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Saturday, October 06, 2007

An open letter to Manchester United fans

By Eros, Arsenal Analysis resident season ticket holder at the Emirates (North Upper Stand Row Q)

Dear I Spy and Manchester United fans,

Thanks for your kind words about the site, I tried to be as objective as possible when writing the article! I am glad that you agree with my original assessment that all football fans are absolutely mental (you call it how much crack did you smoke).

I have read your reply to my article and your revised selections in your open letter to Arsenal fans. To your credit you have made some adjustments to your original position. You say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery and you are correct; however the fact that you felt the need to revisit your post and make adjustments to it I think says a lot! I take that as I compliment.

For all your backhanded compliments however I think that some of your arguments would embarrass ever Red Face himself! As I don’t want this to be a ding dong battle – who I’m I kidding I’d love a ding dong battle- I am only going to object to a few selections.

Even you know that however much alcohol or drugs you take Wes Brown is never going to be a better player than either Sagna or Eboue. An ok utility player an international Right Back he is definitely not! There’s no point even arguing about it.

When I originally wrote the post Evra was the back up left back in the French squad. However Clichy has now made the French squad for the upcoming internationals! I think at the expense of Evra.

So even Domenech agrees with me – I am not happy about this as I would much prefer Evra to play and Clichy to have a little rest. Since Domenech is the bees knees – you point out that he guided France to the World Cup final – who are we humans to argue with him! Clichy it is then.

You asked me how many games Arsenal lost last season; I think 9 is the answer to your question. However we did beat your United twice. I have just checked my stats and they say United conceded 27 goals last year and Arsenal 34. But making your decision solely on how many games each team lost last year is ludicrous!

Toure last season had to play with a different partner nearly every week. Gallas was injured most of the season, Djourou and Senderos were in and out of the team because of niggly injuries and Gilberto had to slot in at the back.

What you forget about Toure is that he and Campbell where the defensive partnership when Arsenal went a whole season unbeaten (something you never achieved and cannot even dream of doing), and in 2006 he was the corner stone of the record number of clean sheets that took Arsenal to the Champions League Final.

The argument that Arsenal lost more last year makes Rio a better player smacks me as an easy way out so that no real comparisons are made between the players!

Toure is quicker, better on the ball and reads the game extremely well. He rarely wastes possession and even more infrequently does he loose concentration, which is something that you really can’t say about your Rio.

On top of all that I’ve never heard that Toure missed a drugs test! And in my book you only forget about a drugs test for one reason and it’s not because you are moving house!

I will not even bother arguing about Rooney, Scholes, RVP and Cesc as none of us are able to eliminate all bias and reach a logical conclusion, so I think its best to agree to disagree on this one. However I have to point out that Cesc this year has already got 6 goals and 8 assists.

You seem to also imply that Rooney has a better ‘range’ than RVP. I’m not sure what you mean by range, but I think that Van Persie is better technically, better on the ball and can score a goal from any situation. I also think he is a better finisher.

As I have explained in my original article there are only three Manchester United players that could make it into the Arsenal team at the moment. Van De Sar, Vidic and Ronaldo.

Lastly, you never mention the depth of your squad. I wonder why.

Such is your lack of depth that Fergie relys on 13/14 players unlike Arsenal which can change any player in their starting 11 and still perform up to standard.

Even if Cesc is out both Abou Diaby and Denilson can come in and keep the team playing, what we call, Fabregas football. I think that is were Arsenal have the real advantage.

I wonder what your replacements will be to the loss of Carrick and Hargreaves.

In your open letter you say that we go overboard thinking that we are better than Brazil and you point out that we had a very disappointing year last time out. Nobody denies the disappointment, especially after the last few years where we were used to competing for something every season.

Unlike United we have not been able to compete in the transfer market. Taking into account all the players that left after 2003/04 and the refusal of Wenger to spend money until the financial future of the club was secure makes the last 2 years’ disappointments seem almost insignificant.

But you see, ever since Wenger took over we make the stars not buy them.

The signs of a team emerging were there last year, with the Carling Cup run and the results in the so called big games especially the double over your United. What the team lacked was consistency and that’s why we did not compete.

It’s too early to definitely say but there are good signs that this team is ready to challenge and fight for every point available. The difference to last time out is that now they expect to win every single game and after the start they had, try and convince them otherwise.

Surely there is going to be the odd bad result but I think this team is so strong mentally that it will not be as affected as the 03/04 team.

I have no illusions about United, I honestly think they are a good team, play entertaining football and they will be serious contenders for the title.

I disagree however with the notion that it’s United’s title to lose. You lot better be ready for a fight, I know our boys are!

Ed: This is a personal view. What is your opinion?

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Anonymous said...


Just a quick note to say that I've read your latest article. Respect! At last an intelligent Gooner I can do business with. Some of your points are well made and I will admit that you have given me pause for thought. But before you throw the crack pipe in the air in celebration, I still think you've got it wrong. Allow me to get back to you later with my thoughts on your latest missive. You want a ding dong mate? You've got it!


Anonymous said...

I agree with the contents of the letter 100%. We have the better squad with players who can come in at any point in time and slot in effortlessly without the efficiency of the team being compromised.

Anonymous said...

Just how can the mancs persist with their idea that Evra is a better player than Clichy is beyond me. Clichy is faster, a better passer and crosser of the ball and a much more creative and technically gifted player by far.

Anonymous said...

Man U fans cant see past the end of their noses! They'd never admit to being inferior to another club. At the end of the day i know what squad i'd want and i think the Carling cup games show that. Our side went out and beat a strong Newcause side and Man U got done by Coventry! We've got a fantastic squad and it will only get better as well! Wrighty7

Anonymous said...


Did you say Ding Dong?

Here's the AU reply.


Anonymous said...

United fans have their head stuck so far up their proverbial arses that they'd never admit that they are second best at anything.

My favourite part of the response is the "Rooney is better...urm...coz he is! I gots his name on me shirt for Christmas, and everyone luvs him, innit."

The bloke can't even compare the players' respective performances and abilities. Instead he writes crap like the half-arsed Wes Brown argument. What's that? He's better because he is "first choice"? He competes for the spot with a 48 year old cripple who hasn't kicked a ball since March.

Anonymous said...

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