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Saturday, February 11, 2012

Hands up to Wenger and Arshavin

By 1970’s Gooner

We all crucified him. Some of us thought he was loosing the plot. He brought on Arshavin against Man Utd and we lost that game. 

But he brought on Arshavin today and the little Russian did in 15 or so minutes what he practically failed to do all season. He produced a wonderful cross in between the central defenders for Henry to knock in at ease!
We all crucified Arshavin before. And Wenger. Today we have to take our hats off to both of them.

Wenger made all the right substitutions. They were positive ones. All trying to win the game. First came Ramsey on with Song dropping back in defence.

He produced the first goal!

Then he brought Henry on. He got the winner!

He brought Arshavin on. He produced the cross for Henry!

Thank you Mr Wenger. Thank you Andrei. Thank you Thierry.


Anonymous said...

Henry is pure class, even now that he's slowed down: he still knows how to find space in the box and to finish. He's scored 3 goals now in less than 90 minutes on the pitch: hat-trick?

Any news on Mertesacker? Looks like a ruptured achilles to me, which is terrible news. That'll be him out until well into next season, and it's the kind of injury that leaves a player never the same as as before.

Nice sporting touch from Sunderland to play on: wonder how the crowd would have reacted if one of their CBs had gone down like that and we'd scored?

Anonymous said...

could not have said it better. if we back wenger and this team- we will do great things

Stefan said...

Well said mate!

That result will give us loads of belief.

Henry is unbelievable

Tasos said...

Early signs are ankle ligament damage for Mertesaker.

Not surprising really, the pitch was a disgrace but I guess that is what happens to the surface when you park the bus on it.

Anonymous said...

Wenger must play ARshavin in his natural role to draw the best out from him, and it's definitely not on the wings.

Anonymous said...

Wenger must play ARshavin in his natural role to draw the best out from him, and it's definitely not on the wings.

Anonymous said...

Arshavin looked sharp today. I have a feeling he will start against Milan. I really believe he has unfinished business he is unhappy about... inshallah he will come good.

Unknown said...

Good read mate I only hope your right, tbh I don't think we can this season, It kills me to say that. Even if they get injuries, we are even more likely to get them too... I think our current XI are better than theirs, but they also have a great team and are currently 3rd with a game in hand. If they win it then they are 2nd!!  We are too far behind to catch them I feel, cos they won't be losing many times and it's possible that we might. As long as we get 4th, pool have lost Lucas for rest of year so that dents thier hopes of 4th bigtime...
Also by the process of deduction you are young or haven't followed Arsenal for long as they finished below spurs in

 I thought it was a great game and couldn't wait to read your article. Arteta and Song once again brilliant. Ramsey & TV brilliant, everyone brilliant.  How dare Arteta score a screamer from outside the box.
Santos got skinned a few times in the beginning of the 2nd half during their short lived revival, but it thanks to a poor Wigan nothing came of it. Had it been a better side then a come back was on for them. Not trying to bring down the performance at all, I just wonder if the big sides have noticed or if they have, think it's worth while to pursue.
He Likes to risk a quick stabbing kick when standing in front of a winger to get the ball, it works most if the time but risky business. I love his attaking skills much better than a fast runner and crosser like Clichy, scored more goals than him in handfull of games already to boot.
Feels soo good to know Olympiacos is for the fringe players, cos were top. If we feel this good  imagine how the players feel, team harmony!!! 
Comon the Mighty Arsenal

@levent: Tell me something, do Spurs have legends like we have with Herby, Adams or Henry? 
If so did those  legends win league and FA Cup doubles more than once? Are they even alive? 
Can Spurs even come close to matching Arsenal for success/trophies? 3rd most successful club in England btw.  Every successful team is built on a foundation of some kind of success. Every 'big' club  has successfull periods and drought periods. Spurs are currently at the height of their successfull period, being 3rd in the league with a game in hand, (NOT BAD even if I say so myself)
Arsenal are in a terrible drought not won a trophy but stayed in top 4 for those 6 years...
(that would be spurs most successful period EVER! 

Yes god willing we can finish the season strongly. Everton did us a massive favour (have we played them twice yet?) and we are back in 4th! Spurs are the real deal btw putting 5, yes 5! past Newcastle without reply! We won't catch them (beat them???) so hopefully Chelsea, liverpool (discracefull club!!) nutd will drop more! I watched utd v pool earlier and dalglish is so stupid, u can't keep defending an ignorant, rude, disgraceful excuse for a human let alone a player! 
Hope it all ends real bad and Kenny boots off to the holiday place he was at when asked to take over. I understand u got to back ya player but not when he is plain guilty and makes matters worse, a manager should defend AND rip into a player that misbehaves when needed. 
RIP: Whitney Houston a truly great talent ruined by a man not unlike Suarez, a dog!!!

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