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Saturday, October 13, 2007

Fabregas is going nowhere but to an improved contract

By 1970’s Gooner

Fabregas’ agent is reported to have said that "If we received an offer from Barcelona, clearly we would listen to it. It is the club which taught Cesc everything and it would be a compliment if that happened."

Agents are no fools and they know that what they say will be picked up, span round by the press and sensationalized.

Do not believe the rubbish that the newspapers or Fabregas’ agent are spouting out about welcoming a possible interest from Barcelona. There must be other reasons that Cesc’s agent has chosen to speak out.

This is because it is obvious that there are no real reasons that would make Cesc want away from the Emirates.

Usually a player answers the sirens (or on many occasions his agent creates them for him) from aspiring new employers when he is unhappy about any of the following:

- he is not getting a game or enough games; the reason Edu left Arsenal and the reason why Lehman will go

- he wants more cash (and related recognition that comes with it); the Cashley Cole syndrome

- his family (usually wife/partner) or himself is unhappy and wants a move to another town or country

- the Thiery Henry/Patrick Vieira syndrome; he is the star of the team and considers that with the present personnel the team will not win anything

Now which of the above would fit Fabregas’ case if any?

He is the star in a team that is sitting on top of the League, unbeaten and playing what everyone in the world admits beautiful football.

These are the most exciting times to be an Arsenal player.

He signed an eight-year contract extension last season after all.

And insisted only last month he had no regrets about shunning a potential move to the Bernabeu to remain with the Gunners.

What is sure is that the latest news are being instigated by his agent and not himself.

Which leaves us with only one explanation. More money.

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Anonymous said...

This is all talk from mr 10% to get more money for himself. Despicable

Anonymous said...

I agree with 1970's Gooner. There is no real reason for Fab to want a move. He is the star of the show, the team are on the verge of being cast as one of the most exciting teams in the world and there will be silverware this season.

Anonymous said...

Agree 100%. Top post

Anonymous said...

If Fabregas wants to move then good luck to him. We have survived Viera's and Henry's loss and no doubt we will survive this one if it happens.

Anonymous said...

This is just Cesc's agent trying to get more money for himself. He knows that Cesc is on fire at the moment and is proberly the best midfielder in the world at the moment on currant form. He's stock has never been higher and the agent is trying cash in. I just wish there was an agent out there who would put his player's interests above his own, instead of trying to line his own pockets. Wrighty7

Anonymous said...

By the way 1970's, just checked out the France game. Sagna got his blonde locks back! Man, his hair grows quick! Wrighty7

Anonymous said...

Yes Wrigty7 and it helped France to a thumping win 6-0. Let's hope he keeps it on for Arsenal's next game!

Anonymous said...

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