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Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Arsenal B team should now be allowed to play in the Championship. Report and players ratings

By 1970’s Gooner

This Arsenal B team was so dominant against Sheffield United it was embarrassing.

I felt sorry, in a way, for the hapless players and supporters of this historic team. Sorry for the way they were made to look so ordinary, so pedestrian and so technically lacking.

Each and every one of those Arsenal players were of course hand picked and eventually brought to the club by Wenger himself. But only after being watched countless of times in games and in training sessions, their character scrutinised, but above all tested for their technical skills.

So it was not a surprise that each and every one of these players comprising the Arsenal B team were so brilliant and beautiful to watch. Just like the A team in fact.

Both teams are playing the same type of football which is also running throughout the Arsenal Football Club. So that when a player is ready to come into the A team he is already versed in the Arsenal way of the beautiful game.

It is now time for the football league and the authorities behind football to consider allowing football clubs like Arsenal to field their B teams in the championship. They would probably run out champions.

It would also allow for these excellent young players to get valuable experience in a competitive league without having to go out on loan and continue their tutelage at the club where they belong and in the way their club wants to bring them up.


The captain for the night (but the real captain of course was Gilberto). He looked uneasy on some high balls into the box electing to punch them out rather than catch them. Corrected this in the second half and looked very assured throughout. Made a very good save early in the game when the team was trying to settle. He looks a very good goalkeeper. 8


I was impressed with Diarra. Even though he was playing out of position he was combative, strong and full of energy. He was comfortable in this position and also ventured forward. Needs to improve his crossing but a very useful all round player. 8


Also playing out of position and had a shaky start but got better as the game wore on. He still looked a little bit vulnerable and ponderous as he always does. I rate him highly as central midfielder but not as a defender. 7


Was very assured as a central defender and looked the part. Again was very reliable and performed his duties very well even if playing out of position. This might after all be the position for him. 8


Another one playing out of position (the only one in defense playing in his position was the goalkeeper). Even so he looked assured and very skillful but was reluctant to venture forward. Maybe with more exposure he will get more confident and be more attacking. 7


Was not at his usual best. He gave the ball away on some occasions and lacked concentration throughout the game. Did not have the impact that you would have expected from someone with such strength and skill. Maybe playing out of position has something to do with it. 5


What a professional and what a performance. Having been left out of the first team and now stripped of the captaincy even for this Carling Cup he gave an impressive performance slotting in front of the defence, protecting the young and inexperienced back four. Made a goal saving clearance off the line. 9


What a player. Run the game from the central midfield position. Always asking for the ball, evading the tackles and distributing like a veteran. Is he Fabregas in disguise? Got a deserved goal from a deflected shot from outside the box. 9


Carried on from where he left against Liverpool. So full of speed and penetration. I would have liked Wenger to have played him in the center forward position. Hit the post from a tight angle after rounding the keeper. 8


I was impressed. He dropped back a bit off Eduardo and used his body strength to receive and shield the ball before distributing it again. His passing was accurate and thoughtful. His assist to Eduardo for the first goal was a well directed pass to feet from a distance of 20 yards. 8


Scored two goals that were excellently taken. The first from a rasping shot outside the area in the top right hand corner. The second after racing onto a through ball from Gibbs with only the keeper to beat. He confirmed to me that he is a real fox in the fox. You only have to set him up and he will not disappoint. 9


Anonymous said...

welldone to the lads for a comfortable victory. i am not one to nit-pick,but did we have to turn out like sperms/spurs?

Anonymous said...

Not sure I agree with you about the authorities allowing Arsenal B to play in the Championship. Why? At what other teams expense? I'm a gooner, but it would be totally arrogant of big clubs like ours to think we can use lower leagues as training grounds for our younger players...especially when many others are legitimately plying their trade in those leagues

Anonymous said...

I think if we won the Carling Cup we should let the youngsters take on the UEFA Cup. Select about 25 youngsters that are the only ones who can play in it. Don't include any of the first 11 + Subs.

That would be fun :D

Anonymous said...

Yes I agree with D. We could also have another team solely for the FA Cup!

So have the A team for the Premier and Champions League, The B team for the FA Cup the C team for the Carling Cup and the D team for the UEFA Cup!

Anonymous said...

I think it would be a great idea to have Arsenal (and some other clubs reserves) to play in the lower leagues. It's been up for discussion before, and I know at least Spain has this system. They would never gain promotion to PL. Although, I wonder if other clubs would be in favour of this as the whole system would need some re-working.

But still, it's great to see these young players in the CC, fantastic display last night. It was like watching the 1st team play!

Anonymous said...

What a load of cobblers, the PL is what it is because of the rest of the leagues, all the leagues have their part to play... tinker with it at your peril.... and I'm a gooner.

Anonymous said...

Can you imagine the Arsenal B team playing against the Man Utd B team in the Championship? I would pay to watch it.

Anonymous said...

I don't think it's a good idea at all.

At the moment we have a situation where these guys are brought through without undue strain on their bodies while they're still growing. If we had a team playing in the championship then you'd be exposing the likes of Lansbury and Merida to a very heavy schedule of games, not to mention the cloggers they're going to come up against sometimes.

Add to that the fact that you're going to have to have a squad of around 25 players to last the season, and you've got Arsenal running 50+ full time pros.

Nope, not for me.

Also, I do think our ongoing success with our kids in the league cup is making some of our fans too cocky. Let's get some silverware and then we can gloat.

Anonymous said...

everyone so wants Theo 2do well - but 8 out of 10? Seems he'll consistently suffer being overhyped. He had impressive bursts but struggled to impose himself on the game 6 or 7 max imo

Anonymous said...

everyone so wants Theo 2do well - but 8 out of 10? Seems he'll consistently suffer being overhyped. He had impressive bursts but struggled to impose himself on the game 6 or 7 max imo

Anonymous said...

No, no, no!

The logistics of such a suggestion are the first problem. Where would they play? Ashburton? No chance! They would draw at least 30-40,000 each game and the police would never allow that to happen the same week Sp*rs are at home. Speaking of whom, would immediately jump on the bandwaggon and want their reserve team(who have actually been better than ours in recent years) to play then all of sudden we have four teams in North London playing top level football.

Secondly, it is a very arrogant suggestion and why should any other team sacrifice their place for us?

Thirdly, what happens if the win the championship year on year? They wont be allowed promotion, meaning that teams further and further down the league will know that they can essentially finish just above mid-table and still have a chance of going up. It would just breed mediocrity throughout the lower leagues which would naturally permiate into the top flight. The gap between rich and poor win increase and football will become stale. It's a dangerous idea and I am 100% against it.

Anonymous said...

I like the idea of a B team. However what kind of team would Arsenal put out in the Carling cup.

If the B team players were playing in the championship would they be allowed to play in the Carling cup or would Arsenal have to field a first team 11?

Anonymous said...

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