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Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Denilson now settled as he welcomes his girlfriend at his new home

By Aries

After three years of playing for Arsenal, Denilson has only now managed to buy a house and settle down. Maybe only now does he feel settled and established enough in Arsenal’s first team squad to commit to such a long term investment as buying a house.

He has been a regular first team choice by Arsene Wenger this year who has been shorn of midfield options. This was after letting another Brazilian, Gilberto Silva, as well as last year’s revelations, Flamini and Alexander Hleb, depart the club.

Denilson arrived at the club two and a half years ago after Wenger first spotted him in a video he was given of another player he was supposed to assess! He liked the look of Denilson and David Dein was later instructed to get him.

But this meant that at such a young age he had to spend some difficult years in London in a foreign country without his family and friends. This he found very hard to come to terms with.

“My start was not that good. I arrived here when I was 18 years old and had difficulty adapting. I always lived with my parents, my brothers and friends around. Suddenly, I moved to a new country to live alone. Imagine? It is not easy” he said to Brazilian sports site

“I first lived in a hotel, then a house, but always alone. It was bad. You want to talk to someone, talk about anything. Now, I'm feeling at home, he said.

Now he is feeling at home literally! He has bought a house at St Albans which is a popular choice for the Arsenal players (it was for Gilberto) as it is only about 22 miles from London Colney.

And he recently invited his girlfriend Daphne Edinalvo, his parents and friends to spend some time with him.

He is friends with all of the Arsenal players but when his close family and friends are not with him his close friendship with two other Arsenal players in particular make him feel more at home. These are the recently arrived Mexican Carlos Vela and fellow Brazilian Eduardo.

“We always go out to dinner together. But I have friendship with all the players, talk to everyone. I am very happy at Arsenal now”

Arsene appers very happy with him too!


Anonymous said...

He is playing very well this season. I think he has been unlucky with the constant rotation of his partner in the middle but he has been very consistant and looked a real gem.

Anonymous said...

st albans in not 22 miles away from london colney. and i know where he lives in st albans about it is about 5 miles from the training ground

Anonymous said...

Denilson is utter shite.

There are better players already in the squad than him - a long term injury to this clown would make us a hell of a lot better.

Anonymous said...

Arsenal no longer train at london colney, they moved to Shenley in Hertfordshire which is right next to St. Albans.

Anonymous said...

They still train at London Colney you muppet

Anonymous said...

Great artcile. Its good to see the other side of players. It makes them seem more human. Good job looking forwad to seeing more articles

Anonymous said...

Denilson has next to no potential - total duff buy from wenger. Gutted when I found out Bolton had loaned the other one!

He's mr lateral passing. No vision, no composure, no skill = no quality!

Utter shite!

Anonymous said...

For some reason AW consistently played him wide midfield - not his natural position by any means. And if anyone is disappointed by his displays in central midfield I would suggest his form would be much better if the likes of Adebayor decided to make some decent / intelligent runs for Denilson to pick out. Adebayor ran his socks off last year - this year he doesn't seem to be bothered. That is the core reason, in my view, for much of our indifferent form this season...not enough players are putting the required workrate.

Anonymous said...

ppl who think denilson is shit r shit....

denilson performance has been good...and its only getting better...and u look at the statistics of players from around the premier league....denilson is right there on top with the best in the those who critcize him get ur stats right...and support the kid instaed of criticizing....he will play even better...and if u still have doubts go watch the liverpool game....

Anonymous said...

Denilson lives 5 minutes away from my house in St. Albans. Since when has London Colney been 22 miles away?! Its closer to about 3!

Anonymous said...

denilson is pure quality, and those fans who dont think so dont know what they are talking about

Anonymous said...

I've got to agree. All those pillocks who are saying he's no good, haven't they seen the assists he's been giving all season, and, as has been pointed out, that's even with our stikers working about as hard as a scouser who's won the lottery...

Anonymous said...

Denilson in on par with some of arsenal's all time great fuck ups.

Glen Helder

The list go's on.

Anonymous said...

Denilson's a great player. He's the second best CM we have (better than Ramsey atm, who has great potential but you're a fool if you think he can regularly play in the PL to Denilson's standard) and in fact, he's been better than Cesc this season as well. He can make great passes if he has runners, as shown with his pass to Walcott in the home game against Aston Villa. Adebayor's just so lazy and Van Persie's meant to be finding space through Adebayor's runs, but because none of this is happening Denilson (or Cesc for that matter) don't have many options from midfield.

Oh and the guy who said he's utter shite, of course there are better players than him in the squad. You could argue there are better players than Cesc in the squad (well, just Sagna really).

Anonymous said...

im suprised by some of these comments cos denilson has been 1 of arsenal's best players this season...far way better than csec who was awesom last season....But how many people can remember csec playing better as a right midfielder (and wenger has actually played csec on the right b4)...the kid has played on the left and right midfield, and played both attacking and as a defensive midfielder...he's done good n deserves some credit rather than writing him off...

Anonymous said...

He is in the 3 worse players in the squad next to Eboue and Bendtner.

He is also the reason for cesc's poor start to the season.

The fact that he starts everytime he is fits sums up why we are fighting for 4th place and not the title.

Anonymous said...

Lets see:
No pace
Cant tackle
Not physically strong
Gives the ball away

Summary : Utter Shite

Anonymous said...

Come on everyone, let us all get behind our team!

This in fighting is doing us no good and think for once, what if the players or any of their friends read this and they find out.. I certainly would not like it!

Arsenal are still a long way off the finished article, yes I admit. But he is young and like so many of the others are too and they will mature and learn and as long as we keep them they will come good - have faith!

BTW his girlfriend is nice! (Should have moved to Brazil..)

Maybe it is true, us Gooners always get the beautiful women?

Support the team and ALL the players and try not to moan and winge - although it is hard!

I was gutted when I saw the 49 Unbeaten run on DVD lately..but I believe in Wenger and it will come again!

Take care, remember we are ARSENAL!!

Anonymous said...

people are basing their comments on denilson at the start of the season. admitadley he did give the ball away a few times in the firts 2 games but since has grown and improved hugely considering he had next to no prem exp. if your trying to compare him to flamini good job your not in football management as the two players have completely different styles in fact den has more simularities to gilberto more of a calm temprement and not flamini's headless chicken style he has miles more potential than flamini and dont forgrt flamini had 30 games prem an cl exp the season b4 last all be it a lb but thats invaluble thats why he settled so quickly at cm. dont worry denilson us real fans stand by you unlike the plastics.

Anonymous said...

Haha... Denilson's a fucking joke - anyone who backs up their love for him by quoting statistics obviously doesn't have a clue about football either - I could stand in Arsenal's midfield and pass the ball sideways and backwards all day as well, and rack up a great pass completion ratio.

He has no pace, no composure, no skill, no vision, can't tackle, and most of all, he's got no fucking brains.

Get rid of Denilson ASAP - he's the worst regular central midfielder we've had since Remi Garde.

Anonymous said...

Denilson is one of the most important players of Arsenal squad at this moment. For any teenage player, living in a foreign country without having any family members around is really a very tough task. It is nice to see that Denilson survived the initial tough period at Arsenal and now looks pretty much settled both in Arsenal squad as well as in personal life.

Anonymous said...

Yes high in the passes number and accuracy stats (top for Arsenal and top 3 in the league for midfielders). But where he really shines is in successful tackles and pass intercepts (which is what you want your more defensive midfielder to do). In EPL he is number 1 amongst the top 4 for tackles and intercepts. Top 3 in the Champions league as well for passing, tackles and intercepts. First season, can only get better.

Anonymous said...

Can't stand the people who think they know better than AW and rubbish Denilson.

some stats:

Carrick - played 12 PL games
16 Tackles won
21 Passes intercepted
5 Blocked shots
2 goals/0 assist
4 Corners won
9 Fouls won

Denilson - played 19 PL games
57 Tackles won
71 Passes intercepted
2 Blocked shots
3 goals/5 assists
6 Corners won
38 Fouls won

I cannot really understand how Denilson is rubbish!

And oh yeah, the PASS MASTER Alonso never makes a single sideway pass!?

Anonymous said...

Where did you get those statistics on Denilson and Carrick?

Anonymous said...

i believe those negative commments about denilson are posted by the same f**king guy..
to me..denilson has improved tremendously..
playing him as a DM is just quality..

Anonymous said...

(and this is coming from the U.S.)

Anonymous said...

Don't understand the anti-Denilson camp.

He's been the captain of all the junior Brazil sides (eg U17, U19 etc.) Do you SERIOUSLY think BRAZIL would make him team captain if he was no good?

After all, it's not like BRAZIL has a lot of young kids desperate to make it in football and so practising 24/7 to choose from.

Get a grip.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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