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Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Arsenal have the most corporate fans and Spurs the biggest egos

By Aries

Roy Keane proved to be very prophetic a few years ago when he complained about the Manchester United supporters in the corporate hospitality areas of the ground when he said:

'Sometimes you wonder, "do they understand the game of football? They have a few drinks and probably the prawn sandwiches, and they don't realise what's going on out on the pitch.'

Arsenal’s brand new stadium The Emirates which boasts to have one of the highest incomes in the Premiership from Corporate seats has also been sometimes a bit quiet. Is the large number of Corporate seats to be blamed?

We are not to know but according to a survey of football fans views of each other’s supporters Arsenal comes top of the list as having the most Corporate fans.

This result has emerged from a survey undertaken by man’s magazine “Loaded” appropriately called “The Prawn Awards”.

The worst home fans have been voted those of Bolton who miserably fail when it comes to cheering on their side at home.

Unsurprisingly Tottenham’s supporters come out as the ones with the biggest egos. This is probably because for some unknown and baseless reason they believe that they have a god given right to be up there with the big boys at the top of the Premier League.

The last time they won anything was the League Cup in 1999 which is otherwise known as The Mickey Mouse Cup. They may win it this year again but then again they may not.

The biggest whingers have been voted those of Wolverhampton Wanderers and I would not dispute that at all.

Having lived in the area for some time (and with my son still supporting Wolves) I can confirm that there is a lot of wingeying going on at Molineux especially these days.

Maybe egos and whingeying are related to teams that are living on past glories?

Full list of The Prawn Awards

Worst Home Fans – Bolton Wanderers
Worst Away Fans – Fulham
Worst Songs – Everton
Most Corporate Fans – Arsenal
Biggest Away-day Disappointment – Manchester United
Biggest Egos – Tottenham Hotspur
Biggest Whingers – Wolverhampton Wanderers.

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Anonymous said...

The Spurs fans egos are certainly big. But their achievements are certainly not!

Anonymous said...

everytime i have been at the emirates it has been a bit quiet. the inhabitants of the corporate seats may be respnsible

Anonymous said...

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