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Friday, October 19, 2007

Sagna: get your hair on for the Bolton game please!

By 1970’s Gooner

"Samson is something of a Herculean figure, using massive strength to combat his enemies and to perform heroic feats unachievable by ordinary men.

Like wrestling a lion, slaying an entire army with nothing more than a donkey's jawbone and tearing down an entire building".

This extract from Wikipedia was pointed out to me in one of my recent posts dealing with Sagna’s sudden absence of his long hair locks during the Sunderland game.

Since he first arrived at Arsenal, Bakary Sagna has carried with him his trademark colourful hair locks. His performances have also been excellent from the off. Probably not as heroic as Samson’s but pretty damn good.

His introduction into the team seemed to have been made almost effortlessly and he looked right from the beginning as a typical Wenger player.

Here he is newly arrived at the Emirates proudly holding his new Arsenal shirt.

It was to be expected however that sooner or later he will have an average game. And this was proved right when the young defender did not have one of his better games for Arsenal against Sunderland.

But another theory that might gain ground is the absence of his famous hair locks. They have been present in all his previous starts for Arsenal bar the Sunderland game.

This picture shows him out of position in the middle of Arsenal’s defence at the time of conceding the equaliser when he should have been marking Miller who put in the cross.

And here he is without his long hair avoiding a tackle in the same game. I am sure you will agree the absence of his Goldie locks does not become him!

When we touched upon the issue on a previous article on this site the comments were nearly all for Bakary to reinstall his hair.

On D Gooner said...

Please please Sagna get those locks back on. The hair style does become you and oppositions fear you more for the start you've made in that hair.

don said...

Sagna's hair should be restored. It brings good luck and we may need it if we are to go unbeaten this season!

As another commenter to the site, Boris Godunov, pondered “Could a comparison to Samson be made to Sagna? Was his power compromised by some mysterious Delilah?”

He thought not and drew a comparison to Cesc Fabregas and how ridiculous he looked when he first played for Arsenal with that long redneck style haircut.

The truth of the matter is that Sagna’s performance after the Sunderland game improved no end when he played last Wednesday for the France National team.

They thrashed the Faroes 6-0! And he did have his full compliment of hair reinstalled for that game!

Here he is in full flow. Literally.

So Bakary: Get your hair on please!


Anonymous said...

Sagna looks crazy with his blonde looks bombing up and down the right! And who wants to tackle a crazy man? I think the golden locks will be back on for the Bolton game, how about some Red and White dreads for the game instead? Instant heroe! Mind u, he is'nt far off being a heroe anyway! Great player! Wrighty7

Anonymous said...

By the way 1970's, why dont u run a poll to see if most of us are Goonerlish or English? Could be a laugh? Wrighty7

Anonymous said...

H'es got the blonde locks back on, but a new style as its slightly shorter and goes everywhere. Maybe he's done that on purpose to create even more fear of the flying hair.

Anonymous said...

I prefer Sagna without his blond braids...let's hope it's just a fashion phase that he's going through, and that he soon comes to his senses.

On the question of hair, I would also prefer Adebayor with a short natural crop, rather than the braids he's currently sporting.

He'd look even more handsome, and his square jaw model good looks would stand out bigtime, if he did that.

Anonymous said...

To Wrighty7

Yes that would be a good idea. Can you write a small piece for Arsenal Analysis to introduce the Poll? You have to do it pretty quickly though because the timing is more appropriate now!
You can contact me and/or send me the intro at

Anonymous said...

It is interesting to see the views of the female Gooners on Sagna's and Ade's hair!

Can we have some more please?

Anonymous said...

To 1970's Gooner, I currently write on ur site by using my mobile or office computer as im in the process of buying a new computer! Stupid i know! I can write u an intro as a comment or is that not enough? I could try and get on a computer 2mora to email u? Wrighty7

Anonymous said...

No problem Wrighty7 post your intro as a comment here or e mail me. Whichever is easier for you!

Anonymous said...

Hello 1970's, Wrighty7 here! Good news. The missus is setting up an email for me, so hopefully be able to send u the intro either tonight or tomorrow morning! Should be a laugh!

Anonymous said...

i didn't realise he could take his hair off

Anonymous said...

If Sagna ever gets a bronze sculpture (like the one Wenger got), it should be made by the last photo provided by 1970's. Who knows, maybe we got ourselves a Dennis Rodman.

Anonymous said...

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