being so bloody drawn out?

Dino Gunner said...

Mean Lean, I often find that the case too. I think its because Wenger tries to be as tight as possible, the selling team gets annoyed and makes it public; solicting more bids for competitions. Wenger feels hurt that the transfer is made public and pouts for a week and we get the man on the deadline day for a reasonable compromise.

I have no idea why I check the tabloids every day when I am certain something similar to what I have described above will happen

Anonymous said...

i think we'll get him but we need more players after that

Yuan said...

Will he really be able to pay for it?

Spending more than a year's wages on sealing a move?(Pounds is bigger than Euros or whatever they are using) I'm not really sure..

But if he really has that much of money saved, I wouldn't mind if he paid to come over to Arse (provided he still has enough to support his family)

Anonymous said...

Hello 1970’s Gooner.

I think you don't remember this at all and with logical reason, but back in August 2007 a news came up in this blogspot saying that Wilson Palacios was going to sign with Arsenal. I read it and later left my opinion saying that he was a great player with a bright future ahead and it was really bad how you were dooming him just because of his nationality. I also said that all he needed was a chance.

A little bit less than two years later, look at him. Star of Wigan and currently signing with Tottenham.

I know Tottenham is in a really bad position currently, but they are a club with history, and us Hondurans are proud that one of our best players is signing with them.

I just wanted to know what you think about him now, because I remember two years ago you didn't know him at all.

Wish you the best from my lovely country Honduras, and I hope your team does well this season =)

Anonymous said...

Ummmm, lly thought you guys would be the ones to break the story taht a deal had been agreed. How about more regular blog entries.