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Wednesday, October 24, 2007

We are all Goonerish now!

By Wrighty7

A few days ago when England lost to Russia I was fed up of the national team raising our hopes only to be let down time and time again.

I decided that I will no longer be English and set up a new Nationality ...."Goonerish"!

And judging by the 7-0 thumping we gave Slavia Prague, there will be a lot more fans from all over the world adopting this new football nationality.

The poll we ran on this site on this very subject proved very popular. So popular that the high number of votes cast has prompted us to stop the poll prematurely and let you know of the results.

Fellow Gooners, it looks like a landslide for the Goonerish nation with 94% of you preferring the Goonerish nationality. We can’t argue with that!

Obviously there were votes from all nationalities, but when it comes down to it, we're all Goonerish really!

Are you English or Goonerish? Poll Results:

English 6%
Goonerish 94%

Total votes cast: 797

It was a good bit of fun and I thank everyone for their votes and comments.

Here are some of them:

Joe said...
Got to be Goonerish, international football is just a waste of space and despite being English I couldn't care less if England win or lose. If Arsenal lose, however, it's game over for the week.

Abby said...
Well, I put down Goonerish, but admittedly I'm American.

Sue said...
Goonerish all the way!

From Denmark
I’m Danish, but I would say the same about our national team. A weekend like the last one without prem footy just is no real weekend!

gooner geezer said...
GOONERISH all the way. i'm Zimbabwean by birth and my country won the Africa Cup of Nations final… !

By Anonymous
Arsenal every single time, every single match, every single player.

Ed: Thanks for your support, comments and votes!

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