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Sunday, October 28, 2007

A disappointing performance at Anfield still has everyone drooling. Plus players ratings

By 1970’s Gooner

It was a disappointing game from Arsenal’s point of view and a disappointing result. Don’t get me wrong. To get an away point at Anfield and to have so much of the play must be considered a good performance and a great result.

And this performance would have convinced those doubting Thomases that this team can grind out results at “hostile” places such as Anfield.

Yet it was a disappointing game because Arsenal were not at their fluent best. They allowed Liverpool’s quick tempo and in your face tactics to crowd them out on many occasions.

Passes were uncharacteristically given away and the below par performance from three of the Arsenal players, Adebayor, Eboue and Rosicky meant that Arsenal’s movement off the ball and persistence could only in the end result in a draw.

It was also a disappointing game because defensive disorganization returned again giving away a goal from a badly managed wall in front of Gerrard’s free kick.

Yet it could have been an away win if on two separate occasions Fabregas and Bendtner had kept their heads in front of a gaping goal with Reina nowhere.


Could not be faulted for the goal. There is nothing that a goalkeeper can do when the wall disintegrates in front of him like that. Especially when the ball is hit with such pace. Also made two good saves; one from Gerrard from outside the box and another from Voronin from inside the box. Lehman is a goner. 8


Had an average game. Did not do anything wrong but on the other hand he was not that offensively minded. Wenger should have substituted Sagna instead of Clichy (unless he was injured) who was after all more adventurous going forward. 5


Played well albeit against an ineffective and lone man attack lined up by Benitez. Did well in the air against Crouch when he came on. Ventured forward by the closing stages of the game and added to the threat posed by the rest of the attacking players. 7


Made one very important sliding tackle to save an almost certain goal from Gerrard when he burst into the penalty area with Almunia already committed and exposed. However Gallas did not look that comfortable on the ball with a few of his passes going astray. Maybe he needs more games still. 6


Like Sagna had an average game. Good at the back defensively but not as effective as per usual when going forward. 6


Man of the match; but not at his top best. He was closely marked and with a very congested midfield found it hard to dictate the game as much as we have been used to so far this season.

He was at fault for conceding the free kick to Alonso on the edge of the area which led to the goal.

He was however the central focus for nearly all the Arsenal moves and he did score the equaliser with an audacious pass into the net which surprised and thus wrong footed Reina. 8 (he usually gets a 9 from me)


The usual high powered and full of running performance which is typical of him. Kept his position well and provided once again the cover for Fabregas to play his game. 7


Was not much into the game and found it difficult to make the penetrative runs and passes he is usually known for. Liverpool’s congestion of the midfield helping to put him off his game. Correctly substituted. 4


Shone throughout the game. His close control and deft touch was just what the doctor ordered for such a tight and congested middle of the pitch.

His close control between three Liverpool players and his vision to spot Fabregas’ s run for the goal was sublime. 8


Had a disappointing game although his performance was better than midweek against Slavia. He was too casual and frivolous in his play loosing possession too often and unnecessarily. He should be dropped for the next game. 3


Was not at the races. Looked out of touch without making his presence felt either in the air or on the ground. His runs were not timed well and often caught offside. Did not contribute at all in the come back. Needs to improve if he is to keep his place in the team. 3

Manchester United will provide the opportunity to put things right.

Arsenal’s movement, Liverpool’s long balls and Adebayor’s hunger


Anonymous said...

Those ratings are too harsh, a 3 fo Eboue? warranted maybe for the petulance, which is normally associated with him, but other wise his passing was good, a 5 at least...Cesc was no way near a 8, granted he got the goal and hit the post, his passing was sometimes sloppy too...Sagna did well to overlap Eboue, whose runs seemed to follow those that he made at RB, so on some occasions got in the way of Sagna...

Anonymous said...

451 was always going to make for sparse scoring opportunities for Adebayor so I think a 3 is particularly harsh, especially for a player who was again so full of endevour if not end product. Ade should've been given a 6. & whilst I'm normally critical of Eboue's feigned injury antics, I think he had a right to complain after that elbow by Carragher today. That said, he did give the ball away far too much for my liking so I'd have given him a 5. Fabregas had a good 2nd half but Hleb was by far the Man of the Match as he was consistently good throughout.

Anonymous said...

Hleb and Fabregas were by far the two top players in the game from both teams. Fabregas got my vote for man of the match because he got scored the goal

Anonymous said...

your ratings are far to harsh mate... eboue and ade did no deserve 3!! at least 5-6. Ade was on his own and was running around like his life depended on it!! was a fantastic footballing performance but our time old problem of sticking it in the net came back... still we can happily say we play the best football in the world.

Anonymous said...

As a 'pool fan, I hope you do not mind me saying sometimes your football style flatters to deceive. I mean how many CLEAR chances did you create with your quick passing game? And for all intent purposes, Arsenal are basically a counter attacking side, with pace. I hate to say it, but I think Utd will beat you next week.

Anonymous said...

At the beginning of the day i'd have settled for a point but after watching the game im disappointed we didnt get all 3. Liverpool played long diagonal passes all game and were reduced to long range shots. To go to Anfield and continue to try to play football and refuse to be beaten makes me proud to be Goonerish! This squad is proving everyone wrong and will only get better! Wrighty7

Anonymous said...

Liverpool defended in numbers at home because they were petrified of us. when we got near the box there were 8 or 9 red shirts around our players. that tells you a lot.
Ros, eboue and Ade all had poor games but 3 is too low. 4 or 5?

Anonymous said...

To the Liverpool fan who says that Man U will beat us.

DREAM ON mate. That's all youv'e got to hope for now!

Anonymous said...

To the Liverfool fan. "Arsenal are a counter-attacking team!" Really? With 66% of possession! You deluded fool. Arsenal play football, Liverpool play low-grade hoof-and-chase stuff.

Home advantage was just about enough to get Liverpool an undeserved draw.

Anonymous said...

Cesc no were near an 8. Seriously he saved the game. Could have won the game on 2 occasions. and completed 86% of his passes.

Anonymous said...

Me thinks that Adebayor should have been given 1 for wearing the t-shirt. He was a total embarrasment. He was giving a way hard earned balls and was no in to the game at all. I were wondering if that was the same Adebayor who played against Spuds, or another guy wearing his mask. I am so much disappointed with him. Risiscky deserves the same 3 points. May be, Arsene should have used Theo who usually matches with him in pace, instead of Eboue

Anonymous said...

Sorry - but these ratings are abysmal.

Anonymous said...

1970s gooner...slating Eboue again. Gave him some company today, eh. Step up Adebayor and Rosicky...bad only deserve a 3. Which side are you on? No eyes for that cheating cunt, Carragher who elbows Eboue in the forehead, off the ball, with the ref's attention elsewhere. Another elbow in Adebayor's stomach minutes later, and finally a firm tug of Fabregas' shirt to send him flailing backwards in the penalty area. But I digress. Perhaps you could admit that and Eboue (and fellow travellers) were in a war with a 9-man behind the ball L'pool who happened to score first and thereafter were intent negating the effectiveness of our passing game. Yes I daresay 50% of Eboue's passes may have been errant but how blind can we be. How about that other 50% of his game which was to provide stiff resistance on the right side of the park in company with Sagna who, for the blind, did not venture forward as much as we are used to. But then it is easier to se Eboue's weaknesses.

Anonymous said...

These ratings are obviously done by someone who knows nothing about football. To give ade a 3 is bordering on insane, he did all the donkey work at the top on his own. What game were you watching mate?

Anonymous said...

To the pool fan more clear cut than yours, top scorers with a game in hand, team is in development, they are young, you have bigger problems, you just don't have the talent to win the league as always.

Anonymous said...

Adebayor will not make it long term. Far too on and off and does not really have a good natural first touch. I say give Bendter and Theo a shot up front together in the absence of RVP.

Anonymous said...

My thoughts
I think Cesc has a poor game by his own high standards. Sure he scored and hit the post but I think his influence on the game was rather limited. Credit to Liverpool for denying him time and space (albeit by kicking his legs). I thought Eboue has one of his better games but he can still be infuriating with his antics.
Flamini didnt really have the presence on the game as he has previously had. A possibility for Gilberto?
Rosicky wasnt at his best, still recovering I imagine while Hleb was on form again. Gallas + Toure played well, Toure seems to be venturing forward a bit more of as late. Clichy and Sagna both played well. Bendtner played well in the time he had. I would have liked to have seen Theo start, I think the more game time the better hes going to get.
A solid performance, but one we should have won. Pity the only way those Liverpool twats can play football is by compressing the field into 25 yards : /

Anonymous said...

I have to agree with most of those ratings. Especially Ade!He has become so wasteful in front of goal. Now there is no doubting his work rate which is second to none and his work off the ball is flawless, but unfortunately his role in the team is to score goals. My God but the amount of times he lost the ball in good positions became pathetic. And that is not the first time this has happened. A hat-trick against Spurs stopped the rot but it is back and its clear to see. I would be happy to see Bendtner start against United at the weekend. Because I cant see Ade getting the best of Ferdinand!

Anonymous said...

Does anybody know why Eduardo wasnt not even on the bench?

Anonymous said...

Obviously Wenger has not been convinced by his performances so far. Bendtner looks a better impact player to come off the bench.

Anonymous said...

Liverpool scored early and then tried to hold onto that lead. Rafa sacrificed both Kyut and Voronin as attackers and used them to stop Sagna and Clichy as an attacking force. He used Mascherano and Alonso to shackle Hleb and Cesc. Then he was relying on the pace of Torres and running from deep from Gerrard to nick a goal. Total case of his tactics trying to nullify as much of arsenals attacking avenues as he could with the hope that either gerrard or torres could win it with the 1 goal. Nearly worked too but yet again arsenal play right to the end and get a goal in last 10 mins. How many is that this season ?

Anonymous said...

your marks for Eboue and Ade are ridiculous. I do not think you understand football.Why do you bother? this is a site i will not be visiting again. NOB

Anonymous said...


The reason why Eboue and Ade got low marks is because I considered their performance as below average. Certainly much below to what they are capable of.
Ade could not hold the ball and could not bring other players in play. Eboue was not penetrative enough for my liking and wasted possession often. More than any other player.
I was disappointed with both of them because if they had played say an average game then we may have been the winners in this game.
since an average performance out of 10 can only be marked with a 5 and I considered their performances below average then I had to place them below 5, If you see what I mean.

Football after all is full of different opinions and you are entitled to yours of course, which I respect.

But please give your own marks here for these two players and your reasonsing behind it.

Anonymous said...

This is for the Liverpool fan... Firstly, why are posting comments on an Arsenal site you massive tool?! Secondly, the reason there were no 'CLEAR' cut Arsenal chances is directly down to Liverpool's dire tactics. Any side who sticks 9 men behind the ball and shuts up shop is likely to prevent the opposition from scoring, no matter who they are. A team of Liverpool's calibre (and I use that term in the loosest possible sense) shouldn't have to resort to such negativity, especially with home support. I pity the scousers who've paid to watch that dross week in, week out...

Anonymous said...

very poor Sagna a rating of 5 shows you have a serious lack of understanding of the game

Anonymous said...


Like to address a couple of things in this article; 1. the ratings I can understand if you're saying that a 5 is average and therefore Ade/TR7 and Eboue were below average thus 3, but are you seriously then saying that Cesc was an 8? His average performance is always high and so for him to be an 8 I wouyld expect him to entirely dominate a game and get goals + assists in a win. He didn't.

As for the Liverpool fan, I think its fair to say you lot scored early and that was a big boost for you, you shut up shop, dropped Torres back because he was injured and tried to hang on. Thats maybe why we didn't create as much as usual. Gerrard was great for you lot though...up for it, great movement, energy and passion. He is Liverpool.

Disappointed to see Carragher fouling again. He will get picked up on it but it'll be too late for us and everton.

Overall good performance, kept the ball well, the 4 5 1 didn't suit and Ade ended up doing the old Henry thing of pinging the ball straight back to whoever passed it to him. Would've like to see theo earlier and a proper 4 4 2. Think Diarra could've helped in this game as Flamini looked out of his normal rhythm

Anonymous said...

I am not sure what game some of you watched, but it is hard to say Arsenal did not create anything?

Dont really go for stats, but we have two channces that hit the post, I am sure we had the lion's share of possesion and were the team that was attacking.

For any Liverpool fans out there, yes you had some chances as well, but you never really looked like scoring.

Anonymous said...

I have to agree that the ratings are the work of a NOB. The context of the game was not taken into account. In our toughest fixture yet, going down to an early goal and a team intent on stopping us playing I dont think anyone disgraced themselves enough to earn a 5 or less. Try supporting the team.

Anonymous said...

Exactly how does your rating work?

5 = average in what sense? Average for that individual player, average for an Arsenal player, an average player in that individual game, or an average Premier League player's performance?